Do you have to be a paying member of to read emails sent to you?

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My first question is: Do you have to be a paying member of to read emails sent to you?.

My next question is: Wondering if I could vent and maybe get a little advice about something. I've been doing the online dating (online dating with thing for a couple months now and finally met a guy that I wanted to actually go out with more than once. We met for coffee on our first date using and he proceeded to ask me out for a second date using as well. After the first date using he called me regularly, sent me emails and texts on a regular basis saying he was thinking of me and hoping my day was going well. He knew I was dating (online dating with other guys as well and even inquired about the "competition" saying he was a good guy and was hoping he would win out in the end. All I heard about last week was how he was looking forward to spending time with me this weekend.

This was the first time I was to go up there. Well, he called me twice on Friday to finalize our plans and then he texts me on Saturday morning saying he slept poorly last night and he wants to reschedule for Sunday. I thought it was a bit of a lame excuse but told him okay. Well, he tells me he'll call me later and guess what...not a word. Now it's Monday night and I'm completely baffled.

In which case I don't want him anyway. Any thoughts?..

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Your question was: Do you have to be a paying member of to read emails sent to you?.

Oh, it makes no sense, so don't even try to figure it out.  But it happens all the time unfortunately.  He may have met someone else, he may have gotten sick, he may have decided the two of you weren't a good match for some reasonwho knows.  But the bottom line is, he wasn't courteous enough to let you know and that tells you a lot about his character right there..

Of course he may still call you (these guys do tend to reappear, I've found), in which case I'd listen to what he has to say and whether he apologizes for disappearing before deciding whether to give him another chance..



Comment #1

This is odd and I cant come up with any reason.  But I do think that he was just not into it to get in your pants.  Most men would not drive an hour just for sex when it is available around the corner..

What he did was very rude, if it were me and he contacted me again, I would tell him about his lack of courtesy and tell him not to call anymore..



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Comment #2

I doubt he was 'just' trying to get into  your pants - if you think that then that's the kind of men you will attract.  That said, he did blow you off - he changed his mind, got a better offer, whatever, and lacked the cajones to tell you the truth. So he just didn't call. Unfortunately, lots of men do that.

And yes, you are better off. He isn't worth any more energy.  Delete his info and keep going.  Don't keep dwelling on it or talking about it - it's like garbage, put it in the can and let the trash collector take it away..


Comment #3

The problem with on-line dating (online dating with is men are like kids in the candy store... so much to pick from; and something better will come along in an hour; and they forget all about you... so it could be he found someone else.  You have to develop a really thick skin for on line dating.

I myself, couldn't handle online dating and have decided just to be on my own.  Its been much easier this way without all the online 'drama'.  I figure when the time is right, I'll meet someone naturally.

Unless he was hit by a train, there is no excuse for blowing you off.  I wouldn't even pick up his call if he calls  back but something tells me he won't have the guts.  Oh well, move on and forget about him already.  YOu can do so much better..



Comment #4

I agree. If a guy doesn't treat you with respect, what is there?.


Comment #5

Disrepect and lack of courtesy w/out a really great reason - inexcusable!.


Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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