Do you weigh or measure during Medifast?

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I've been combing the boards and the Nutrisystem answer to weighing food versus measuring it is "personal preference". I'm considering the purchase of an electronic scale... is there really that big of a difference between a weighed portion of anything and the measuring-cup equivalent?..

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I measure most things, but weigh some, especially fresh greens because it's easier...

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In my opinion, weighing is MUCH easier than measuring, and more accurate. I also think you tend to get more veggies when you weigh...

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I was shocked when I actually started weighing my lean I had been ROUTINELY shorting my lean serving! I think a good food scale is an excellent purchase...

Comment #3

I always weighed my lean and just after starting plan, I came across the vegetable weight chart - I have been weighing my veggies ever is sooooooo much easier to weigh than to try to measure...

Comment #4

What is the vegetable weight chart? Could you send that to me or point me in the direction of where I can find it? That would make my life so much easier with the veggies!..

Comment #5

I also weigh my food. It's crazy how much you short yourself when you measure. I <3 my digital scale!..

Comment #6

This is why I was wondering about a digital scale! I want to start exercising (CAN'T believe I said that!) but I feel so sluggish lately and I'm starting to wonder if I've been shorting my L&G servings by eyeballing them.

Any tips on what features to look for in a digital scale? What do you like/dislike?..

Comment #7

Going to start weighing tonite. I didn't realize it could make a difference in amounts..

Comment #8

I always weigh my leans, even at restaurants. I take my small portable scale with me. Come to think about it when I'm there I do weigh my veg too (usually steamed broccoli). I just tend to measure veg more at home, than weigh. Hmm.. wonder why I do that. Maybe I'll hide my cup measures!..

Comment #9

The scale is worth the investment, in my view, particularly for things like leafy greens. It's just hard to measure stuff like lettuce, frozen veggies, etc. I also find it helpful with lean, though - frozen chicken, for example. After a while, you'll know how many cutlets you need to get 6 oz cooked, but at first, it helps to weigh it. That said, the difference in calories between a cup of lettuce and 50-60 g of lettuce is probably insignificant. It just helped me mentally.

More important than getting exactly 6 oz, in my opinion, is just LOOKING at what a serving actually looks like. Weighing makes you do that. The most valuable part of the weighing and measuring thing for me was having to actually LOOK at the size of a serving, before and after cooking. That six months of experience has helped me out a lot in situations where I don't have my measuring cups and scale. I know what a salad looks like, now. I know how much roasted chicken to get off the buffet..

Besides, a food scale is helpful for other things. Once you get into T&M, you may find yourself more interested in cooking. I know I have - it's hard to buy things in the grocery that don't have a lot of added carbs and calories. So, I make my own yogurt, for example, and my own whole grain breads and muffins. For baking, especially, weighing flour and grains is a lot more precise and gives me MUCH better results than measuring cups do...

Comment #10

Get one that weighs in both grams and ounces! Then you never have to worry about doing conversions again. Lots of recipes you find on the internet have measurements in metric instead of imperial weights, and converting is a pain..

Also, get one that has a mechanism for zeroing out the weight. The way it works on mine is, you turn on the scale, then put an empty bowl or plate on it and hit the zero button. That makes the scale ignore the weight of the bowl - now you can add your lettuce to the bowl and weigh it without having to subtract. OK, you get the lettuce in - now hit zero again, and add your peppers to weigh them... then, hit zero again and add in your 6 oz of chicken. No adding and subtracting!..

Comment #11

There is no question that if you want to make sure there are no grea areas that you may be sneeking in extra calories, you have to weigh your food. It is more effort but if you want the accuracy, you have to suck it up. Speaking from experience, it is a good feeling knowing that you are 100% sure you are OP. You cannot reach that level of certainty by just measuring. Also, I invested in a GOOD digital scale (over $100) and it was worth every penny. You get what you pay for when it comes to quality in kitchen appliances...

Comment #12

AWESOME - thanks for the example! Math is not my strong point, especially when I'm hungry (which thankfully doesn't happen terribly often any more) or distracted (which happens when DH isn't paying attention to his food prep)...

