Do the VitaminShoppe Complete powders work?

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My first question is: Do the VitaminShoppe Complete powders work?.

My next question is: Anyone think it's worth running? spoke to many people over the years and it seems to regarded as a bad compound, one said he would use it to oil his bike haha .... anyone share reviews on the compound and dosage?..

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Your question was: Do the VitaminShoppe Complete powders work?.

I love Tren I have it in every cycle I have used every type of Tren their is...

Tren Ace.

Tren Enthanate.

Tren Hex.


Comment #1

Wt kind of sides did you get from it? I'm considering it for the cycle after the one I'm on now, but tren is known to be potent shit, and does effect cardio dramatically... cardio is my job so I couldnt run it if it's that bad.....

Also on the hair side of things, I got alopecia perviously but I wouldn't say I was mbp prone as I havent got it in the immediate family and havent noticed anything, is tren a killer for this or could I get away with the finasteride dht blocker, it's a 19nor so I think I'm gonna be running a risk..

Comment #2

Hi Mate.

I run Boldenone in most courses, the dosage is fairly high at around 1000mg per week, which works best for me along with test, I dont use deca as I get zits from hell, and I love tren specially apex tri tren or prochem tren test. The problem with bold in the past was that it came in vetenary bottles at 50-100mg per ml (Ganabol) which was a real pain to administer in a reasonable dosage (dont know how livestock grow on it shows you how inferior genetics us humans have). But now UG labs like prochem make at 300mg per ml which is much easier..

I do use Boldenone regularly with little adverse affects at even high dosage but always along with test..

All the best.


Comment #3

Thanks for the advice guys, I like to have everything planned out in terms of compounds and pct for future so I know exactly what and when I'm taking different gear. I'm considering test and eq or test tren ... maybe test,tren,eq ... but I dont want to rush it yet, also I need to get more feedback for the tren..

Rianabol, how does eq compliment your cycles, do you get good gains or isit purely for the red blood cell increase which will increase Vo2 max...

Comment #4

Equipoise is my favourite steroid of all, clean gains, no acne or water retention, no blood pressure elevation either so in my opinion it's a great product.

I would say the results are similar to primo..

Coco, I've never heard of tren effecting cardio, I had bad night sweats and tempreture elevation but that was about it really. Running Tren and Eq will bring good gains...

Comment #5

I like EQ,i switched to using it last year as a replacement for deca,i get significant water retention with deca which I dont get with eq at all,like the fact I remain harder looking and still gain as well with it as I did on deca,i usually run it anywhere from 600-900mg a week..

Running it at a low dose at the mo along with test prop and tren ace in my final weeks of prep,defo dont see how the tren effects cardio,certainly have never noticed anything detremental...

Comment #6

Ive never got anything at all from it... but then I know people who get great lean gains and get very vascular with it!..

Comment #7

I see, seems to be mixed results then from what ive read and listened to, alot of people say tren kills cardio and is terrible for the hair being a 19nor..... but then if I run finasteride it should be ok..

Ive never run tren but if I was to run it next how would you run it and which ester ? .

Tren.... mg?.

Eq.... 600mg??.

Test .... 400-500?..

Comment #8

If you have never used tren before then go with the tren ace it's fast acting and if you dont like it you can get off it quikly.

75mg eod is fine.


Comment #9

I get no sides from Tren unless I am up on the dose and I get a little gyno but nothing to has never effected my cardio though..

As fatboy has mentioned Tren Ace would be good to make sure you got on with it but the Tren Enthanate ester would fit beter in this cycle at 200-300mg a week..

Comment #10

Correct me if I am wrong but finasteride only blocks the conversion of test into DHT, so will do nothing against a 19-nor, but if I were to choose, deca is much more friendly on the hairline...

Comment #11

That is correct fina and duta only block dht from test, but I dont have a clue what to expect as I got alopecia previously which has grown back.... :S does this mean I'm prone to it or was it because it was back in the day and I didnt do a pct..

Comment #12

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