Do they sell that diet pill Nite trim at VitaminShoppe or any other store;;; like?

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My first question is: Do they sell that diet pill Nite trim at VitaminShoppe or any other store;;; like?.

My next question is: Had some time off training due to personal probs(bloody women lol). last stack was 500mg test e a week and 20 mg dbol a day for 10 weeks..

Went to just under 15 stone not looking too bad good strength etc. Not been back trainin for approx 3 and a half months tho and dropped to just over 12 and a half stone but still quite a good shape.

Also had high liver results from the doc just after my last stack..

Kept diet healthy etc..

Want a good stack to get some good gains back now but not sure the best way to go, only ever used test e, deca dbol etc..

Alos had confusing advise on pct so this would be helpfull to be advised about..

If you could let me know in laymans terms pls lol amounts per week/ day etc thanks guys..

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Laying off the orals sounds good to me as any more than 20mg a day used to give me a banging head anyway. Think it was just my body saying no thanks.

When you say switch to prop for the last 3 weeks do you mean switch the bold to prop? and keep the test going in? Thanks..

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Hi mate.

This is how it should run.

Weeks 1-8 750mg test.

Weeks 1-4 tren (optional and instead of bold) 100mg eod.

Weeks 1-8 bold 400mg per week.

Weeks 9-11 test prop 100mg eod.

Weeks 12-15 pct 40mg nolva ed, using igf 1 is beneficial too if you can afford it at 60mcg pre workout on training days,.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks now I understand, the only thing I am not sure about is the T-350, i`ve only heard of t-400. And T-350 how would I get 750mg from 350 shots. I`m guessing that the T-350 means 350 mg per ml...

Comment #3

I think 750 is a bit high.....

Can't go wrong with 500mg test w/ something else, either tren or deca. 100mg eod for tren maybe a bit high? bold probably a nice idea..

Do your research on igf first, it's been shown to be highly cancerous......

Comment #4

Since when ? as far as I know there is no link that igf causes cancer...

Comment #5

Hi Guys.

I suggested 750mg of test as this will be his 5th course, T-350 is an excellent apex product and not as painful as GL T-400 IMO. IGF has been shown to interfere with stomach tissie as there are many igf receptors in that vicinity, but short term usage and low dosages ahould cause no problems. Over tha past year I have used 6000mcg off and on with no problems, except good results. But everyone is different,.

All the best.


Comment #6

If you ALREADY had a cancerous growth and then took IGF then from what I know it can make this grow/spread faster!..

Comment #7

OK i've dug up a couple of things related to this igf + cancer issue....

From: Cancer Research UK : Prostate Cancer risk factors.

"Prostate cancer risk factors - Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

Insulin-like growth factor is an easily measurable protein that is involved in normal cell proliferation and death. A recent meta-analysis found that higher concentrations of IGF-1 were associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer and there was a clear dose-response relationship.38 Since then, a large Swedish case-control study also reported a significantly increased risk of prostate cancer in men with the highest levels of IGF-1, with the strongest association in men under the age of 59,39 but case-control studies carried out in the US and France reported no association.40-41.

IGF-1 levels are affected by other cancer risk factors such as bodyweight, diet and levels of physical activity and it is noteworthy that IGF-1 levels decrease with age in direct contrast to the risk of prostate cancer. The relationship between IGF-1 levels and prostate cancer requires further investigation.".

From: Alarming News on rBGHIGF-1 Increases Cancer Risks.

" Also it clearly.

Makes the link between IGF-1 and cancer (of lung, breast, and colon)in a.

Pull quote no less ("Higher levels of insulin-like growth factor 1, or.

IGF-1, have been associated with increased risk of colon, lung and breast.



Comment #8

Good post nick. interesting. so milk is the bad guy it seems. the main problem I have with athletes using substances like igf-1 and mgf is the fact that the medical and scientific communities know so little about the effects and side effects of these hormones and yet, athletes and non athletes are buying up 'research' chemicals for their own use. time will tell if these studies are well founded...

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Ok cant seem to get any T-350 but can get Test -400 so how about.

Weeks 1-8 800mg test.

Weeks 1-8 100mg Meth an (injectable Dbol).

Weeks 9-11 100mg Prop every 3 days.

Weeks 12-15 Nova 20mg a day..

Thats been suggested from my guy he seems to think this would be a good stack for me..

Advised against Bold he dont think it any good..

Said that the t-400 is painfull on it's own but to dilute it with the meth for a better shot..

Whats the opinion here guys pls? thanks..

Comment #10

Has any1 got any input on the meth an 50 injectable dbol? not used it before or would I be better off putting something else with the test 400?..

Comment #11

Hi mate.

IMO you would need to inject ed the dbol at least 25mg per day. (50mg is normal). Plus I would not run for 8 weeks due to it being 17 aa, and hence hepatoxic to the liver. It would be a nice kick to the cycle for 4 weeks but the frequency of injections would put me off. The oral way might be better at say 30mg per day for 4 weeks to let the test kick in..

All the best.


Comment #12

Never used or heard of meth an, but reforvit was a similar product. 50mg per day is too high a dose for an injectable dbol unless you're totally burned out and non responsive to gear imo. 25mg e o d should be enough alongside the test. are you sure it's c17 aa rianabol ?

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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