Does anyone know how good VitaminShoppe franchise is?

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My first question is: Does anyone know how good VitaminShoppe franchise is?.

My next question is: Hello,.

I'm French and I'm disappointed with french forums (they anything and not serious) ... I've seen your post on pct and I notice that I have done mistake for my first cycle..

I've done :.

Week 0-6: 200mg decadurabolin/week.

Week 1-3: 100mg test propio /2days.

From week 2 : 3injections of 250mg test nanthate separated with 12days..

0.5 arimi every 3 days..

Today is 16days after the last injection of enanthate and french's forum says me to do 3X1500 UI of HCG every 4days or 3X2500UI of HCG every 5days. Next, after the HCG therapy, I sould take 100mg clomid /day the first week and 50mg/day the second week..

Reading amreican forum, I notice that I should have used HCG during cycle whith lower dosage, but now , what would be the best solution for me??.

Can you help me please?.

Thank you.

NB: my testicles have shrunked..

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Your question was: Does anyone know how good VitaminShoppe franchise is?.

Hi friends,.

Thanks for yours answers..

I have gained 4.5kg (10lbs). The best gains have been with propionate, maybe it was because propionate was used in the beginning of the cycle..

A lot of people said me that dosages were too low but I didn't trust these people because I knew that they weren't serious on their diet..

I'd say the HCG might be OTT here, very low cycle.

You wanted to write OUT instead of OTT ? .

Prop is only problem but you might only wanna do 100mg Clomid/d first week and 40mg Novaldex/d, starting two weeks after your last deca shot. Then 50 mg Clomid/d for two weeks.

I am not an expert in english language( ), you say to start the clomid + nolvadex at the same time, 2 weeks after last deca? or clomid the first week after last deca shoot, then 2weeks after , start the clomid?.

As it was urgent (today 17 days after last test shoot= 20days after last deca shoot), yesterday I have injected 1000ui of HCG. french advise me 1500 or 2500ui and on the foreign forums I read 250-500 during cycle, so I have done medium :1000.

My testicles have begun to increase a little but they aren't not near to their original size..

Other question : I have mixed HCG with bacteriostatic water, and I have shooted into the calf because I used insulin syringe and needle was very short, so I have shooted in a non fat muscle..

Is it OK to inject in calf like I have done?.

Thanks for your help, I'm beginning in cycle and have few knowledges in endocrinology...

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I'd shoot hCG under the fat in the stomach..

Clomid and Nolva should start the same time..

1500 / 2500 is a very old protocol..

Little and often ~250ius EOD is a better protocol...

Comment #2

Sorry Seb, I think Tall has covered it here, I agree 1500 with four to five days in between is old scool but usually work well too. Nowadays it is more often recommended to take HCG every day but in smaller amounts so not to "hit" too hard and numb or "shut down" your nuts...I meant with OTT "over the top" as in a bit too ambitious since the cycle you were on was very low in any case..

You have started about right since the deca and long estered testo should now be very low in your system, hop it helped clarify. bon chance...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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