Does Any Whey Protein From VitaminShoppe help suppress appetite and lose with and flubber?

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My first question is: Does Any Whey Protein From VitaminShoppe help suppress appetite and lose with and flubber?.

My next question is: Hi I'm new to all this but ive just started taking anadrol 50mg half in a moring half on a eveing but been told that I need something else so I dont go all flaby and soft can any1 tell me what I need and on a low budget..

Ive already got a bit of a belly an tits dont want them 2 get any bigger many thanks.

Im 21 13stone..

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Your question was: Does Any Whey Protein From VitaminShoppe help suppress appetite and lose with and flubber?.

Hi mate in my opinion using gear is a pearsonal choice some ppl will say theres no point in touching it if your not gonna compete I think it's up to the individual if you gonna use then try a slow acting first because if your a bit on the flabby side you dont wanna add to that with anap 50mg(anadrol) they are highly toxic mate (c17 alk) most tabs are but these are the worst...

Comment #1

Dumb Jimmy, I don't think 13st qualifies you as being able to call yourself big!.

You've "been told that I need something else so I dont go all flaby and soft", try buying the Chemical Muscle Enhancement Guide by Author L. Rea. The biggest thing you need to do is educate yourself bcos your gonna do yourself harm kid..

If you ask anyone for sources again in an open forum you'll be banned. Its dumbasses like you who put forums and all their users at risk. Think before you try to buy drugs openly on a forum...

Comment #2

This post is almost comical except that it really disturbs me. get off the anadrol right now, best advice and learn what a LOT more about what you are playing with.

Even for the experienced user or athlete, anadrol is a potentially catastrophic option. anyone remember Paul Borreson?.

Anadrol is hard on the body and personally, i'd rather get a bit bigger and try to not to endanger or shorten my life, damage my liver doing it.

I think one of the problems for newcomers is they open Flex and assume that by next year or even next month they can look like the Ronnies and the Troys and Kevins ahahaha.

As almost everyone on this forum will know only too well, getting to just a fraction of that size and quality takes extreme dedication, extreme knowhow and a TON of CARE!!!..

Comment #3

Remeber size is not everthing so saying that when you dont even know me is dumb never mind calling me dumb jimmy thanks for the advice but you dont know everthing big shout out to cassonova..

Comment #4

Steriods are all bad whever you hav not much experience or not so calm you self down like you know it all..

Comment #5

Whoever is advising you is showing no regard for your health, anadrol/oxymethelone/anapolan is the second most liver toxic steroid available. I'll bet the person selling you these products is advising you..

Posting a statement like "been told that I need something else so I dont go all flaby and soft" shows you are dumb, you obviously have no knowledge of what you're doing/taking.

Please tell me what makes you think ANY anabolic steroid will make you go flabby and soft? That is the exact opposite of what steroids do! If you think that is what you are taking will do to you why are you taking it?.

You're getting a hard time bcos we see people like you posting stuff like this all the time, you've made 5 posts, the first one starting this thead and the rest replying in it. Have you read any of the thousands of posts on here about steroids? Have you bought a book so you can read up on the different drugs and what they do?.

I expect the answers to my questions are no, you've not read old posts, no you've not bought a book and no you've not done any research. You are a prime candidate for getting ripped off by a steroid dealer and having your health jeapordised, that is why people like me get pi55ed off by people like you..

I've made all the mistakes you are likely to make and am trying to help you not make them but the likliehood is you'll think "what a bunch of w@nkers" and move on to another forum where someone with little experience will tell you what you want to hear or possibly even offer to supply you with it..

I apologise if we seem unhelpful here, we're just trying to keep you healthy...

Comment #6

Fully understand wot you sayin and I dont know it all but I have spent weeks reading up abt anadrols an other steriods but as you know they is a lot 2 learn wit these drugs. thanks once again for the advice. and the guy I knew who gave me them told me not 2 take them until ive pushed my body the most it will go natureal but like many young men nowdays you just want 2 be as big as other peoply. myself I thought abt equipose because it's a slow gain and not as many side effects but you probaly gunna write loads of reasons why I shoulndt take that either an I do understand why you tell me not take these cause they are dangeros.and if you wanna know the truth I sold the tablets because I was getting acne realy bad an arse was realy I'm not dump I think abt my health before getting big once again many thanks and I will not post no more stuff.but rembere we all started somewhere. many thanks once again..

Comment #7

Thats good to hear Jimmy, I'm glad you've done some research and in a way I'm glad you've tried the product and found out for yourself that the side effects of oxy/anadrol outweigh the gains.

Eq is a really good choice. Next to no side effects, slow and steady gains which are more likely to remain, no water retention or acne. I personally love this product. Good choice bro..

Are you going to use it alone or with anything else?..

Comment #8

What does this mean??.

Extreme is trying to help you..

Comment #9

Realy sorry about my friend wrote that not me will take it off now sorry got big respect 4 exterme as you can see in my posts sorry once again..

Comment #10

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