Do all the Medifast cream soups taste bad?

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SUCKS - really really bad. Irredeemably bad. There is nothing that could be done to make this edible - I had to go wash my mouth out and brush my teeth immediately! I got this as a "bonus" meal with my variety pack. Thank God there was only one. Are all the cream soups this horrifying?..

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I haven't had the broccoli soup as "soup", but turning it in to chips is one of my favorite Medifast treats! This works with the other cream soups as well, although I haven't tried them yet. Mix in 3 Tablespoons of water, then spread on a glass pie plate sprayed with Pam. Microwave for 2 minutes.. check the bottom of the pan. If it's starting to brown in the middle, you're done. If not, microwave in 30 second increments 'til it starts to.

Chips! On MF!..

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It's one of my all time favorites! The good news is your tastes will CHANGE, so try it again in a month or two and you may be pleastantly surprised. Try to keep a can do positive attitude and it will take you very far on the Medifast 5&1 Plan. You can do this! If I can, YOU can. You can do it! Dan..

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I have not tried the COB but I swear the only way I can get the COT down is by making it into chips, bagels, bread...ect. There are some amazingly creative people on here that have turned the COB into crazy good recipes. Just do a search. Also, even though it sounds crazy that your tastes will change I've only been OP two weeks and I notice some meals I could NOT stand (like Honey mustard pretz) I look forward to. Just hang in there!..

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THANKS y'all - I'm really liking this "chip" idea. I have a great attitude - really I do (see my blog from this morning), and even some of the food I don't love, I've managed to be OK with. I was thinking (before) about ordering some of the cream soups, but now I'm scared to. I think I'll trade a couple of packets of something else with my Medifast pal for some cream soup (maybe not the broccoli) and try the chip deal - chips would be fab!..

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I haven't had the COB, but I LOVE the COT for making "bagels" mixed with the eggs. I have a couple in the oven right now!..

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I actually like all of the cream soups as is. That being said, they do benefit from some touching up. Add some real broccoli to the cream of broccoli. Just deduct it from you green for the day. I also add a tablespoon of Kraft 3 Cheese light dressing to the cream of broccoli before heating. It makes it very creamy.

Add some chicken bouillon to the cream of chicken soup. Add garlic and Italian seasonings as well.

Add Italian seasoning and a teaspoon or so of tomato paste to the cream of tomato.

Use your imagination and your seasonings you will be amazed at what you can come up with...

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Thanks for the additional suggestions. sflraven - you are awesome - I found the vanilla custard recipe you posted and I LOOOOOOVE them - they make me very happy. Thank you..

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My pleasure, mzpriss. I can't take credit for the vanilla custard, though. I found that one just by searching the boards. I don't have the Medifast ingredients for it anymore, but when I made them, they made me very happy, too!..

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I just tried the "chips" but they arent crunchy at all..

Should I have microwaved it longer??.

Or is the texture supposed to be that of a crepe?..

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I like the CoB with 1/2 cup of broccoli chopped into it. Gives it a better texture too..

Never tried the chips...

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I make the chips often but I use 3 T of water and spray a dinner plate with pam. Microwave for 3 minutes, flip over and microwave for 1 minute, watching that it doesnt get too brown. I let it cool a few minutes on a paper towel and break into chips....

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Yes, you should microwave them until the edges are pretty brown. Also, you'll need to let it sit for a moment or two after it's done. They crisp up as they sit for a minute. I love, love, love the soup chips with a bit of cream cheese...

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The chips I have had luck doing in a PAM sprayed pie plate and popping in the oven @ 400 degrees for about 10 min (keep watching).

However it does heat up the kitchen so maybe the micro isn't such a bad idea..


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OMG, I LOVE the COB soup!! It is my favorite!! I do add a bit of salt, and sometimes I add whatever veggies I have leftover from last night's dinner. Sometimes I make it with 4 ounces of V8 and 2 ounces of water. The beauty of the cream soups is that you can really experiment. I am even thinking I may try the quiche recipe I have seen on here (of course, now I have to try to find it again cuz I didn't save it when I came across it the first time!!)...

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I LOVE the cream of broccoli soup. I've been choking down the chicken noodle and was so pleased to receive something new as a bonus..


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Y'all are awesome - thanks so much for tthe suggestions. I'm go nna try those quiche cups I keep reading aboutt..

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