Do you like the ads that appear on Myspace?

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My first question is: Do you like the ads that appear on Myspace?.

My next question is: Sorry this is long but really need some other peoples point of viewOk so I met this guy a little over a month ago at a bar near my house. He told me he was in the army and was jus home for xmas break. We exchanged numbers and he started hitting me up. I finally invited him out w/ my friends. We ended up having sex after a couple times of hanging out. The problem was the next day he was leaving to go back to the army in another state.

We ended up talkin online like everynight for soooo many hours and when we arent online we would be texting eachother. Everything went great for the first couple weeks. I then planned to go see him bc I'm able to fly for free. Before I went he came clean w/ me that apparently the name I knew him as wasnt true and that he had never been to Iraq. He said that he was being silly the first night we met and never really thought that we would ever talk again and then when we did he didnt know how to tell me.

I didnt freak out bc it was so ridiculous but bc I cared bout him I said that I dont like that he lied but I'm not goin to stop talkin to him over jus that. He said that he wanted to tell me bc he didnt want there to ever be lies between us. So then I went and saw him for the weekend. It was amazing! Of course we had lots of sex, but we also talked so much. He talked bout like having kids(kinda scared me!) and that I better not find anyone while I'm studying abroad for a few months.

His friends liked me alot and kept saying that they approved of his girl. The wife of one of his friends kept telling me how much he liked me and that I needed to stay strong bc so many women cant handle dating (online dating with someone in the army and hurt the men. But yea anyways so we decided to be in a relationship (thru before I left too. I thought everything was fine but then I left and he started becoming distant. He told me that he was goin to be extremely busy bc he was leaving for training for a month to prepare for goin to iraq this summer and isnt able to talk to me at all for the month.

He text me after I text him a concerning text and he said everything is fine I'm jus extremely busy and will be til march. I then have emailed him and he never emails back but has been online a couple times and responded to my text like once. I asked him flat out, "Do you want to be in a relationship (thru w/ me?" He said yes I'm jus extrememly busy at the moment. Then barely talked to me for the rest of the night. I think that he tells me little white lies here and there bout really stupid things.

He is russian and on his myspace page theres weird things that make me think that he has been depressed or something in the past. I promised him I would come visit over easter too.My questions are should I just take his word that he does want to be in our relationship? Bc why is there pics of us on myspace and it still says hes in a relationship. Do you think when he comes back in March he will still contact me? Do you think that I should stop contacting him everyday even though he doesnt respond? I dont want to wait for someone that doesnt want me, but I dont want to ruin something jus because I think too much into things. Ive been hurt real bad in the past by men jus stopping to talk to me so thats why I'm so concerned that he barely responds to me. Please help me! Any advice!!..

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Your question was: Do you like the ads that appear on Myspace?.

I disagree with a number of things on this list.  It reads extremely negative, imo.  You can tell it was written by someone seriously scorned lol  For instance "Never let a man know everything. He will use it against you later."  Jeez.....

Comment #1

Not my words.. Oprah's. Men are all differently obviously so not all of these apply to each man...

Comment #2

Thanks guys for responding to my post. I really appreciate the advice! I think that sense ive read these I have been less sad about him and am just trying to start moving on. I dont care to wait for someone that doesnt want me! Idk what will happen when he comes back in march but I'm goin to let him make the move and prove to me that hes worth it. Im done making the moves and making a fool of myself! I think I knew this in the back of my mind but I just wanted people to tell me! Again thanks!And in response to ekatie23's question, yes ive asked him why hes so distant and he just said that he is just really busy. Of course it's true but def not a good enough excuse!.

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I suggest you reread my post.  What Im saying is that him being in the army, being busy *is* a good excuse.  The guy's going to Iraq for god's sake.  Training for that is long, hard, and most def important.  When a guy is in the army, you are just not his priority.  Thats what I was saying you may need to accept if you're going to choose to be with an army man...

Comment #4

So since he's telling you he's busy and it's not good enough FOR YOU, **YOU** are now the one that seems to be distant. Why? B/c you can't even accept OR respect his reasons. No wonder why he's being distant. You don't respect him when he tells you HIS truth...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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