Do those cleansing things from VitaminShoppe really work??

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My first question is: Do those cleansing things from VitaminShoppe really work??.

My next question is: Been doing some research on cycles and this 3 week blitz thing seems quite popular, they make out it's quite safe because what ever your taking isnt in your system long enough to give you strong side effects..

They seem to usually consist of dianabol, sustanon, deca, anavar, primabol.

Spread over 12 weeks and suggest hcg for 2 weeks after completing. Could you just take Nolvadex throughout the cycle instead of the hcg?.

Just wondered what you guys thought and whether anyone has tried it?..

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Your question was: Do those cleansing things from VitaminShoppe really work??.

Your question was: Cycles.

Seems far too advanced for me..

Why use so many different substances ?

Comment #1

It sounded like they were trying to suggest that you would get the benifit from each substance and hopefully little or no side effects because of the short amount of time on each.

See what your saying though does seem alot. Could it be a possible scam to get you to buy more than what you would actually need on just one or two forms of steroid?..

Comment #2

Hi Mate!.

Ive heard of this type of cycling for years, The late Paul Borresan was a fan of such short high impact cycles. Basically ill stick to my 8 weekers with 2 gear types..


Comment #3

Cheers for the reply mate..

What would you suggest is a good cycle for me as a beginner to go for?.

I am looking to gain around 2 stone in weight but hopefully not fat or water. Those oxy tabs sounded like they would give fast results but when I read on it said that when you stop using them the weight would soon drop back off...

Comment #4

?dianabol, sustanon, deca, anavar, primabol?.

At what doses, what is your current weight, and are you just looking to put on muscle weight?.

I think you will have gone into shutdown by week 3-4. I think you should use clo and nolv just because of the higher androgens. I think it is too many different types of gear for a first cycle, considering you have no idea of your body's response. First cycles should not be more than two different types and one should be ran for 3-4 weeks before starting the other. Just so you can see how your body handles these chemicals.

I think everyone could help more if you gave us some more info.

Let us know and I'll reply.


Comment #5

If you want to gain 2 stone most of it lean then I suggest you start with your diet rather than advanced cycles like this one.....

Seeing as you are a beginer a cycle of 500mg of Test E or Sus250 ew for 6 - 8 weeks with a decent PCT will yeild good gains as long as you put the effort into into your diet.....

Comment #6

If you want those results, dedicate yourself entirely and allow about 8 years..

I don't wanna get on to you about this russ, but i've seen so many kids (late teens onwards) over the years jump straight on the juice. just last week, a 20 year old was asking me what he should do for his next course cos the oxy's didn't give him the results he wanted. he trains like a pussy, knows d*ck about nutrition and spends the weekends stumbling out of nightclubs. to be honest ( bear in mind i'm dieting here ) I could have given the little pr*ck a slap. Listen to what pscarb says above, we're trying to help you. get everything in order first, forget about gear.

It's a sign of lazyness and it reinforces the public misconception that bodybuilding is all drugs...

Comment #7

Totally agree with bodyworks...gaining muscle to the degree you want takes time both me and bodyworks have been in this game along time if their was a short cut to gaining a massive amount of muscle we definatly would of found it by now......

Bodyworks you will be at the Britain won't you mate....

Comment #8

Thanks for the replys. Its great to speak a group of people that have actually got REAL knowledge about the sport..

What it is is I was boxing for 2 and a half years which I have now had to give up because of work. I have found that I enjoy bodybuilding alot and can also fit it in to my schedule, I have been weight training for a year now..

I have followed a diet plan for the past three months and managed to get upto 12 stone from 11. Unfortunately that seems to be as far as I can go. Therefore I have been researching steroid cycles in a hope to push me towards my goals.

I understand that I am perhaps being inpatient but am really feeling the frustration of not been able to reach my goals, and any advice I can get will be of great help to me...

Comment #9

Russ, you're honest and upfront and that's admirable. I think you can still achieve a lot drug free, but it's up to you. it is your body. either way, educate yourself as much as possible before you go down that route..

Paul, i'll be there. hopefully onstage right after you, if not i'll be in the audience. the nabba britain is my favourite show of the year. always attend it. got my qualifier in 8 days...

Comment #10

Good old test and deca is my fave stack cheap and it woks for me...

Comment #11

I have no doubt that you will be onstage mate you have a class physique......

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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