Do I love her or just miss her? I met her on two years ago?

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My first question is: Do I love her or just miss her? I met her on two years ago?.

My next question is: Question is - do I call him back?obvious I go beyond the work environment?fearful of awkwardness & co-workers finding out...

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Your question was: Do I love her or just miss her? I met her on two years ago?.

Well..I always let the man be the one to call me first...

Did he as for your number?....

Another thing is I have had bad experiences when mixing work with pleasure..but that is just my experience...

But if you really like each other and there is chemistry then go for it...

You can always be discreet when at work..people do not have to find out....

Again if you really like him, then go for it!!..

Comment #1

Thanks! yes, he gave me his #, pretty obviously.was helping me w/ email stuff.agreed work is not right place for relationships....but having a hard time fighting it.he is not the forward type with me. kind of's weird for me to have a guy's #.nice change though from the forward types...

Comment #2

Girl, go for it!.

If you two like each other, I would not let the opportunity of getting to know some one I like slip away..

So what if you work together. You can be discreet..

Many married people have worked together. If they let that stop them, then who knows?.

Tread lightly, but definitle tread!.


Comment #3

I agree that she should take the chance if she thinks it's worth it, but I disagree with this:.

>>..people do not have to find out...<<.

Uh..yeah, they will eventually.

The downside of dating (online dating with a co-worker is that the OP might lose her objectivity wrt this guy when at work. Another downside is that if they have an argument the tension will be obvious..

But I'm jumping the gun, since the OP hasn't made a move yet.

CL - Women of Color  ..

Comment #4

They do not have to know...Your life is your life it's not anyone else's business..

Comment #5

I didn't say "Go and blab to everyone". I've never heard of anyone who could keep an office/workplace romance a secret for long. People figure it out..

CL - Women of Color  ..

Comment #6

That is true..but people always assume..and I leave them with the curiosity and wondering..

Comment #7

Thanks people - All good advice. Will see what happens. Treading Slowly, and carefully...

Comment #8

Well, actually, the guys who are his friends, who sit near me, have been giving him a hard time about it - like if I need help. they tease, he said something back to them, and I felt, I worked from home the next day - then that is when he gave me the I was not feeling well.and now, at work, the guys are acting cold shoulder to me.are they jealous?i also think they are mad because now they can't act how they want when I'm's childish, but I do like the guy, and I know he likes, for now, just waiting. hope it gets better.felt emotionally down, and like I can't be how I want to be...

Comment #9

Well dating (online dating with people from the work place is a big ginormous NO NO in my book. If ti doesnt work out ...well that is beyond awkward. And when people are hurt after a break up they can do stupid things and say stupid things. It is not a good idea. I am ussually an optimist ..just not dating (online dating with in the work place...

Comment #10

Well lots of relationships start from the workplace though yes there is awkwardness and things to work out. It's something the two of you would have to work out together - i.e. boundaries, rules - if you do indeed continue dating.


Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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