Comment #13

I finally bought a digital kitchen scale last night. My lean portion looked how I expected it to, but my salad... yikes! I use baby spring mix, which isn't listed on the veggie weights chart. So I used the weight for boston/bibb lettuce thinking that was the closest similar item. 55 grams of spring mix fills a PIE PLATE. What? This can't be right.

This morning I'm doing my homework. Yeah I know, cart before the horse blah blah. Here are the stats off the spring mix container:.

Taylor Organic Baby Spring Mix 1LB.

Serving Size 3oz (85g / about 3 cups).

Servings per container about 5.

Calories 20.

Calories from Fat 0.

Total Fat 0g.

Cholesterol 0mg.

Sodium 50mg.

Total Carbohydrate 3g.

Dietary Fiber 1g.

Sugars 0g.

Protein 2g.

Vitamin A 80%.

Vitamin C 25%.

Calcium 8%.

Iron 6%.

So if a raw leafy green serving size is 1 cup, then here's what it should be, right?Serving Size 1oz (28.3g / 1 cup).

Calories 7.

Calories from Fat 0.

Total Fat 0g.

Cholesterol 0mg.

Sodium 17mg.

Total Carbohydrate 1g.

Dietary Fiber 1g.

Sugars 0g.

Protein 0.6g.

Vitamin A 26%.

Vitamin C 2.6%.

Calcium 2.6%.

Iron 2%.

I've been really tired the last two weeks and finally realized I'm not eating enough, either by slacking off on lean and/or green servings, or missing my 5th Medifast meal, or both I can only assume my body is in starvation mode, My mere 1 pound loss this week would seem to indicate the same. I haven't even feel like eating. Making a salad seems like too much effort. The rational, caffeinated side of my brain is saying "Seriously? It just goes from box to bowl without me having to wash/chop/etc... how can that be too much effort?" But at night when I'm tired and would rather be doing something other than thinking about eating, for some reason my brain wants to go for minimum effort..

I want to make sure I'm back on track and can get my metabolism going again, quickly. I combed the Nutrisystem posts and their consistent response is to do the math for 1 cup, based on the product label. Does 28.3g of spring mix "sound" right to you, when servings of other lettuces and greens are nearly twice that weight?.

On a related note, are there any tricks to getting my metabolism revved up again? I know the answer is stay OP and wait... but if there's anything I can do to help (or anything to avoid?) I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!..

Comment #14

I found a very good scale at Aldi's for $ does grams, ounces, liquids, etc...zeroes out for a container...very happy with it...

Comment #15

Weigh, Weigh, Weigh!!.

I prep my food 2 times per week..

I cut up veggies and put it in 1 serving containers..

I cook my meat and weigh it after cooking..

I put those in containers so they are ready to go as well..

You get a lot of talipa and shrimp. I know I was shorting my self prior to weighing my food..

The veggies too..

The volume of salad is crazy!.

I got a glass scale, flat square surface that zero's out with a container on it..

It wts in oz, gram, lbs and ? something else. I use the oz for meat and grams for veggies..


Comment #16

I always weighed and Measured and I still DO!.

My eyes can be bigger than my stomach if I am not careful , especially now that my stomach is smaller.

It really helps me learn portion size, so when I am dining out, I know to cut my steak in half, judge portion size etc...

Comment #17

@ carlycass, where did you buy your glass scale? I know someone mentioned Aldi's but we dont have one here, so is there any other place where they sell this kind of scales?..

Comment #18

I know you can get really good ones at Bed, Bath and Beyond if you have one. My dh got ours there and it's fabulous. It does oz, g, and zeros out between! I agre with everyone, pay the extra $ for a good one, you wont regret it. I weigh everything. Last week I was measuring and found I was shorting myself!..

Comment #19

I bought this one from BBB for only 19.99 and I love it! DH thinks it's cheesey that it is Biggest Loser, but, I told him I could put a sticker over it :eyeroll. It does grams/ounces, and does the zeroing out. Its super easy to use..


Now that I have it, I can't believe I lived that long without a scale. haha...

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