Do you keep your fat clothes after losing weight?

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Hello there..

Have any of you kept your "fat" clothes after you reached your goal weight "just in case"? I hate to even think I might ever regain my weight, but if I did, I'd have nothing to wear! There's a fair amount of money represented in my fat clothes pile...I really hate to keep them because it may give me psychological leeway to regain. But if I don't and my nightmare comes true and I do regain, I'd have to buy ANOTHER set of clothes. Any thoughts on this?..

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Quite the opposite - it's become a mantra of sorts for many people on these boards to celebrate donating their old fat clothes to charity, or handing them down to someone on their weight loss journey that started out heavier than you and they can become that person's new "skinnier" clothes. What goes around comes around. Get rid of 'em. More incentive to make good choices for the long term. Be strong and be brave...

Comment #1

In the past when I have saved clothes for "just in case" I used that as an escape clause and gained the weight back or never lost it in the first place so once I started Medifast I started to get rid of the bigger sizes so now there is no "just in case" and I am never going back there mentally or physically..

Comment #2

I have never done something so scary and yet so liberating! Be sure to keep one or two items for "reference" once you have lost all of the weight. Take a hilarious photo of you in said garb and then get rid of it too! Perhaps keep one item as a reminder of where you don't want to be again! The best way to keep the weight off is to not have the option of a larger size. When your clothes start to get a little snug, you cut back on the calories, up the exercise and make them fit right again! If you move up to the next size "until you can lose the extra weight," guess what those get snug before too long too!..

Comment #3

Nope - they're GONE!!!!!.

I would rather keep a 30 day supply of Medifast in my closet for "just in case". Much better return on my $$..

Comment #4

I would rather go naked in public than ever buy clothes in my fat size again, and that is not hyperbole.

I have lost 5 sizes since the beginning of this year, and I am too poor to buy new clothes every month. So, I have about 4-5 actual outfits I can wear at any given time (Goodwill and the consignment store are my best friends!) But I have been relentless about getting rid of anything that is even a little bit too big - it goes back to Goodwill or the consignment shop.

So what if you spent a lot of money on those clothes? They were for a different person. You probably spent a lot of money on the food that made you fat, too, but I am guessing you don't keep all the containers around for sentimental value!.

Free yourself from those fat clothes - offer them on trade to someone here who will need them or donate them to a shelter for women who can use them to build a better life.

Besides, if you have no clothes in your closet that are too big, you will have nothing to wear that fits if you gain back a couple of pounds, so you will not be able to fool yourself or let the weight sneak back on you...

Comment #5

Another thought on keeping the "Fat CLothes' They will possibly be so out of style by the time you (heaven forbid) wear them again. If the time comes where you are buying bigger clothes again, take that a s a sign to get back on plan and fit intot he clothes you currently have!..

Comment #6

That is a very good point, PG - I got a gander at myself in the mirror today and realized I have shoulder pads like a linebacker in this shirt!! Not really too current. And my trench coat has a very 80's cut to it as well, so I have to get a new coat...

Comment #7

Vie, you're hilarious. You always have a unique perspective..

Up until now, I have keeping my old clothes, not because I want to have them as just-in-case reserves, but so that when I reach my goal, I can make one big pile, take a picture of my old life, and then take them to Goodwill all at one time. I'm severely running out of closet space, though, so some of it is going to have to go before I get to my goal. Maybe I'll get to do the clean-up/clean-out twice...

Comment #8

I'm saving a couple of jeans just to say, "Holy crap - I used to wear these!!" Not for "just in case"..

I have already had 4 huge boxes of clothes picked up and I have another 4 big garbage bags ready to go. There's still more in my closet that I need to purge..

Take your clothes to a local women's shelter or church. Get 'em out of there, baby!! Make room for the new stuff!..

Comment #9

This all sounds too familiar. I have a hard time throwing things away, but I am forcing myself to get rid of my fat clothes. I don't want to be able to slip back into them without any effort. That would be catastrophic. Because I'm cheap, I have saved some of my favorite oldies. And, like one of the previous postings had discovered, they're way out of style.

But, this is a good problem, right??..

Comment #10

My pleasure comes in filling the empty Medifast box that comes every month with the "Fat" clothes that no longer fit. So far I have almost filled two boxes with suits, dresses, jeans and shoes that no longer fit and I refuse to ever be able to wear again. It is my own personal celebration .... other than dancing around my bedroom naked in front of the dog when I find out another outfit is just too big to keep!..

Comment #11

So far I've given away 7 large garbage bags of too big clothes...and so happy that they are out of my life! It took me 3 changes on Thursday to find an outfit that fits, so another run in my closet this week!.

I've been able to get smaller sizes at thift stores, (one had a great sale this week and I got 3 pair of Talbot size 16 pants @ $2.80 each!) and that's what I'm going to do until I reach my weight. Friends already have put dibs on my clothes!.

I agree with everyone else, let them go, move on, even if you only get a couple pair of black pants in your current size, wear those out until you're too big for them, then pass those on too! NO GOING BACK!!..

