Does anyone know if the VitaminShoppe 7 day body cleanse really cleans out your body?

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My first question is: Does anyone know if the VitaminShoppe 7 day body cleanse really cleans out your body?.

My next question is: Hey guys, new cycle up and going.. wednesday I hit my right quad with 1cc (250mg) of test e, the following day I cant even stand on it, injection procedure was fine, no swelling... just the worst stiffness on the planet. it is indeed a virgin muscle, but ive never had a virgin hit me this hard, I still cant walk and I'm jabbing my left tomorow!! any ideas?..

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Your question was: Does anyone know if the VitaminShoppe 7 day body cleanse really cleans out your body?.

Would you recomment cutting it? .. I'm using geofman test e , never heard it being painful..

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I dont want to change location, just killing me the shots..

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Same happened me a few years ago, test prop..........

Tried delt first, ended up out of work for four days,then the quad.

Felt like someone actually had stuck a knife in my leg..

Absolute agony, eventually just stopped about two weeks in, couldn't come up with anymore excuses as to why I couldn't walk, move my arm or sit down properly.................

That was my first cycle, maybe I could have cut it or something but ended up just chuckin it away.......................

Wouldn't go through that pain again anyway, have had some sore tren shots but absolutely nothing like that other stuff...............

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After 3 years of just quads I thought I'd try my right glute. I found GL sustaplex painfull in the quads....... didn't learn did I ? the glute O.M.G. ! ! ! ! ! ! !.

New site and 2 ml and 2 days later I'm walking like Elton John's 'special friend'.......... this lasted about a week..

Using Black Widow T-400 and Equipoise and finding these V smooth in the quad and the glute .....thank fu*k for that...

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When I did my first sus250 cycle I shot it in the glute and man it hurt like hell all week long!! but I just thought this was a sign it was working lol now thinking of doin test e 250mgs (not sure if this is too low may do 500mgs) per week and not lookin foward to the injection pain - small price to pay tho..

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This is what scares me about injections. Ouch. So really it comes down to what your injecting into yourself as opposed to what area...

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Gonna hit delts now, giving up on quads... cant be in bed for another week...

Comment #7

I cant see how this painful shots thing even allows you to train lol..

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I injected straight into the muscle e.g.( bi's prim 200ml ) a couple of days ago with no problems bearing in mind this was my first time. second day a bit of discomfort but after a session in the gym it was all good. Planning another 200ml sus in the tri's tom will update how this went..

Good luck with the other shot..

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Just about to start sus250 cycle, how did your test e go??..

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It hurts cause you have just stabbed your self, I had it when I first did my shot, but I'm fine with it now, I get no problems...

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Partial paralysis, profound weakness or pain down the leg after a quad shot.

Quite simple: you have likely perforated, grazed or poked a nerve. i've had the week long limp, the intense pain and the subsequent weakness as a result of this. my suggestion is, don't give up on the thigh shots in future but give the offending leg some time off and try to remember where you shot that caused the problem. i've heard some bros claim they have actually severed a nerve. if this were the case, the leg would be severely paralysed and noticeable wasteage of muscle would likely follow.

I jack a lot of primo on my cycles meaning many shots, often 1.5 - 2ml per shot daily. i've found that steady rotation around delts, quads and glutes is ideal and even using other locations if you have the size and the will.

Sticking to two injection sites or avoiding quads because they freak you out seems daft to me; i'd rather try to give the body a chance to clear the collagen fibre that builds up around an injection track. less scar tissue in your prime muscle groups has to be a good thing...

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