Do you miss the chocolate mint Medifast bars?

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Any of you veterans miss the old Chocolate and Chocolate Mint Bars? I eat the new ones and they are good, but I have to microwave them to soften them up. They are so hard. I miss the old chewy bars. Wish I had stocked up. Just wondering if anyone else felt the same way?????..

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I guess the formula had changed before I came on board in November. I never got to try the old bars. I just tried the chocolate and chocolate mint bars this past week. They taste pretty good, but yeah, they are hard.

I am sometimes glad I didnt get to try the old ones, at least I cant miss them this way.....

Comment #1

I have yet to order any of the "new" bars. There have been such mixed reviews about them that I can not decide if I want to chance them not being up to par with the "old" bars. My favorite was the Chocolate Mint. In fact - I still have 1 last chocolate mint bar that I am hoarding. Almost afraid to eat it, like it's the last one on earth and will be extinct if I do???..

Comment #2

I agree with you. I HATE the new bars and the choc mint an choc were my faves. If they change the carmel nut or oatmeal raisin Im gonna cry!..

Comment #3

Well, bad news...they changed the caramel nut bars too!!! In my opinion, it was not a change for the better either. I won't be ordering anymore and I guess it's probably just as well, the old ones were wonderful...

Comment #4

I ordered a box of each of the diabetic bars that are on sale. I'll be glad when they are gone. But, having not had the old bars, I love the chocolate mint! Can't imagine them being any better...

Comment #5

Just wanted to add my 2 cents....I miss the old bars too. My favorites were the Carmel Nut, Lemon Fantasy, Chocolate Divine, Peanut Butter and the Chocolate Mint, .......I do not care for the new "hard" versions. The only one I like at all is the Caramel Nut because it tastes more like a candy bar...........BUT that has gotten me into trouble overeating those. So I don't order to often. I wish they could/would bring back the old ones. I too had found the only way to enjoy the new chocolate and chocolate mint bars were 10 seconds in the microwave to soften them up.

After all the foods I have given up over the last (almost) 2 years doing MF.....I really miss those bars...........!.

Hang in there everyone...., this is so worth it, we are so worth it..


Started 05/24/05..

Comment #6

OKguess I'll be the voice of dissent here. I really like the Chocolate and the Chocolate Mint bars! I LIKE the fact that they are hard, and take a nice, looooooooooong, time to eat. I take itty bitty nibbles and chew alot and savor the flavor. Now, I didn't ever try the old bars, so I don't have a frame of reference for that, but I do look forward to my Chocolate bars! As for the Lemon ones, well~~don't think I'll be ordering those again...

Comment #7

I liked the old bars better too but I also put the new ones in the microwave and heat them up and do ok with that. Because they were on sale, I ordered the diabetic chocolate bars to try them this time I think they are closer to the old chocolate divine bars. You may want to try them!..

Comment #8

I like the old version of the Choc and the Choc mint bars. I have one box of choc mint bars that I'm hoarding for some reason.. I didn't know they changed the Carmel nut bar too.... ikes... why do they mess with perfection????? oh well..... at least it is still a treat to eat for me.

I'm down 106 lbs .... I would say it is working wonderfully !..

Comment #9

106 pounds...I"m so envious of you...I can't wait....

You must be beside yourself with pride everytime you look at yourself...way to go!!..

Comment #10

No way gals!! The new ones are better by far!! I have had both and I love the new ones. I chop them up with a butchers knife into small squares and carry them in small tupperware containers. They're great that way!! I admit, the bite and chew like a candy bar is tough but chopped up is awesome!! I love how chewy they are!.

I ordered the diabetic ones too and they are the old formula still so I'd try that ya'll old timers!!..

Comment #11

Thanks Karibeth your numbers look AWESOME ! I do feel better I know I look better but I don't think the mind has caught up to the weight loss... I still see myself as I was before I started MF... it is weird ... I wonder if anyone else feels that way? I am at the goal I set for myself on May 19 2006 but I want to lose another 20 lbs... I think this last 20 is going to be the hardest to lose...

Kimmie I like the idea of itty bitty bites... gives you something to snack on when you have a munchie... I never thought of doing that.. thanks for the great idea........

Comment #12

Well, for one, I'm glad that they changed the formulas. Taking out the high fructose corn syrup was just the right thing to do. HFCS can trigger cravings because it doesn't metabolize the same way. Your brain doesn't get the message that the sweet need was satisfied. It is a main ingredient of most of the junk food to which we were all slaves at one point.

So I say - your taste buds will adjust. It will be better for all of us in the long run, and then maybe people won't be so afraid of bingeing on the bars..

Peace - D..

Comment #13

Thank goodness I never had the old bars....i love all the new ones....probably too much.....10 seconds in the microwave and they are gooey and filling.....if the old ones were better than these I probably would not be able to control myself..

Comment #14

I also love the new choc and choc mint favs!!! I like that they take longer to eat!.

The old ones were too soft and easy to eat..ha!.

Pat in So.Ca...

Comment #15

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