Does anyone know about VitaminShoppe's weight gainer 2200 shake? is it safe to drink continuously? a?

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My first question is: Does anyone know about VitaminShoppe's weight gainer 2200 shake? is it safe to drink continuously? a?.

My next question is: D-dol, how long till you feel the effects??.

On my second week of test e and dianabol..

I have done test before so I know thats takes weeks to kick in but how long does it take to feel the effects of dbol?.

Cause I thought it was a kick start to a cycle?.

Cant say I feel/see any difference?.


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Your question was: Does anyone know about VitaminShoppe's weight gainer 2200 shake? is it safe to drink continuously? a?.

I normally start to feel it working around day 5.

How many mg's of dbol are you taking per day?..

Comment #1

Well thought this was a site to ask questions to find answers but obviously gazz thinks different! (we all start somewhere).

However to the rest of you, I am taking 30mg aday. have put on about 4lb but like I said I dont feel anything different..

I weigh 13 stone exactly after the 4lb gain. last cycle was a 8 week test e only cycle. today would be day 9 of dbol cycle..

And here is my diet..

Meal 1.

1 bowl porridge oats with flex whey powder mixed in.

3 eggs.

1 bagel.

1 banana.

30g flex protein shake.

Meal 2.

Hand full of nuts.

Cottage cheese.

Meal 3.

Baked potato with tuna.

2 egg whites.

Meal 4.

Tuna baguette/tuna pasta.

1 chicken breast.

Meal 5 (pre workout).

30g whey powder.

Toast and peanut butter.

Meal 6 (after workout).

Pasta or potato.

1 chicken breast.

Handful of veg.

Meal 7.

40g flex protein shake.

Other supplements:.


Glutimine tab,multi vit in morning.

Fish oil and zinc tab..

Comment #2

By looks of that you need to up your protein mate... but id expect to have seen more from the dbol by now... you should feel an increased pump and be able to push a little further with your reps!..

Comment #3

Cheers mate will up my protein a bit more. thanks for the advice..

Comment #4

Four pounds in a week means your dbol is fine on that diet. What exactly are you expecting to feel. Your weights should be up at least slightly due to CNS stimulation (clearly this depends on your level of training, but at 13 stone unless your 5ft 2, this effect should be marked).

There are a plethora of reasons your weights might not be on the up though. Are you resting properly? Also diets a bit on the light side IMO..

Comment #5

You need to be patient, increase your protein and burst your balls in the gym, you've got to TRAIN like your on gear..

One thing, what did you actually think you'd feel at this point? Its possible you are expecting something that isn't going to happen...

Comment #6

LOL Bit snappy are'nt we?Your Dbol must be real then!!!!!Agree with Lee, 4-5 days you should be feeling it each time you dose.When I say feeling it I mean, grrrrrrrrrr feeling it!..

Comment #7

Apart from an extra pump I feel very little from dbol....

Certainly none of the exlosive strength gains you hear about...i know a few peeps who say the same thing..dont mean it's not doing it's job tho lol..

Comment #8

You should be going good by day 7 though you'll probly notice the differance before then..

Are you spaceing the doses out? like 10mg in am 10mg arvo 10mg in the evening, that really helps.


Comment #9

I feel dbol within the first week. my moodf feells good and I fel more pumps. also chew it up and taste them. I found they all taste simular. fakes normally have no dbol in them and are justa chalky taste and not bitter..

Comment #10

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