Do you get loose skin after Nutrisystem?

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So I wanted to know for people who lost a good amount, what happens to the skin? Do you work out with weights and it went away on it's own? Do you need surgery?..

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Your question was: Do you get loose skin after Nutrisystem?.

When I lost 120 10 yrs ago, I found taking vitamin E seemed to help some. It took about a year for my skin to "settle in," and it was not perfect at that...

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Great question..I was wondering about that as well. I am worried about having a turkey neck but did find a good surgeon in NYC if I should need to go that route...

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I believe some people can lose quite a bit of weight, and have no problem with extra skin. I'm pretty sure our dear PamSB did just that.

I, however, lost 85lbs three years ago and had lots of it! I had a tummy tuck and my plastic surgeon removed eight lbs of hanging skin...

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Do the people on the Biggest Loser that lose so much weight so fast have a lot of loose skin? They work out eight hours a day, so maybe that tightens up the skin. I always wondered about that...

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I am pushing 60, and do have more loose skin than I would like. However, when I am clothed it is not at all noticeable (I even had someone ask me how I managed to have washboard abs at my age, which totally cracked me up), and most people my age have some sagging, so I am not going to lose sleep over it...

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You have lost a "good bit" of weight! Congratulations!.

Compression suits are what people who have had liposuction wear for a period of time after the procedure to hold everything in place. You can find these on the internet. It's not something you would want to wear all the time; maybe only at night. Fitness is important as you need underlying structure and muscles can sag as well as skin. Wear whatever support your skin needs while exercising as I think that allowing loose skin to bounce around may break down the connective tissue you are trying to redevelop...

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It depends on how it got there. Some of it is permanent to where you would have to go under some form of procedure. Once the skin loses too much of it's elasticity, I don't believe anything will really help get it back...

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The Biggest Loser people are told to wait one year before getting any surgery to allow for the skin to naturally go back in itself. But how FAST you lose makes a huge difference. Pam said she lost barely a pound a week and had NO sagging skin...slow and steady..

My arms were flabby before so they have no hope now, but I don't care! I'll never go sleeveless, but I'm fine with my short sleeves...

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I'm 40, have had two kids, and lost right at 70 lbs on NS. The only loose or saggy skin I have is my booty (only a little) and my "baby pooch" area. Both problem areas are easily covered by a bikini bottom..

My stretch marks have faded but not disappeared completely and they don't show in photos..

Best of luck with your weight loss!..

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Everyone's body is different. You can't compare your body to someone elses. Some people have been overweight for years, some people put the weight on over a short period of time. Some people have basked in the sun for years. A younger person has more elasticity in their skin than an older person. If you smoke, you break down the collagen..

If you've watched The Biggest Loser, you've probably seen that some women still have flabby arms..

Not everyone carries their weight in the same area. Some people may need tummy tucks if they've carried most of the weight in the stomach area, they've had kids, genetics etc..

You won't know until you reach your goal...

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