Does anyone here still use yahoo personals or

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My first question is: Does anyone here still use yahoo personals or

My next question is: My girlfriend was visting me this weekend from out of town. She is single and for the most part, she is a high energy person with a good attitude. She broke up with a boyfriend recently and is single, while I have a boyfriend, but I feel since he is younger and a different religion, she seems to not be as accepting of this relationship (thru for me. I have never made comments about her past boyfriends, some of who didn't sound like they treated her well- but I felt it's her business not mine, if she's not asking for my opinion..

This past weekend she met my boyfriend and the first night he met us for drinks and paid for them, which was nice. The second night we met for dinner the three of us and when the bill came, we split it three ways. She made a major deal of it later on and said that she "had NEVER had to pay for her share when she was out with a boyfriend or a friend's significant other"- and she made it seem that "Well I would just question if my boyfriend of six months would make me pay for my dinner..." First off, I would think how this is handled is between me and him and in fact, my boyfriend does usually pay for me. Secondly- I felt like I had to stick up for him- when I don't think it's fair to EXPECT that a guy always pays- for his girlfriend and his girlfriend's friends???.

What would you have said in that situation- she's a good friend and this is the first time I've really felt that she was out of line but I was totally speechless! I feel like she's trying to have me think about whether or not this guy is a good guy because of this???..

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Your question was: Does anyone here still use yahoo personals or

Your friend is wrong. How you split the bill as a couple is between you and he - and since she is not a member of your relationship, she doesn't get automatic "proxy" rights to his financial umbrella. You're right, she was totally out of line and I think your perspective is sane and fair.I'd be on the lookout for future judgments from her like this. Hopefully this will be the last you hear of it, but if she brings it up again it's well within your rights to say "I'm not discussing the subject"...

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Yes - out of line. She doesn't see the routine interaction between you. That said, she is applying her own expectations and judgements to your relationship. What she said is about her own stuff more than it is aobut who paid. If you are happy with your relationship, that's all that matters.

As far as your friend goes, I'd consider letting this go for now, but tuck it awayIf there are any other such episodes, call her on it. .


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I dont know how your friend would assume that your bf should have done more for her than he already did. He already treated her one night..didnt he?  Whatever financial arrangements you and your bf have made are your business, so long as you dont feel like you are being taken for a ride.  If you feel the need to address this with her then just tell her what you said here - and it is not your bf's responsibility to pay for her...

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Your boyfriend was totally fine!! I would nicely tell her to let it go.


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