Does anyone know if I can purchase the Miracle Burn weight loss product in a store like VitaminShopp?

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My first question is: Does anyone know if I can purchase the Miracle Burn weight loss product in a store like VitaminShopp?.

My next question is: Hello,.

Have you some feedbacks about primobolan of International Pharmaceuticals like you can see on the picture?.

Fake ? good product ? etc....

Thank you very much..

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Your question was: Does anyone know if I can purchase the Miracle Burn weight loss product in a store like VitaminShopp?.

Yep, nothing but bad news ive heard from there compounds mate..

Comment #1

Ok thank you for your feedbacks. Have any people tried this primo?.

Maybe it's not primo but testo enanthate because testo is less expensive....

The website is not allowed to be placed on this website as I have read the rules and it would be wrong to post such a site..

Comment #2

Not sure about nowadays mate, but bought some IP 'Deca' years ago and was told by experienced lads weeks later that they thought it was actually test cyp. Never bothered to use it...

Comment #3

Hi to all i'm new in the forum, sorry for my english.

I know few guys who are using IP and like it, about bacterias and impurities never heard issues from the oils in many many years, with stano yes, there were problems, but the same with original Zambon...sometime is best to drink it!.

Seb, the Primo's vial is opened, what are feeling who has used it?.

Bolde was gtg, my friends say and the blood test too.

Oral-turanabol too (20 mg tabs, good dosage).

In few weeks I hope to write about Drostanolone enanthate 250 mg/ml..

But it's a UG and so you can not know what's in the vial if you don't test it!.

I know in Germany there is a lot of IP floating around, not more in Austria and Slovenia: rumors about the bust of one of the IP's owners (it happened when police busted 80 dealers and labs maybe of IP) and so the price go up!.


Comment #4

The dosing shown on the bottles of IP products are suspect and the batch strengths are not reliable..

I'm afraid I can't follow dyno's post and don't know what he means but his first post is to come on and defend IP so I think his post may not be impartial...

Comment #5

Google bring me here, I like Sport Enhancement Drugs and related knowledge..

I read a thread about IP europe, I know something about it and I wrote it..

I don't think I defend IP, I write what I know for sure. I wrote: "But it's a UG and so you can not know what's in the vial if you don't test it!" (like every other UG lab) I don't think this is a good defense.

I know it's a long time IP do SED business: 20 years! I didnt write it because UG labs are always UG labs..

I have asked if Seb tried the primo he wrote about, where is IP's defense?.

Maybe I didn't explane what I mean because my poor english so I say to all: don't buy UG gear!..

Comment #6

Sorry PScarb I'm not a good english reader....

I have done only 2 injections of 200mg of this product and stopped it because not sure about the authenticity..

I felt nothing particular in the next 3-4weeks..

Dyno, what problems did you hear with IP stanozolol ? Is it a fake?.

What is gtg?..

Comment #7

I think what extreme was saying is that your very first post you defend and you did defend IP who I am afraid have not a good name in the sport for me and my 20yrs experience IP would be the last brand I used......

Maybe next time you introduce yourself on a board before making a comment about a notoriously bad lab as you can understand this does look bad..

Comment #8

In my first post I write the experiences of FEW guys: bacterias issue with IP-2.issue with stano but with zambon too-3.bolde gtg-4.OT can not trust UG. not IP defense, Seb write the same so I think I was the end my 2cent about UGlabs: against!.

"introduce yourself in a bord"? if I write i'm a proBB you believe me? I live in a country where times are hard, very hard, I could introduce myself but without any prof of what i'm talking about so I speak for my experience( the same of you 20 years +/-) and you are free to believe me or not..

I don't defend ANY UG lab!!! ANY!!! This is my third post and fore the third time I repeat: "But it's a UG and so you can not know what's in the vial if you don't test it!" I'm poor in english but my last phrase is clear, I think..

Are you talknig about IP Europe? There are polish fakes of IP Europe..

Are you speaking about chinese IP: fake/copy of UG lab like BD...?.

Because I don't find in this site all the bad revues about IP Europe..

For Seb: with IP stano a friend of mine has got the same problems with Zambon/Stanol: the swelled a bit and sometime get abscess..

The bolde was gtg, my friend did blood tests and all was fine. He's sure it wasn't testo. I give you an advice: don't do more Primo! Try to find legit Human Gear it's the rightest thing you could do!.

Sorry if I presented myself in the wrong way, I was sure I wrote an impartial post. You are a bit souspicious: I read a lot of posts in a lot of boards and my post was the last of the "i don't defend this lab but I sell it".

One last thought: in Slovenia, until the last october, you could buy AAS on the table of a pub without any legal issue, I really saw it with my eyes!! Why the slovenian dealers did sell IP? They had, other than IP, Zambon/Desma, Galenika, Agovirin, testovis, Karachis, ScheringPrimo, Anapolon...just the Humans.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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