Do you cheat on Nutrisystem during your birthday?

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How did you handle your birthday? Did people bombard you with birthday cake & goodies? Did you fight off temptation? My birthday is coming up on the 16th, and people have been telling me that it would be ok to treat myself on that day. I'm not talking full on glutton, eating triple cheeseburgers & milkshakes for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I mean, one nice meal out for dinner, and a piece of birthday cake. I'm going into month 3 in a few days, and so far I've fought off numerous temptations in the house. For those who went off program for their special day, did your weight go up by cheating on that day?..

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Your question was: Do you cheat on Nutrisystem during your birthday?.

Pretty good will power. Did you get offered any treats? Were you tempted?..

Comment #1

I just ran a normal Nutrisystem day. Was not tempted..

I think we are grownups. Birthdays are more for kids anyhow..

But even big event days like Thanksgiving, I just ran on plan (flexed though)...

Comment #2

When I had my birthday celebration not too long ago, I went out with family to an restaraunt but planned accordingly. I saved my proteins and had an little bit of steak and shrimp, loaded the sides with veggies, and only ate half or less than what was on my plate. No appetizers, no extras like bread, and no desserts. They even had shelled nuts there so I cracked an few open to stave off hunger until the food arrived and counted them towards my dinner fat..

Just stick as close to the plan and you'll do fine. If anyone gives you extras like cake or cookies, give them to someone else or donate them tp charity, just cause you are given it, doesn't mean you have to eat it...

Comment #3

Sorry but I'm going all the way on my birthday! And I am turning 32 (June 19th)! I love my birthday and will celebrate every single year! And, like last year, I am going to The Melting Pot. One day is not going to hurt me... I deserve it!..

Comment #4

I just went there last night for our anniversary. After researching it I came to the conclusion the big night out is aprox 1400 calories. I plan to eat lighter choices for the week to make up for the extra calories I consumed (about 2300 versus my normal 1200, so I'll shave about 100 calories off a day for the week)..

Comment #5

I am not really tempted by inappropriate food anymore - I am much too fond of my very nice new wardrobe of size 2s and 4s. I did have a modest piece of wedding cake at my son's wedding in April (ate appropriately otherwise and danced all night, so pretty confident I burned it off), and quite honestly, I did not like the cake as well as the NS-appropriate dessert treats I make myself. Even my non-dieting family members really like my healthy desserts...

Comment #6

Thank you for letting me know!.

I usually only eat the cheese and chocolate fondue (yeah... I know... They are the worst!) but I believe I won't be able to eat as much as I used to. I've been getting full pretty easy so I don't think it will make that much impact on my diet.

I do believe in making that up! You may not lose that much weight this week but if you are not gaining, it is worthy! (IMO)!!!..

Comment #7

I didn't stray. Was offered all the goodies but I was still in my first month and didn't dare.

Are you going to feel guilty if you do cheat?.

Are you going to be able to get right back on track?.

If you do celebrate with food, make a plan for it and plan about how you are going to get right back into the swing of things. One bad meal can turn into two, into three, ya know.....

Comment #8

I had my birthday last week and did go out to eat but I chose the place so I knew I could eat there. I saved proteins from the day and everything I ate was on plan. It was a Mongolian restaurant where you pick out your meat and veggies and they cook it for you. I don't do any of the rice or pasta, just shrimp and veggies for me. Probably ate more than I needed to but all of the veggies I used were unlimited. I felt very good about myself and that was the important thing for meI did not want to go all out and then be mad at myself after it was over.

If I had wanted cake I was going to stick a candle in one of my Nutrisystem dessertsturned out I didn't even do that as I was full from dinner. Whatever you do, have a plan ahead of time of exactly how and when you will be right back on plan. Don't let it derail you! Best partI lost two pounds that week! Just remember your long term goals...

Comment #9

I'm not nearly as concerned about going off plan for my birthday as I am for my daughter's birthday - she is getting a Chocolate Smash Cake filled with truffles and a Key Lime Pie.

I am learning to enjoy those few bites that are off-plan, without needing to over-indulge in all my choices for the day. Like others, I prefer my on-plan desserts. On celebration days, I flex, allowing me to enjoy the celebration meal while making healthy choices...

Comment #10

I had my b-day on Friday. I didn't have b-day cake, but I did have some chocolate from a chocolate factory. I also ate out, but kept my portions small. For the week my weight is down 1-2 lbs (fluctuates). However, I am training for a half marathon and I ran 13 miles on Saturday. Running doesn't give me a license to eat whatever I want, but it does give me a little wiggle room...

