Does anyone really think that works?

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My first question is: Does anyone really think that works?.

My next question is: I've watched a few episodes of The Pick-up Artist on VHI (I think), including the final episode last night. The show is basically about how guys can score with chicks by turning themselves into phony, aggressive, pretentious, smooth-talking slime-balls. Unfortunately, it works. These are the kinds of guys women protest they would have nothing to do with, but in reality these are exactly the kinds of guys many date. Why? God knows, but I've observed this phenomenon my entire life. And I've heard girls deny it my entire life.On the other hand, could there ever be a female version of the show? I doubt it.

For girls, most of the time anyway, picking up guys is effortless so there'd be no point in having a show like this. I remember a long time ago on a comedy show called "Not Necessarily the News" when they did a skit on pick-ups. The first scene is a chubby guy reading an encyclopedic volume on how to pick up girls. He sees one, approaches her, says something like "Hello" and gets slapped. The next scene is a fairly cute girl with a pamphlet, a page or two, on how to pick up guys.

Just sayin'...

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Your question was: Does anyone really think that works?.

I've been watching that show too and wondering myself how the girls must feel when these guys ask for their numbers or tell them want to invite them to a party all in the sake of winning a game show and then they never hear from them again? I understand what they are trying to accomplish with this show and they are using the right techniques (truth is women are attracted to confidence, good looking, socialable, etc) and it makes me feel good when these guys who didn't have a chance in hell finally succeed but as a woman who has given out my number never to hear from the guy again, it sort of pisses me off..

I will have to disagree with you on something though. For some reason, men think that women can snap their fingers and get any guy she wants effortlessly. Well take it from someone who has been single for the last four and half years, it doesn't work that way. What usually happens is that the guys who approach me aren't my type and I'm not interested in them or the guys I'm really attracted to and want  to go out with aren't interested in me. I'm 35 years old, attractive, physically fit and intelligent. I go out to lots of places where I can meet single guys and have spent $1500 easily joining no fewer than four online dating (online dating with services.

I don't want to man-bash because I don't think it's the proper forum but frankly, many men don't know a good thing when it's staring them in the face. Even when the woman who may be, and I'm not saying that I am, out of their league gives them a chance, some men act like the woman should be grateful he's giving her the time of day. So yes, lots of women choose to be very selective because if they're going to get dogged out in the end, they'd rather the guy be worth it..

Just sayin...

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It really takes little effort to 'date' someone - pretty much anyone can do it. Now building a good solid relationship (thru is an entirely different story.  Even the biggest jackass, can act decent for a short amount of time.he just can't sustain it.  I don't watch this show - but we all know that things get edited to provide the most shock value - you are seeing only a fraction of what transpired - don't always believe what you see.

If winning had to do with building intimacy and a solid relationship, I'd wager they'd all lose.

Real men don't play games and don't treat women like they are disposable. The proof is in the pudding - and it lasts.

Just sayin'..


Comment #2

"if winning had to do with building intimacy and a solid relationship, I'd wager they'd all lose."Probably so...

Comment #3

There are plenty of women who really want nothing to do with players, they want to date using guys who treat them well, with whom they can develop a caring relationship. But that doesn't make for very sparkling TV, does it?  Don't generalize and assume all women are like that.  It helps you from ever making a move and blaming it all on how bitchy women are.  .


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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