Does anyone have Medifast cheating days?

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Hi All,.

Just started the program yesterday, but Im curious if people on the program for a long time have days where they just throw the program out the window and indulge, whether it be beer, pizza, wine, etc..I realize this is more of a training your brain to rethink food program, but I'm curious how strict some of you long timers have been. Be honest!..

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No. It will kick me out of ketosis (fat burning) and it will take 3-5 days to get back into ketosis. I look at it as taking me longer to reach goal and additional money spent on supplements to get back into ketosis. That is just my way of doing Medifast and my opnion...

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Not on this plan, to me there just can't be "days off". If you do, you be out of fat burning and go into starvation mode, making your body hold on to your weight until you are back into fat burning. I'm finishing up my 4th week, I still crave the food - but have yet to give in. Hang in there, you'll be that much closer to goal and then can slowly work other foods into your diet...

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Why would anyone want to sabotage their progress by doing such a thing? That's counter productive. I was on Medifast all through the holidays this past year and never once went off plan. I finally found something that I can lose weight on, why would I want to ruin the progress I had made? I was only on the plan 2-3 months at that point but where other plans I didn't lose or even gained weight, here I have steadily lost. No way around it, I didn't want to mess with that kind of success...

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This is my 8th week and I always say to myself If I'm gonna cheat what would it be on. Well I can never think of anything thats worth it. I feel if I cheat once it would be waste of the medifast food I'm buying because it isnt going to work with the junk food. To me it would be a total waste of money. All that food is gonna be there when we get to our goal...

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Im only on for a month and have been OP and losing steadily. Last week I had a renuion of sorts with old friends. We met at a bar in NYC. I had all this anxiety over not having a drink or dinner with them at the bar ultimately I decided to have my L&G before and have one drink out. I LOVE beer, but the carbs would throw me out of ketosis (not worth it) so I decided on a Raspberry Vodka & Club soda (calories but no carbs). I still lost three pounds that week.

Could I do it all the time? No, not worth risking after spending so much $$ however, it did make me feel happy to live a little and have one drink with the girls. After that I switched to just seltzer with lime but as much as I dream about pizza and pasta, being the thinnest Ive been since before having my four kids is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow if you know what Im saying. Live life, but be smart.

And I KNOW, I want to do this right the first time around. If I go off, it would be so much harder to start over. Now Im in a groove, the weight is moving wonderfully, Im not starving, it is all good wonderful. Before MF, I have been on & off Weight Watchers since 8th grade. I feel like every time I join they think "oh, you again, eh?" but this time I am in it to WIN IT and be free of the whole weight thing once and for all. And it's working!.

I had my one drink, I realize I cant have carbs until I reach goal, and I am utterly and completely okay with that..

Good luck!!!!! Happy Summer!!!!..

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I know I am going to be yelled at for this but I too think a reward day or cheat day is okay. If you are OP for 4 weeks loose 15 lbs and then take 1 day off and not go crazy then I think that is okay. You won't gain back 15 lbs. you may gain a pound or 2 for a day but as long as you go back on the plan you should be fine. You die hards out there don't yell at me...

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The only issue with something like this is that you're rewarding yourself with food, which could complicate breaking the mental connection of comfort and celebration with food, if that's an issue for you. If it's not, then it shouldn't be a big deal, I wouldn't think. I think it's up to the individual involved...

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There isnt anything I would want to eat that would be worth me getting out of ketosis. I hated that feeling when I had to get into it. But then again, I havent been on the program as long as many of these people. Im only 8 weeks in!.


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I read these type of questions on the threads a lot and I rarely comment because I'm not one to tell anyone how to work their plan. BUT, on Medifast an off day will throw you out of ketosis and then you have to go through the first 3-4 days all over again. To me it's not worth it. Some people can handle and an off day and some might not be able to handle it with it totally derailing them..

I guess it's all about how much you REALLY want to lose the weight and get to your goal. I joined Medifast the end of October in 2008 and faced Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, two birthdays, holiday parties and New Years.....all within two months. I REALLY wanted to lose the weight and knew later down the road in maintenance I would be able to have those type of foods again within moderation.

It's certainly a choice..........choice to eat off plan food or choice to REALLY wanting to lose the weight and remain committed to yourself...

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Food as rewards and cheats is a big part of what got me into this mess. I haven't gone off plan since I started, and I don't plan to...

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It's been 8 weeks for me and it's been a real heavy social scene. Haven't indulged once though. Made through a work dinner at a beirgarten, my daughter's sweet sixteen, and two graduation parties, all events I normally would have tossed a few back at. Things are going so well though that I really don't want to mess with it. I'll drink again at some point, but not until I'm a lot further down the path if not after.....

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I have not had an alcoholic drink since Nov 2009. When I go out I drink diet coke with a lime in it. I always volunteer to be the designated driver. I have not missed it nor have I missed out on having any fun. I drink my diet coke, socialize, dance and have a great time!..

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I've been doing this for four months and for me, it's not a good idea to go off program. It took all my strength to break the destructive cycle of the power that food had on me and do something about it by joining MF. I have commited to this, to myself, and if I'm off, I don't know if I could hop right back on. I know I would be very dissappointed in myself. Not worth rolling the dice for me..

I've read plenty of stories of others who go off, either can't get back, get really sick while "treating themselves", etc. If I need a "break", I have an extra bar or two (gasp), eat an extravagent Lean like lobster. It help keeps me sane, muhahahahha...

