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What are some key milestones that should be celebrated in this journey? Should you set rewards for those goals? If so, what are some good rewards? Good for men as well? While I've seen lots of women suggest rewards for things like a new wardrobe, it's not a big motivator for me (besides, I still have much of my old clothes). The wife isn't going to let me buy a fishing boat, so it the rewards have to be reasonable..

I am a "purpose-driven" individual. This was part of the reason for my weight gain, and retirement from exercise. When I was a volunteer firefigher, I needed to be strong and healthy to be able to perform my best, and return safely home. So rewards and "purpose" don't have to always be tangible..

I could also use some buddies. I tried to do WW online before, and I think by not going to weekly meetings was to my disadvantage. I was really pumped by my first week's success, which kept me going until now. However, as the weight loss has slowed down, I'm struggling with the motivation. The gender doesn't matter for my buddies, just someone who can motivate, and enjoys a friend who can make them laugh and return the motivation favor...

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You are the only one who is going to know what will motivate you. I am single and can get what I want, but I am putting myself on a budget at the same time as doing this plan so I am working on not "rewarding" myself too much..

I reward myself at small increments - 10-15 pounds/a new CD.

Maybe a fishing lure would motivate you....

I have set-up bigger rewards at bigger increments:.

Goal #1: 15% loss/44 lbs (250)/BMI 34.9 Choice of rewards: Para-sailing or helicopter ride while in Hawaii (going in October) or time with a personal trainer..

Goal #2: 30% loss/91 lbs (203)/BMI 28.3 (NO LONGER OBESE!!!) SO close to Onderland; I deserve a one-hour massage or time with a personal trainer..

My next two goals are new clothes at the 40% and final goal increments, but I'm a girl - what can I say! Plus, I don't plan to just buy clothes willy-nilly because you will change sizes so rapidly that belts and thrift stores will be the way to go until you reach goal...

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I set my rewards @ 10 lb incriments. I'm not very "girly" and since it's summer in Alaska I planned my rewards to be things like getting a babysitter for the day and go salmon fishing by myself, 1 round of sporting clays at the range, a new holser for my 9mm, new pair of running shoes, chiropractor visit, stuff like that. It's the season to be outside so planning special day trips or even just time outside for yourself or with your friends is a good option. I'm not big on buying clothes either but I will go on a shopping spree when I hit my goal (which should be around PFD time so I'll have the cash)..

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Good suggestions. It may be the season to "be outside" in Alaska, but in Houston, it's miserable! Even fishing must be done early in the morning or late in the evening. I need a hunting rifle to share with the boys, but it just doesn't seem to "relate" to weight loss. Hope to know what your summer in Alaska is next year as we are planning a family cruise there...

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I do love fishing, although I'm not very good at catching. If we didn't have grocery stores, and I had to rely on the food I caught, I wouldn't be overweight in the first place. LOL...

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I have goals/rewards set at 25% intervals but honestly they don't help me. I do really want the bodybugg though. I just can't justify spending that much on the thing without some kind of excuse so the halfway mark is going to be that excuse!..

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My wife asked about the bodybugg when we saw it on "Jillian" the other day. OMG! Quite expensive! I wonder if my goal should be buying it for her it when I get halfway. You know, giving is always a better reward, right? I wonder if I should set a really big goal related to health? I already have a bowflex, but maybe one of the more compact versions? My wife wants a treadclimber, but that is really expensive. Riding lawn mower? No...not healthy. Would still need one that I push...

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What I try to do to motivate myself is take it one day at a time. I do think that it is very admirable to want to buy your wife something for your goal. But, I think it would benefit you more to do something aimed towards yourself. It is the weight that you lost for yourself why not embrace it and celebrate that huge accomplishment. I was thinking since materialistic things do not motivate you maybe just keep it simple.

As an example maybe at your half way mark do something that makes you completely and utterly happy. Like someone said previously take a day off and just go fishin'! Or take your wife out and get into some skinny nice clothes and just really have a good time! Or take a little vacation do a favorite place, it doesn't have to be big just make sure to do something you enjoy but be skinny and enjoy it! I think you are probably are getting what I am saying! I hope this helps!! Good luck on your journey!!..

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Personally I've never seen much point to the rewards. I'm a grown person and if I want something, I buy it. Denying myself something until until a certain goal is met is just not the sort of thing that's going to encourage me. If I don't reach the goal, and I want the item that much, I'm still going to get it.

Since nothing is really jumping out at you as a reward, perhaps you're the same type of person..

As you're a purpose driven person, how about volunteering for something that requires you to be in shape? There must be something out there that could use your firefighter skills that could get you motivated. I've got friends who volunteer for our local search and rescue. Maybe something like that where there's peer pressure to keep in shape and hold up your end of the assignment?..

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