Does anyone know which is a better fat burner green tea bags or VitaminShoppe green tea liquid capsu?

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My first question is: Does anyone know which is a better fat burner green tea bags or VitaminShoppe green tea liquid capsu?.

My next question is: Hi, following everything that's recommended like 2 needles, etc etc..

But just injected 2nd shot of sust 250 and deca (organon) and there was quite a bit of leaking from my glutes, I presume this means I wasn't deep enough (3/4's of way with a 1 1/4 needle?!) should I re-dose?..

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Your question was: Does anyone know which is a better fat burner green tea bags or VitaminShoppe green tea liquid capsu?.

Greens! ouchy!.

Just wait till next shot mate.. most of it is in there!.

Were you tensing your glute or something?..

Comment #1

Haha! So I hear, got them with a "complete package". Bit painful but nothing major, put that down to the Sust anyway from what I've heard..

Didn't tense intentionally, maybe due to nerves though?.

Hope the majority did go in and start seeing gains soon though..

Comment #2

Ive been using greens too,mainly because I work in a hospital and there free, their the size of bloody drain pipes!!! Alas we dont stock blues. Try injecting in your quad, it gives you more control over what your doing as your not having to work at a funny angle...

Comment #3

Personally id not go near my ass with a green... never mind my quad!! ooooooow..

Comment #4

This is only from my personal experince..

Put your weight on the leg on the side that is not going to take the shot relax your other leg. make sure you bury the pin assuming it's blue here up to the shoulder draw back looking for nitrogen bubble. if you have trouble geting pin in try wiggeling your toes..

Deliver the shot slow and steady giving the oil time to disperse leave pin in for 5-10 seconds remove and massage area to work oil in..

If you deliver it to quickly it is just like blowing in to a full ribena carton through the straw. if you dont know wat I mean try it..

Would not want to be putting a green in ma butt..

Comment #5

A green in your glute should go all the way in. A green in your thigh hurts like hell and can cause spasm..........found this out the hard way!! Once bitten, forever shy!!!.

When finished injecting, remove the needle from your ass slowly and carefully. It is highly unlikely that anything like 0.5ml is trickling out. It looks like much more than it actually is. There is conflicting information on rubbing the injection site, but I immediately massage the site gently with a swab. This IMO prevents further bleeding or seepage and also helps to disperse the gear for more efficient and complete absorption...

Comment #6

Turn your foot inward. If shooting right glute, turn right foot inward. This will relax the glute muscle and provide a nice easy pin. I would say needle size depends on bodyfat. If you 10% or less you can use a 1". If your 20% you'll need an 1'1/2"...

Comment #7

Injected everytime in my quads with a green mate, and never never felt a thing,just sink the needle in super slow...

Comment #8

Sorry to hi jack...but I use the short blues for my glutes and delts. iv been wondering if this is long enough - especially glutes! should I get the longer blues??? the guy at the drop in centre seemed to think that the shorts were ok...

Comment #9

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