Does anyone know the person who uses this nickname on tshirtnjeans99?

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My first question is: Does anyone know the person who uses this nickname on tshirtnjeans99?.

My next question is: My Crush had His Holiday gathering Friday I had an awesome time We got along great there was alot of flirting and eye contact.  When He went to the restroom this Girl We were chatting with Told Me He is a great Guy and He dates a colleague of Her's which I was caught off guard and it came out of left field..

Anyway I don't know if this is a casual thing serious etc We are working together on some future events and I am caught between a rock and a hard place I really like Him We had a cute conversation about what would You do if You won a million dollars lol And He said would You take Me out for a drink So I said yeah how about 2 lol it was really cute. .

I feel that now knowing that he dates this person which I kind of need to find out more about. I kind of need to take a little step back in a way I have to work with Him & He is going to invite Me to attend some of these events One of My Co-workers I introduced Mark to actually said You guys only know each other a month wow it seems like You have good chemistry I wanted to die lol..

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?.

Thanks! ..

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Your question was: Does anyone know the person who uses this nickname on tshirtnjeans99?.

His name is Nick actually made a mistake in the last post :-)..

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You can work a question about whether or not he is dating (online dating with someone into the conversation. Just one idea...

Comment #2

Ya know what I would let your crush know what that gal said to you. And you can make it known that his personal life is his business, yet that what that gal said to you was TACKY!!!!  maybe she has a crush on him and he turned her down now shes trying to play a game...who knows. but let him know...

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You know I was totally caught off guard I dont even really know Her and she through it in the conversation I rather here it from Him the horses mouth next time We hang out im bringing it up She did and it was in a catty way believe Me and then I will take it from there.  I  actually told My Aunt and She said the same thing maybe She was jealous and saw the chemistry between the both of You..

Thanks for the advice Guys I will keep You posted!..

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