Does anybody know if the VitaminShoppe products Ester-Bol and Xplo-Bol work?

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My first question is: Does anybody know if the VitaminShoppe products Ester-Bol and Xplo-Bol work?.

My next question is: Having not been on the gear for over 5 years I'm looking to start a course in the near future..

I'm looking to get my stuff from an online source but I must admit that some of the stuff for sale looks a bit dodgy to me..

Can anyone tell me is there any legit primobolan depot still available for sale as I seem to remember that nobody could get any years ago..

The last stuff I used was made by Schering I think..


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Hi the british dragon primo is rather good to. That to comes in 100mg per ml...

Comment #1

Yes it was but you would be hard oushed to get genuine now seeing as the lab was closed last year..

Comment #2

Lol,, pscarb knows his stuff j-man... Apex all the way..

Comment #3

The british dragon lab was closing down but that has changed now. They keeping up production and changing the name to britanic dragon or they might keep it as british dragon. My source gets straight from british dragon in thailand and it's all genuine...

Comment #4

Is it not british dispensary (BD) thats from thailand and not brit dragon??.

Thailand - the country that brings us lady boys.... lol... and you want to get steroids from these people?? lol..

Comment #5

Hi Lee, How's your diet going I'm down to 18% now and I'm 16 stone 4 not bad for a month dieting hehe. My source is a trusted friend and he told me that british dragon have decided not to close down although there website suggests this. I have brought loads of british dragon gear this month and it's all genuine as I have always had fantastic results from it. I would try apex but apex in my area costs far to much, so I'm sticking with british dragon you know what they say if it's not broken don't fix it. British dispensary are good but they very limited I find in what they produce I have never seen any injectable steriods made by them alls I have seen and used is the nap 50's, winstrol and anabol but they cheap and fantastic for there price. British dragon should be changing to britanic dragon in the new year...

Comment #6

If it's working mate stick with it!.

Diet is going ok... spent the weekend staring at nice food I wasnt allowed to eat! oh joy!.


Comment #7

Overpriced! I would rather throw my wallet at Anavar!..

Comment #8

If it's working though mate I say each to their own and good luck and I hope you achieve what you're looking for...

Comment #9

Thanks Rottie, I agree with you mate the british dragon anavar is overpriced. Everything else is o.k though like the dianabol, testosterones and nap 50's...

Comment #10

The Var is overpriced but would yield better results than primo at the equivalent dose for each to work effectively and both compounds should yield gains that will be equally as retainable...

Comment #11

British Dragon Stanabol tabs might be a decent choice for lean fairly retainable gains but at a much cheaper price if taken at about 50mg day and you could stack with something like EQ for even better gains and still be paying around the same (give or take a few quid) as Primo or Var and any gains should be decently retainable with the correst pct procedure...

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