Does anyone got Medifast weight loss tips?

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So I'm into my second week I have been 100% OP but Im not really loosing any weight. The first week I lost 5 lbs so far this week I have lost 1. Prior to Medifast I lost 20 lbs on my own the same thing happen I lost 5 lbs the first week and then an average of 2 lbs. UGH.. Medifast is hard when it comes to the prep and dedication I was just hoping for a little more.. Am I expecting to much?..

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I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged. Medifast says the average loss is UP TO 2-5 pounds per week. 2 pounds per week is a very reasonable loss! This is not magic, but it will work if you stick with it. As far as prep and planning, this is the easiest plan I've ever done! If you want to see intense prep, check out South Beach.

You're still very new to the plan - hang in there and allow your mind and body some time to adjust. There will be weeks you have higher losses, and other weeks you have lower or no losses, and maybe even a small gain as your body does it's thing. I do know one thing - for me, at least, the losses have added up to a pretty substantial total, even though I had weeks of losing only one pound, and a week with a small gain!.

Won't you feel great if you can look back in 3 or 4 months and say, "Wow! Look what I've accomplished."..

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Sounds to me like you're less than two weeks in and 6 pounds down - this is amazing weight loss! Most plans will get you 1-2 pounds a week tops. Medifast generally gives 2-5/week. So you're right on track and doing amazingly well!!!!.

In order to get healthy and stay healthy it's a long-haul process. Relax, put the scale away if it makes you crazy, and just go by how your pants fit. Week by week, month by month, you'll see the results!!!..

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You are doing great, hang in there - it's a marathon, not a sprint! You can do it!..

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Expectations are the death of me too! I expect to lose fast and lots but that is not necessarily the way it is going to happen..

Here is my advice - DON'T weigh every day. You are going to want to. You will feel compelled to do so, but just don't. If you are someone who is ruled emotion wise by what the scale says, avoid it until weigh day. You will fluctuate from day to day. Put the scale away..

Also, relax your expectations. There is no right amount to lose. There is not time line for this. If you follow the plan 100% you WILL lose weight at the rate that your body needs to.

You have done great to lose 6 pounds in two weeks. Rejoice in that - don't despair in the fact that you did not lose more. You have lost 6 pounds that you will not see again if you follow this program. They are gone!!!.

You are going to do great....really...

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Hide that bloody scale!!!!! It will make you CRAZY!!!!!! Really!! ....If you can simply stick to weighing yourself just once (or twice) a week during the first Month or so OP-you'll find yourself so much more relaxed (and happy) when you do step on the 'ole "Metal Monster.".

Don't let the scale rule you-YOU rule it!!.

And congratulations on your six pound loss!!..

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I agree with all the previous posters! If the scale is making you feel discouraged, put it away until you feel more comfortable with it. I am a daily weigher, but I don't let it affect me. On the rare occasion that it does, I put it away and just keep myself in the Medifast groove.

Medifast IS fast for most people, but it isn't overnight and it does take work. You can do this! 6 pounds in 2 weeks is awesome and fast! As far as preparation, is it the L&G that makes you feel overwhelmed with preparation? I keep my L&G as simple as possible. I mostly eat frozen turkey burgers on the George Foreman grill with vegetables that are steamable in the bag via the microwave.

I'm sorry that you are feeling discouraged, but I hope you do know how awesome you are doing. Keep it up and you will be rewarded! Best of luck to you on your journey. We are all rooting for you!..

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I say give yourself some time. Two weeks is not enough didn't put on the weight in two weeks, so you ned to be patient. Before you know it, the time that would pass anyway will result in weight loss..

If the prep is turning you off, go a simpler route and do bars, puffs, pretzels mostly. I purchased a healthmate blender (like a magic bullet...)which is a godsend!.

You can make the shakes with some ice and water in one minute. They are frothy and icy and quick. You prepare it right in the same cup you drink it from, and there is only one part to wash. That made a big difference to me when it came to wanting to do the shakes..not making a big production out of each time.

There's no rule that says you have to do the soups, oatmeal etc. if you don't want to. Once you are past your first week you will be in a habit, and not hungry most likely, and it gets so much look forward to your "snackies" as I call them.

Good Luck, don't give up!!..

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