Comment #11

I don't stray and I ask my family and friends to respect my diet plans. It really comes down to knowing yourself. If I go off for a meal, it's tough to get back on plan for me. And I'm also not the type to be able to have only a bite or two. So, I'd rather stay on plan and be proud of myself..

I'm learning that, while I like to celebrate everything life gives me to celebrate, it doesn't have to be with food...

Comment #12

You can arrange a healthy eating party. Parties are good - fatty foods are bad - you can have both good parties and avoidance of fatty, high GI foods.

Drink sparkling water from lovely stemware. Eat salads with low fat dressing. Have petite filet mignon and steamed veggies and have a wonderful night!.

Cake? If birthdays are no fun without cake, then have a small piece of cake. SMALL. A treat once in awhile will not ruin the diet. But more than once in awhile will.

Have a great birthday!!!..

Comment #13

I just look at a birthday as any other day. Though it may feel good to go next door and bust up my neighbors speaker system so he can't keep playing his rock music ridiculously loud at 9am... Birthday or not, the consequences are the same...

Comment #14

Thanks for the responses everyone. I will proudly say that I have no plans of cheating on my birthday......because I cheated late Sunday night/early Monday (however you look at it) :sigh: All of this talk about birthday food caused me to cave for the 1st time in 3 months. I kinda binged to the point where I'm sure caused my acid reflux to pop up. After I ate the fatty foods, I didn't feel guilty at all. I actually felt good....damn good...emotionally. I was just so carefree about it too.

It was right before work when my acid reflux kicked in. I got sick at work, and had to leave early. I was even sicker at home. I thought I was gonna die. I couldn't stop throwing up and using the bathroom.

I was only able to drink Gatorade and I had my Nutrisystem dinner after I took medicine and it had worn off. Even though I've had acid reflux/sour stomach before, this was the worst bout ever. Breaking out in sweats, cold chills, dizziness....terrible. It felt like I had a bad flu. I guess I was so used to eating healthy that the fatty foods caused me to react that way.

I'll take the suggestions here and stick to Nutrisystem on my birthday....decking out my Nutrisystem cake w/ a Nutrisystem safe cream cheese frosting. Or using the Nutrisystem dessert recipes to make something nice...

Comment #15

My birthday sent me on a three day off Nutrisystem routine. I am ashamed and wish I had better self control. I have yet to step on the scale. I am back on Nutrisystem wish I never left. I had feelings of over fullness and indigestion. YUCK..

Comment #16

I did a tiny cheat on my birthday. We went out I had a huge salad with some sliced sirloin on it, diet dressing. I had a small roll no butter. I had two bites of a apple tart. So I quess I was pretty good. I really have no temptations and if I do I have a small bite and move on from there......

Comment #17

That's actually not that bad.

My day of cheating caused acid reflux, so yeah I'm having a hard time even looking at ice cream & fried chicken right now.


13 miles? I'm sure running 13 miles will burn off the entire day and some. Good luck w/ the marathon and Happy belated b-day, fellow Gemini.

I love key lime pie. Nutrisystem needs to come out with some kind of key lime based dessert. Good luck fighting those temptations because those desserts sound damn good. :drool: I don't have kids, but I imagine cooking for others especially kids (God forbid picky eaters) would be kinda hard emotionally & financially all while trying to stick. I've always wondered about the Nutrisystem Flex plan.....what the calorie limit is for the flex days.

A lot of Asian foods aren't that bad for you, so if I change my mind about flexing on that day, then I'll probably go with a Chinese or Japanese place. I'm getting better at planning rather than just winging it and going w/ the flow...

Comment #18

Yeah, I hear you. That's why I don't buy peanut butter anymore (even though it's Nutrisystem safe in moderation). I love it to death, but I'm the type to eat spoonfuls from the jar without knowing how many I've had.

They are? I missed that memo then. lol.

Steak & shrimp without the baked potato would be kinda hard. I gave away candy I had from Easter to co-workers at work with ease, but for some reason I'm having a hard time separating my birthday from other holidays.

Happy early birthday.

My mom likes those Nutrisystem chocolate muffins. lol I ordered extra ones and took them to her.

I think if I hadn't got sick the day I caved in, that may have happened, even though I tell myself I can get right back into it...

Comment #19

Originally Posted by TheKindYouLike View Post.

How did you handle your birthday? Better than I thought, actually..

Did people bombard you with birthday cake & goodies? Pretty much, yup. Think ~My Big Fat Greek Wedding~ Hungry, sad or, eat, eat!.

Did you fight off temptation? Wouldn't really call it that. Was more of an internal pressure of not participating in the group. As if being disrespectful..

