Do I need to eat more calories in Medifast?

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I just stated my second day and logged all my food for yesterday and I dont know if I logged everything right. I ate my 5 Medifast meals and a pickle spear then had a 5 oz steak and a salad with tomatos for my Green and it said I onlly ate about 900 calories! Is that right. Do I need to eat more? Im a little confussed?..

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800-1000 calories is optimal, looks like you did perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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You should be eating 800-1000 calories a day so I'd say you are fine. As long as you followed the portion guidelines you should do OK. Don't forget to keep the carbs at 80-85. Good luck, I just started a week and a half ago and really like it so far...

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You did it right Ellen, you are right on target. Make sure that the carbs are also between 80-85 and you are on your way...

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Hey there,.

Yes, that's right.... and it feels crazy to me somehow. I have lived on 1200-1500 diets before and had been always hungry... always getting up to the upper limits of my calorie "allowance" and still wanting more..

You did it right. I don't know about you but for me it feels like I'm always eating on this Medifast thing. That's a good thing, LOL!.

Keep on keepin' on!..

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EllenKay -.

That's usually about where I am as well. Don't forget to add salad dressing, syrups, etc if you are using them..

Welcome aboard and say goodbye to those fat cells - You'll be surprised at how quickly they will leave you!..

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Perfect!! You're doing it absolutely correctly Isn't it easy? And what's amazing to me is that I seem, at the end of the day, to have eaten an enormous amount of food. As I sit in bed and unwind after putting my son to sleep, I watch about an hour of t.v. while I eat my last meal...which I absolutely do not feel hungry for. But I still eat it, because I must.

I average 800 to 900 something calories every day. And I enjoy steak with fried sweet onions and portabella mushrooms; fried tilapia with salsa and salad and cauliflower smash; and stir-fried chicken with shitake noodles; fried sweet onion/pepper omlets with lowfat Swiss Knight cheese and salsa; etc. etc..

I am so not deprived; that's what I love about this program. And I have definitely learned how to eat sensible, healthy dinners that completely satisfy me. Not like in the old WW days when I was always trying to manipulate the points so that I could go off on whatever crazy food craving I had (ff potato chips - you can eat a whole large bag and still not be over points!! then just eat vegies and drink your milks, and you're legit. How does that teach you anything?).

Anyhow, welcome - enjoy - and if you feel a little less-than-perfect in a few days, carry on - it does pass, and you'll do great. Keep logging every single thing you eat - you learn a lot from it, and the site gives you great feedback, especially your weekly progress snapshot.

Any questions or times you need encouragement, don't hesitate to come here - there's always lots of caring people standing by to swoop in and talk with you. And check out the chat rooms...come on in anytime, but evenings seem to be the most popular times..



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I didn't know that we were supposed to be counting the carbs. I just follow the 5 and 1 Plan. On my Lean & Green and I using the Leanest protein and the lowest carb vegetables and when I went back and looked at what my nutritional intake was every day it was always around 90g and one day was 100. I have been 100% OP everyday. So if the carbs are supposed to be 80-85g, why are mine higher than that? Now I am concerned...

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You did good. Take a look at your "Nutrition" for the day, and it tells you where you are over/under...

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That's my concern. I looked back on all my days at the Nutrition Score (i've been doing this for less than 2 weeks) and on almost every day, I am over 85g on the carbs and I have been 100% OP. If I'm 100% OP, the carbs should be within 80 to 85 (according to what is being said in this thread)...

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Kacee - what type of meals/snacks - the snacks or bars can make a difference..i was told not to have bars everyday and not to have a bar and snack on the same day..

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I think the "not eating a bar everyday" is a personal choice and totally depends on each individuals body. I have eaten a bar every single day since I started this 12 weeks ago and have lost 35 pounds. Eating the bar makes me feel full longer during the day. And I too keep my calories between 800 and 950 and my carbs under 85 every single day even with the bar and condiments. I also eat a Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge everyday too either with my Medifast eggs or with the Medifast crackers or with celery. I think it depends on what type of L & G you are choosing and also if you are exercising...

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Okay, what am I doing wrong?? Second day OP and I am STARVING! Help..

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If you are following the guidelines you aren't doing anything wrong, have you read the book or the quick start guide? Drink lots of water... sometimes the first few days or just before TOM can be more challenging, but it will pass, you will jump into ketosis and the hunger will be a thing of the past...

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Mawolf3, if youi are on day 2 and you're starving, you are right on plan. We all had to get through the horrible first week, where our bodies are adjusting to eating way less and way healthier. It is normal to feel sick, headachy, hungry, and just generally ill the first few days! But once your body gets into Ketosis, you will feel great! Hang in there, we have all gone through it!.

Also, you need to read the Quick Start Guide! Read it, memorize it, live by it, lol. Here's a link for your reference.

Congrats on making a great choice for your health, and welcome to MF!!!..

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You are doing nothing wrong, as long as you are following the manual, eating your 5 Medifast meals and a full Lean & Green (make sure to weigh your portions so you don't short yourself)..

The first few days are a real adjustment period and you very likely will feel very hungry. Once you get into ketosis (sometime between day 3 and 5 for most people) the hunger will stop and you will feel great.

This is a good time to start analyzing your perception of hunger, BTW. When you say you are "starving", are you really physically hungry (empty growly stomach, shaky, lightheaded, perhaps) or are you just feeling the desire to eat? There is a big difference, and understanding the difference between the desire to eat and actually feeding your body what it needs to survive is a very big lesson that Medifast helps you learn...

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Thank you all for responding! It's comforting to know the hunger will go away hopefully. My hunger is real (growling stomach), kind of lightheaded. I hope you all are right and this goes away in 3-5 days. It's nice to hear your experiences about your first week so I can compare and say "oh this is okay and I WILL feel better." I am committed and thanks for the support. Question? How do you get the exercise ticker and other banners and how do you put them in your messages?? Thanks!..

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For all you MF'ers, which meals do you like the best? I hate the tomato and chicken soups so far. My variety pack didnt include chili or beef stew. Are they good?? I dont want to order and have them be gross cuz then I lose out on a meal for 7 days. Nice to hear what peoiple like the best to help in ordering. thanks!..

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Check the recipe boards for ways to doctor up the things you don't like - the tomato soup makes killer pizza bread, and the cream of chicken soup makes a nice bagel. You can also try adding spices to them, and make sure you are soaking them a good long time so the ingredients get soft and the flavors blend..

Also, try just putting aside the ones you don't like now and trying them again later. Your tastes will change over time, trust me...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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