Does anybody know how to edit personal Information on

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My first question is: Does anybody know how to edit personal Information on

My next question is: People make dating (online dating with more complicated than it needs to be.  Years ago it used to be "I like you, you like me..why dont we date?"  See .. so simple..

How old are the two of you?.

Definitely keep your friend out of the picture and away from him as much as possible.  she also doesnt need to relay any messages for him or from him..

If you want to invite him out, then do it.  See if there is anything you can do in the middle of where the two of you live or invite him to your area..

You really cant tell anything yet based on his actions.  I know you mentioned the grocery shopping and the hand holding doesnt scream "I want you to be my GF".  You really cant bank on anything until he actually says that he wants to officially date using you..

It would be nice if he took the lead on this but you can give him some encouragement but some men are too thick headed to see encouragement even if it smacked them in the face.  There is nothing wrong with telling him that if he was into dating (online dating with someone now that you'd like to date using him.  Just say it calmly and casually and see what he says. can always wait to see if he makes the first move..


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Your question was: Does anybody know how to edit personal Information on

I think my rule of thumb for dating (online dating with applies here:.

Actions speak louder than words, except when the words are saying something you don't want to hear, in which case you need to pay more attention to the words..

Men can act romantic even when they just want something casual.  Don't be fooled by that..

But, that said, I'm not sure how it would be possible to "blow it" by asking him directly if he still wants something casual/no strings.  If he says no, then that's a good thing and if he says yes, then you're in the position you thought you were going to be in in the first place..



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Ok, this is just my personal opinion, but I think it is most def lame to do this by email.  You can convey more in person and in turn, gauge more of the other person's reaction in person.  Plus, any opportunity for him to see my pretty face is probably a plus for him so why not ; ).

Btw, why ever act aloof?  if I like a guy, I let him know.  if I don't like him, he knows that too.  better not to waste each other's time, either way.  if we like each other, woo - let's get it on and hang out etc  if not, bye-bye!.

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Yes, guys of any age do think it's possible, because many of them (I'd venture to say "most") are capable of keeping their feelings separate even when they are seeing someone regularly.  They can like you and enjoy your company but they are able to not have it go deeper than that.  So for guys, a long-term casual thing is definitely possible..

For women, not so muchsome can do it but it's pretty rare..

But whatever you do HAVE THE CONVERSATION IN PERSON!!!!!  I can't stress enough how important that is.  There is too much room for misinterpretation and you have to be able to see his mannerisms and body language when you're talking about this in order to have a good feel for what he's really saying..


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It is difficult keeping the distance with a casual relationship (thru if it goes on too long or if you have too many encounters within a small time frame. One guy who I used to see this way had a kind of a "system" whereby the encounters would occur more along the lines of a 3 month cycle.  He became kind of a bed buddy to me more than a FWB because of how he liked to sleep with women..

If he is trying to see if he can coax you into falling for him...then he is not worth your time.  He can go experiment on someone else!.

Whatever you do, do it in person or on the phone...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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