Do the Tv ads really make people wana join?? I don't see how they work at all.?

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My first question is: Do the Tv ads really make people wana join?? I don't see how they work at all.?.

My next question is: I met a guy last week end he seemed to be really into me. The chemistry between was great. His ex wife of one year found out he was seeing me then all hell broke lose. He text and calls me but I can't go to his house the last time I did she ran me off. Two nights ago she left me a naughsty phone message and then the next morning I woke up and had two slashed tires. When I told him about this he insisted she would never do such a thing.

I am 45 years old been dating (online dating with for 2 years maybe I should stay single...

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Your question was: Do the Tv ads really make people wana join?? I don't see how they work at all.?.

Why are you not permitted at his house?  Because he knows that she is going to go crazy when she finds out. Of course he knows that she has the potential to slash your tires.  I wouldnt date using him anymore - too much trouble for someone who is not angry that your tires got slashed .. and.. someone who wont set his ex straight and keep her out of his life...

Comment #1

No, you don't have to stay single.  But if it were me, I'd stay the heck away from this guy.  Not all guys have psycho exes.  This one does.  I'd steer clear if I were you.  It's not worth it.  It's been a WEEK and she's already making your life hell.  And he doesn't believe that it was her.  How do you think things will get if you keep seeing each other?.




Comment #2

I know that I would be miserable. The thing I think about the most is he is allowing her over to his house. She had an affair and the guy dumped her. I think he is using me to make her jealous...

Comment #3

Well he sounds like an idiot and a jerk.  Even more reason to stay away..




Comment #4

It's not you, it's him.  He's got way too much drama about him. Just steer clear - there are good guys out there - it's the ones who keep a good attitude about it that find what they're looking for.  And a great sense of humor doesn't hurt..


Comment #5

I just don't understand men. He called me Sunday and told me that I am going to st when I found out who he went out with. You guessed it the ex. They have allready been divorced twice I feel so stupid for believing the things he said to me. He said he felt proud to walk in a room with me,wanted to have my family over for a party and that he wanted to give me a key to his house. He told me he would also remember me because I taught him how to move on. I guess I was hoping for the best and could trust him...

Comment #6

I think until this guy gets the stones to rid his ex from his life, he's not ready to date using you or anyone else.  I'm sure there are reasons that you don't know about as to why he allows her to remain an unnecessary presence in his life, but who cares what they are.  And if you had proof that she slashed your tires, he should have offered to pay for them..

By all means don't give up on dating.  But as far as this guy goes .... Run like the wind!..

Comment #7

 What a differance a day makes. Danny called Tuesday night and told me how pretty I am he is really sly. Well last night he had another date using because we are both dating (online dating with around. The ex was waiting for him and his date using she keyed her car and attacked her through the sun roof of her car. I just do not understand why the he went out with her on Saturday and is trying to have a dating (online dating with life? I can now say that she is the one who slashed my tires. By the way I am done with Danny!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #8

Oh my word!  Sounds like she needs to be committed!  Wonder why he doesn't get a restraining order against her?  Oh well, who cares not your problem thank goodness.  That's the beauty of being single!  NEXT!..

Comment #9

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