Do any of VitaminShoppe's diet pills work?

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My first question is: Do any of VitaminShoppe's diet pills work?.

My next question is: Gonna order me some igf1 from ********** ******** has anyone ordered any before ? is this site safe before I blow 940 to western union.

Whats best to stack it with aswell as it's 50 days on 20 days off any help would be great..

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Your question was: Do any of VitaminShoppe's diet pills work?.

Isnt this site ment for advice? should I know what to stack with a new drug on the market?i have an idea what to stack it with just wanted some advice theres to many hipocrites on this forum nobody actually gives you any advice..

Comment #1

940 is a lot for 5 boxes, if you havent completed the transaction dont..

Unless youve reached your maximum potential with other cheaper less exotic aids which I very much doubt I wouldnt even consider spending the money. Most people would get far more results per 1 spent on decent quality AAS...

Comment #2

Still expensive dude, very expensive. double what it should be... look at a few of the links on this page may help you...

Comment #3

In all seriousness, you spend that much on lr3 igf-1 and you'll be disappointed with your investment. follows pikeys advice...

Comment #4

Here is some advice don't buy it spend the money on food and gear you will gain more from doing this unless you are at a level where you compete and 2lbs of lean muscle a year will make difference.....

Calm down with the smileys mate..

Comment #5

Personnaly I agree with the above posts..

You are paying at least double what you should be for 5 boxes of L3IGF-1..

Best to stack with a basic androgen stack. as for doses, that depends entirlely on your bodyweight, but Sust & Deca is a good start..

50 days on 20 off is too long on, 20-30 days on with 20 days off would be better, L3IGF is renound for receptor de-sensitization..

Also, you will need a high carb diet as it's an Insulin like peptide. 3g carbs per Lb Lean body weight would be a minimum..

And even then you will feel hungry most of the time!.

Try source some cheaper IGF. For the price your paying you should be able to get the IGF, Gear & a good anmount of protein for you to facitlitate the gains...

Comment #6

Mate, the advise here, from far more experienced fellas than me, could not be more well meant. lr3 igf-1 is also NOT sold for other that research yet, even though many have tried it with positive results it does not mean we know long term (10-20 years or more) effects of this peptide. Pscarb's right regarding the gains, you should be at the very end of the possibilities with AAS to really make it worth the money and that is at half of the 's you quoted. No offence mante only good advise..


Comment #7

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