Comment #12

I've gotten rid of everything that's too big - all of the 24Ws-16Ws, all of the 3X, 2X, 1X, X, everything is gone. I gave three big bags of clothes to my sister (who unfortunately can only wear the largest of the clothes I sent her) and I have an other large bag of business clothes and suits that are going to a women's shelter tomorrow morning. The shelter provides training for women who, through divorce or death, have been forced back into the work force. The shelter also provides assistance for women who are escaping abusive situations, some of whom show up with only the clothes on their back. The shelter is always looking for good business clothes so these women have a decent outfit to wear to job interviews. It felt terrific to pull all of the too-big clothes out of my closet and it will be wonderful to know that so many fo these things are going to help women in need..

And since I'm not inclined to wanted the streets nekkid, I HAVE to keep the weight off! If I gain weight again, I will have literally nothing to wear, except for one pair of 24W pants that I kept as a reminder of where I was. Not gonna happen...

Comment #13

I give my clothes away to other MF'ers as soon as I am able to get rid of them!!! I never want them again!!!!!!!!!!!.

There is a thread on the off topic board about clothes. You can get clothes that will fit you now for only the shipping charge.........and you can give your clothes to someone who can use them and fit in them now, only to pass them on as they undergrow them. We all have financial issues with shrinking. We can all help each other out by giving away our clothes that do not fit and gain clothes from others who have undergrown their clothes. Check it out!..

Comment #14

I spent part of the day purging. I managed to get rid of 24 pair of thongs, they'll go in the trash though - not Goodwill or other. LOL.

And got rid of an equal amount of socks.

You know what's sad? I still have 2 drawers full of of socks and underwear!..

Comment #15

Just to throw my 2 cents in...



I got rid of all my too-big clothes, keeping NOTHING above a size 6... After a finance-enforced Transition, I maintained for 2 months... however, I've gained back about 8-10 lbs because I got a little cocky. I plan on re-committing in early December. But having nothing above a size 6 has kept me from gaining back more, let me tell you. I refuse to wear anything above that again!!..

Comment #16

I gave away everything to someone on this program. I thought about the same thing as you, what if I gain I'll have to go out and buy. But I decided I needed to stop thinking like that and concentrate on what is. It's been expensive buying new stuff but loads of fun too. Don't keep everything...

Comment #17

So much of weight loss is mental (MY opinion). It just makes me feel better to be able to get rid of those clothes. I occasionally have the "what if I need them?" thoughts but that is the "old", insecure me talking. By ignoring that voice and getting rid of the larger clothes helps me to stay strong and motivated to see this through to the end.

Besides, you're going to need the closet space to get all new!..

Comment #18

No way, never, ever! The fat clothes are GONE GONE GONE!.

Why on earth would I keep them? I am NOT allowing myself the option of re-gaining!!!!!!!!.

Some needy person can really use them. I only kept one pair of "fat pants" to remind myself of where I never am going to go again...

Comment #19

How funny but I had once gotten rid of a lot of "fat clothes". My friend said that she would keep them for me in case I needed them again. I told her no way... I wasn't going there again. Well, I started creeping back up there. I had to buy new clothes.


Well, I am on Medifast and the recent "fat clothes" I had to purchase are so big. I am shrinking as many as I can and luckily I still have a bunch from when I was this same weight that I can wear.

I have a friend who is gaining and gaining but I hope she doesn't get offended when I offer her my fat clothes. Maybe it will be a wake-up call for her. She was so funny one day. I was in her office and she was eating chips then cookies. I didn't say a thing. Then the next day we were going to go to Costco.

She was going to eat at the food court there. She asked if that was okay with me. (I laughed to myself.) Yes, I told her...that is fine. Geez, compared to what she ate before me in her office the previous day the Costco food would be a breeze! It was pretty funny.


Comment #20

I agree with everyone here,,get rid of the too large clothes,,it just makes it way too easy to grow back into them,,whereas, if your smaller ones begin to get a little tight,,you know what to do to change that process!! I have only 6's and 8's,,,,,wish it was more 6's,,but I am fine with it!.

Vie,,I would also suggest you go to "Ross" if you have one near you,,,I got several shirts on the racks there the other week for 3.99 a piece,,and a pair of slacks for 7.99 that were Ann Taylor Loft. They are similar to TJ Maxx,,,but I never see the damage on clothes at Ross that I see at TJ Maxx,,,I ruin so many clothes in my work, with color and hair bleach getting on them, I am not willing to put big money into my clothes at any time, but especially for my work...

Comment #21

I've been cleaning out my closets again today and have amassed another huge pile to give the heave-ho to (Goodwill!) and it feels great. I'm not going back to those size(s) again and on top of it, I get a tax deduction. I keep an accurate list of what I donate and give it to my accountant at tax time...

Comment #22

I don't plan on hanging onto them. I'm now 2 sizes smaller, but don't have alot of money for new clothes. I'm taking them in as much as I can, so even if I keep them, they aren't really fat clothes anymore. Once they get so big that I can't alter them anymore, then I'll get rid of them. I've already gotten rid of the clothes that are too difficult to alter, suits, lined dresses, ect...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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