Doctors please! I just bought a VitaminShoppe Ultra Mega dietary supplement?....?

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My first question is: Doctors please! I just bought a VitaminShoppe Ultra Mega dietary supplement?....?.

My next question is: Hey guys, I'm new so hello to all and pls be gentle !.

Iv been reading alot of threads and researching about oral cycles, I no there not really practical on there own but unfortunatly there are 2 things in life which scare the shit of me(it was 3 things but we split up!).

1. is dentists and.

2.yup...u guessed it,needles!! I mean 'scream like a girl' scared, then eyes in the back of head and gudnite vienna!.

Which puts me in a predicament,orals only!!.

Iv done a low dbol test, mainly going on a friends advice before reseaching so was abit naive maybe. was only doing 10mg a day with results, nothing special but more than satisfactory!.

Iv read up on oral only cycles and pct and think I have a gud idea of what I'm going to do, again with dbol..

I no if I make good gains I'm likley to lose large amounts of that, but how can I minimise this, will nolva and clomid on pct help me keep gains or is there anything I can do/take between cycles to keep as much as possible??.

Im thinkin 5-6 weeks on and off!.

Sorry if you guys are prob sick of q's on dbol lol, I notice thers alot but couldnt find anything on best way to help keep gains..

Any advice appreciated.


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Your question was: Doctors please! I just bought a VitaminShoppe Ultra Mega dietary supplement?....?.

Appreciate the time taken to view and offer advice guys :-).

Im fully aware of pros/cons of dbol and alot of other stuff, have been reading up and not made the desicion so lightly this time..

I eat 4500 - 5000 cals a day, good clean carbs mainly,1 - 1.5g protein per lb of body weight a day. have experimented with alot of supplements..

(one currently being O.N. serious mass,feel free to recomend anything else).

Around 7g per day creatine..

Unfortunatly genetics are not on my side and my metabolic rate is quicker than lewis hamilton, I find it hard to put on weight,and maintain gains I do get..

Thus leading to my choice to try gear properly this time..

If I cycle dbol will I just be gaining,losing,gaining,losing etc?.

I no that it's harder to maintain gains with dbol, but if I'm gaining xx amount of weight/gains on cycle, losing(this is where I mite be being naive) 50,60,70% of that during pct, I'm still at least 30% up on what I was before? then cycle starts over and and same/similar result, I'm still making more progress than I am now?in theory?..

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To be honest m8 a ot of people have made good gains in size and strengh from using just dianabolproviding it's good quality ..

No matter what gear you use at the end of the day you will lose some of the gains when you come off, if your worried about water why not just run some oral winnie ..

People will advise you to run a injectable test because this is the most practical and effective way to run a cycle but it's not for everyone..

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As fat boy said you will keep some gains from them but not much as most is water retention if you want to take oral only cycles then winny prob better as you dont get water retention from these with 5000 cals a day you should get some good gains of that alone with your protine intake also..

Comment #3

Thx for the advice guys!.

Winny is someting I'm reading up on..

I would like to be able to run and try injectables, but as I mention in my 1st post I wud pass out just seeing the needle!.

Or what if took dbol with turinabol, iv read(even on here I think) that they can work well 2gether..

Or turinabol cycles on it's own, although I no it's not as anabolic as dbol but perhaps better for longterm use??..

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Thats perfect cool, You know I am very lazy I mean I just like sitting work, so recently I join to you and I find this is important and by your discussion I remembered my friend words which I would like to quote..

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Gains on D/bol are dictated by diet just like gains on any other cycle, I have had good quality gains when using D/bol and only lost a few pounds when I came off....

If you gain a shed load of weight on D/bol and lose most of it you need to look at your diet not the steroid.......

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Why not get someone to load it up and pin for you? Just shut your eyes and think happy thoughts. I dont love needles but 4 weeks into a sust and deca cycle i'm used to it now. It's really not that bad!..

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Iv discussed this with a mate, he knows I'm likely to flap it and end up on the floor passed out, so I suggested when that happens he should just do it!.

He came up with some excuse about having morals and wouldnt be right..i told that was a big girl excuse!.

He said that only big girl around here was me for having an irrational fear of needles,.

I had no comeback after that!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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