Does anyone know who does this song lyrics: and if i said i dont remember" it is on a comm

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My first question is: Does anyone know who does this song lyrics: and if I said I dont remember" it is on a comm.

My next question is: Hi,.

I know several of you told me to not to give this person a second chance, but I did.  I guess I had to learn the hard way that he was "toxic" for me.  When he finally was able to come home from out of town, he arrived at my house late.  I had prepared a dinner that got cold.  I had wine and beer.  Even prepared us a bubble bath.  The next morning we had breakfast.  Then I had to pick my daughter up from gymnastics and he went home.   I had switched the custody schedule with my ex so I could be available to see him. .

He asked what she and I were doing that day (Saturday).  She and I were going to see a movie and spend some time at the mall. He indicated that he was going to the mall to buy some new clothes.  He had wanted to meet her so I suggested "bumping" into us at the mall.   Later on, I got a voicemail from him, returned the call.  He told me that he thought he had forgotten his cellphone at my house.  He told me to have a nice day.  I asked him if he was still going to the mall.  He decided to just stay home and watch football.  I told him to have fun (I meant it... was not sarcastic)..

Ok. Well, he has not been home in a while, so I understood.  But I don't think it was unreasonable to expect a call from him later on to see how our day went, etc.  It is now Monday morning and still no word from him.  I don't think he deserves a call from me.  I have done all the "giving" as far as picking him up from the airport once, turning his plates in, taking him to the DMV to pick up his new plates.  As far as I am concerned it is over.  I'm not even considering the "old" FWB or booty call arrangement..

I wish I had listend to you all.  But I am OK.  I did have a great weekend with my daughter and have been very productive as far as getting work done, doing things I wanted to do around the house, etc. .

I discovered a couple of dating (online dating with sites for people from certain colleges and universities.  Am going to look for more targeted to professionals.  I realize I need to be with someone who has more in common with me than a huge sexual appetite.....

Thank you very much for your support!  I hope I can be the same to others..


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Your question was: Does anyone know who does this song lyrics: and if I said I dont remember" it is on a comm.

You go girl! Give that bum the heave ho!  Just stay strong for when he comes a'callin' again..

It's nice to give but one really needs to see the giving go both ways.  He must feel a huge entitlement about life and women to keep taking from you without feeling or wanting to do something nice for you.  At the minimum...he should have given you a genuine "thank you"..

Just an FYI, professionals can be bums too so stay alert...

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Yes, you need to ask yourself why you allow someone to treat you in this manner... I assume he's not the first..

The more insight you have as to the whys, the less likely you will fall back into that pattern.  Best of luck.


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 You know, I think the best thing that you may have realized from this, is that when you STOP tolerating peoples 'toxic' behaviors, IT RAISES YOUR ESTEEM. As it seems like it has with you. That's one of the great things about esteem, is that when you started living 'consciously, responsibly, with integrity, assertively, it's easier to brush away the 'toxic' people that occasionally cross our paths..

 I loved hearing that you 'learned' the hard way, and that you LEARNED. It's only a mistake when you keep doing it over and over again. Wait... that's insane!!!  Hehee.

 I'm sure you have inspired more people to rid their lives of toxic people. So thanks for being a source from which people can learn from..

 Take care....


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Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.  He called me twice today, and I was honest with him in that I felt all he wanted was a FWB arrangement, when he told he wanted a full=blown relationship.  I told him I never felt like I was in a relationship (thru with him, and that  we never did anything that did not involve a roll in the hay.  This is compounded by the fact that he travels a lot for his job. .

What spurred the break up was he did not call me all weekend.  Then he calls today acts like nothing happened.  And when I asked where he was, he said that he had to take his van in for service, he had to take his roommate to the dentist, he did not have a charger for his phone, so it was dead 1/2 a day...blah blah.  I told him, if I truly were his gf, he would have called to let me know all that before, particularly since it was he that blew off a possible meeting with my daugher by "bumping into us" at the mall.  I realize this was a blessing in disguise as far as him not meeting my daughter. .

I was completely honest with him, stood my ground and feel goooooooooooooooooood.  Now I am free to live my life and hopefully "find" love..



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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