What are some Medifast snack suggestions?

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Wasn't sure which board was most appropriate for this thread. Posting this to see if anybody else can identify with my problems, and maybe have some low carb snack/lunch suggestions..

After trying to figure out why I have debilitating medical issues (major concern is my failing vision & eye migraines) and talking with my sister, after 28 years of being a diet coke addict, I gave it up 3 days agoI will no longer consume any aspartame. Let me tell you, it is hard! I want to pop open a can of the cold, sweet bubbly stuff so bad!!! (there is none in the house now, & not an option) I cleared my house out of the stuff 6 years ago knowing it was bad then, but when I couldn't get past the first day & I gave in. This time, with my eyesight so bad, giving in is NOT aan option under any circumstances. I consumed that stuff for years in hot beverages too, before they knew it wasn't heat stable..

Giving up diet coke (aspartame) is only half the battle. After inventory of my kitchen (including medifast products), I find I consume way too much sucralose and acesulfame-K (acesulfame potassium). Through all my research, I conclude sucralose and ace-K are no better than aspartame. My IMMEDIATE goal is absolutely no aspartame. I've returned unopened items to my local grocery store with ANY artificial sweeters. I've thrown out ALL other items with aspartame, and alot of products with sucralose and ace-K.

I will use those, but absolutely will not purchase any items with artificial sweeteners of any kind again. My health has gotten so bad, I have no choice..

I am in turmoil giving up my diet coke, and on top of that I have to change completely my way of eating since most of my diet included sucralose and ace-K. I am struggling to keep my weight off, having gained back about 10 pounds which adds to the issue. There are a few medifast items that don't contain any artificial sweeteners, but the only ones I like are the puffs and pretzels (which makes me want to drink diet coke!!). Does anybody have any life-long satisfying snack suggestions that are low carb? What about for lunch?.

Ice tea and water just can't take the place of diet coke!!! I sure hope this gets easier. Any feedback is appreciated...

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One more thing....medifast chocolate pudding is my favorite evening snack! It makes me sad to think I have to give that up. Any replacement suggestions that might come close to that?..

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The only artificial sweeteners I use are what come in the Medifast foods. I wish they offered more savory foods, I don't have a sweet tooth and all this sweet Medifast foods has made it a struggle to eat them most days. I never drank soda. Sorry can't be of more assistance than that. Hugs and hope your condition improves...

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I don't know when this will happen but don't fret... stevia sodas are coming. Coke, Pepsi and Dr Pepper are all making stevia-sweetened products and some of them have them in test markets now..


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You can see if they have this stevia-based soda near you in a store.. or you can order online. stevia is 100% natural and has no aftertaste..


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Oh, and here's a link to Wikipedia about Stevia, if you've never heard of it. But there is tons of information about it out on the web..


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I'm not much of a soda drinker but if that is true about Stevia then that's pretty awesome. I use SweetLeaf brand of Stevia in my coffee and tea. It only contains stevia and a little fiber... unlike other stevia brands that contain other random fillers with names I can barely pronounce...

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Have you tried Stevia in the Raw? Not sure about the fillers, but it's my favorite of the stevia products. Not bitter like many of the stevia products...

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Ya know...why can't they just replace all artificial sweeteners with Stevia? I, too, do not like eating all this artificial stuff; I hate waking up with the aftertaste in my mouth (and I know it's not ketosis; it's the sweeteners)..

But like someone here once said, if I have to eat the cardboard box this Medifast food comes in to lose this weight, I'll do it. I am that determined! Luckily I have a sweet tooth, so I like the sweet selections of Medifast foods, but not crazy about the artificial sweeteners. I'll put up with it for a few months to lose this weight, but I'm looking forward to getting it out of my life, too..

Oh, and I, too, used to be a Diet Coke addict. I drank it morning, noon and night for about 28 years as well. I tried in vain to give it up several times because of the brain fog it was giving me. For some reason, the day after July 4, 2005, I said I was going to give it up and, lo and behold, it stuck. It'll be my 5-year anniversary of being Diet Coke-free come this July 4th..

You can do it. Just like any addiction, take it one day at a time...

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