My birthday is coming up on the 16th, Happy Birthday Gemini!! and people have been telling me that it would be ok to treat myself on that day. Hmmm, Are they otherwise supportive?.

I'm not talking full on glutton, eating triple cheeseburgers & milkshakes for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I mean, one nice meal out for dinner, and a piece of birthday cake. Personally I like double cheeseburgers and chocolate mint ice cream But, 86'd the idea all together and said No goin out, were stayin in. That way I could take control & try to match the meals so everyone was happy. I voiced my concerns early on and didn't want food to be an issue. I said they could surprise me with a chocoate cake of their liking.

However, I did take a bite of this or that here & there and that wasn't so good. Woops!.

So if you're going out to eat, choose your meals and snacks ahead of time. Find out where you're going and check the menu. Maybe have some peanuts and raisins on standby. Then tell them to hold the mayo & dressing on the side when you order. This way you're mind's at ease while enjoying the celebration. There are some tips in the back of our Meal Planners.

I'm going into month 3 in a few days, (me too!!) and so far I've fought off numerous temptations in the house. Good for you. That's the best present ever!!.

For those who went off program for their special day, did your weight go up by cheating on that day? Ummm, yup. My detour was minimal but yes, it went up. I thought I could substitute potato chips in place of the required roll for my Nutrisystem Burger. Not so smart. Nor was the little bit of icing from the real cake that I put on my Nutrisystem cake. Paid for it.

Good luck planning out your day and have fun!!.

Oh, I love cheeseburgers, milkshakes, fries, the whole nine, but I just used those as examples since they seem to be the most fattening foods out there. lol My whole family is the same. A lot of us could stand to lose weight, of course myself included. We use food for everything too....even regular Sunday dinners...

Comment #20

I had a small piece of cake, I mean really small piece. I also worked out twice that day and the day after to make up for it. I think as long as you don't over-indulge yourself, you will be fine. It is all about control. After all, when you get to the point that you don't need Nutrisystem anymore, you are still going to have birthdays and probably cake. Happy birthday!..

Comment #21

I think if you get on the scale, it will do you more good than harm. You ate the food, now look at the number.

Avoiding it is like the little mental game, I would play in my head (pre-NS) about how I would start a diet tomorrow. Since I knew it was 6 month journey, 1 day didn't matter...right? Did that for a decade!. had the immediate gratification...face the scale next morning (also why daily weighing is much better for weak prone-to-cheaters like me!)..

Comment #22

Agree 100%! Avoiding the scale got me to 200lbs! Just accept that you did bad for 3 days, check the mess you made and try to fix it!!!!.

That's why I can cheat on my birthday! LOL..

Comment #23

I have the same problem this week- mine is today- I have had parties 3 days this week. My coworkers brought a cake. I ate my snack, and avoided cake...

Comment #24

I'm proud of you, littlebarty. You are doing great things for yourself!..

Comment #25

Happy belated b-day littlebarty! Great job on resisting the cake..

When I go off plan I try give myself 1-2 days to lose the water weight and allow the food to be digested and leave my body. I have noticed if I go off plan I will initially gain 1-2 lbs, but my weight goes back down (not usually all the way down though) in a few days. I may still show a gain for the week, but it's not as bad as that first day or the day after...

Comment #26

[quote=littlebarty1;4594215]I have the same problem this week- mine is today- I have had parties 3 days this week. My coworkers brought a cake. I ate my snack, and avoided cake. High 5!! [quote].

Happy Belated Birthday!!..

Comment #27

I thought they said daily weighing was a no-no? I check about twice a week, which is A LOT for me considering I never even had a scale before NS. I never even checked my weight loss until after month 1...

Comment #28

The more you look at it, the more you lose. Daily weighing crushes the cheat impulse...

Comment #29

I just got back from my b-day dinner. When to a Japanese steak house where they cook the food in front of you. We go there for all b-days. Tradition. It was my FAVORITE resturant. 6 shrimp, 2 oz of steak, brown rice, lots of veg's.

Everything always tastes so good. Since the owners know me and that I was on a diet, they brought me a slice of fresh pineapple verses the bowl of sherbert they normally bring. I thought that was very cool. I planned my meal and logged my calories before I went. I only went over 58 calories for the total day.

Never noticed this before, but my tongue feels like it needs to be scraped off. Uggg. I also need to add into my days calorie count all this oil/butter, so I am actually over more than 58 calories. I do not think this will be my favorite resturant anymore. Going to brush my teeth again....

It is amazing how your taste buds change in 5-6 weeks...

Comment #30

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