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Thanks for the feedback and comments. One of the things I'm finding difficult is the drastic calorie reduction. Being 290 and maintaining that weight (not that it was good by any means) would take somewhere around 2700-3000 calories.

As someone that has been conditioned (I'm an engineer) that one needs 1500-2000 calories to safely lose weight, my first thoughts are that I'm starving myself. 5 meals at 100 calories a pop, 6oz of a meat that will only be about 200-300 calories, and a green thats approx 100. How can you survive off of 800-1000 calories a day when your body is used to 3000?..

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Your not going to starve I promise. My husband weighed 312 when we started and he weighs 220 now. The biggest thing that keeps me OP when I want a day off is the cost. Every time you get out of ketosis it takes 3-5 days to get back and when you are in that state you lose weight faster. I have been doing Medifast for 10.5 months and I have not been perfect. But I am ready to stop spending so much, therefor all cheating has stopped...

Comment #15

I haven't had any off plans yet this time around, but I'm only 2 weeks in. Last time (3 years ago) I had a glass of wine on my anniversary (2 months in) and it didn't hurt me any. I was totally on plan other wise that day and all that week, so I think the few extra carbs were not a problem. When I feel like cheating or like I'm starving for some real food, I split my l&g into 2 meals. 2 real meals and 5 Medifast meals is a lot of eating. I feel very full that way, and I don't get light headed.

Eating out and going out with friends for drinks is not a problem. There's always non-calorie bevvies and virtually every restaurant has a salad with chicken on it, or some sort of grilled chicken or fish served w/veg. I am never shy about asking the server to hold the starch and double my veg, or substitute a side salad for fries, etc. I've even ordered a burger without a bun and a side salad in a real pinch. So you can treat yourself by going out, just have to watch your choices....good practice for your Medifast "after-life"...

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Nothing is Free my friend and I am not talking about the cost of the medifast food. I am talking about the price that one would have to pay if they did go off the diet. Going out of ketosis is a huge thing for me. I am glad there is that part to this diet otherwise I would probably be making up excuses to cheat all of the time. It is an added layer that must be considered...

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Just to throw my 2 cents in. I have been with Medifast a long time- first joining in 2007- losing some weight and going off after losing a small amount of weight and returning after becoming disgusted with how big I let myself get. I actually started at 310 lbs and on my own got to about 290 then stalled. I went back to Medifast Sept 2009 and have been "on the plan" most of the days since then. I have spent the last 3 months in limbo due to contantly eating off plan. I was basically in a weight maintenance phase: 4 Medifast meals and "snacking" another 2 meals with no real lean and green meal.

Medifast has been my saving grace to weight loss, a very good formula to success. But ultimately, I am the one putting food in my mouth and either ensuring success or sabataging it. Maybe a little treat won't hurt if it stops there but for me it lead to the faulty self sabatoge of " a little didn't hurt before, I can do it again" it's a slippery slope. Lucky for me I am learning to love myself again and I was able to maintain and not turn these months into a "gain it all back cycle" I maintained my loss and I am losing again.

I have not been on the board much lately, but think I will speak out more and come around more often as everyone is always so supportive here...

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To directly answer your question, Medifast induces a very mild state of ketosis. This is what keeps you from feeling hungry and makes you shed fat quickly. By using the stored fat for fuel because you're restricting carbohydrates, you see quicker results. By releasing ketones, you body gets a quicker sense of fullness and a feeling of energy. Most people who have been on Medifast for a month or more report sleeping less and doing a whole heck of a lot more with their day. This is also why you can live on less than 1000 kcal a day on Medifast for extended periods of time.

It is a drastic shock to your system which is why Medifast recommends no physical exercise the first three weeks. Your body will need time to adjust. Trust me though, you're not starving yourself on this plan. The balance they've achieved with their foods and the eating schedule of every 2.5-3 hours will be sufficient. If you can make it through the first week.

You can help make it easier if you start eating low carb now and start drinking a lot of water now. This will also translate to less of drop the first week compared to future weeks as the first week is usually water weight. I would also start reducing any alcohol intake, sugar and salt use now. The more you can start the detox from fat, salt, sugar and carbs now, the easier your first week will be. It's all part of putting your body into ketosis..

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I have to agree with everyone else. It's not worth it to go off plan and cheat. My main reason is if I'm paying this much to be on a diet, I'm not going to cheat. What's the point. Second, I do believe the rewarding yourself with food will effect you in the long run. Obviously we all have an addition to food or we would not be in this shape, let's face the music..

I too have cheated and tried one meal a week of what I wanted. I lost 0 lbs both of those weeks and decided it was not for me. In 6 months I've lost 82 lbs and I do not want to slow down anymore than my body is already going to do. I will have alcohol again, I enjoy it but have given it up because of the cals and emptyness it gives us on this diet. I LOVE pizza and will eat it again. I just have to train my brain to do it correctly. Good luck with your journey..

Comment #20

Check with Nutrition Support. They may suggest the 4-2-1 plan which is 4 medifast meals, 2 full lean and green and 1 fruit...

Comment #21

Maybe just feeling like you are cheating. I know having the pretzels and puffs has helped me a LOT when I need to cheat. Also some of the fab recipes posted - which I hvae not been brave enough to try yet - sound like they would be great to help me "cheat" - like the faux mac & cheese - DEF going to try that 1! Sometimes it is a mind set - we have to at least feel like we are "cheating" a bit - this is a very restrictive lifestyle and very difficult to maintain long term. I have a lot to lose, so I am trying to stay OP - but it is very difficult. Especially on a LONG holiday weekend surrounded by temptation...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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