Do all the guys brows on, or date online?

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My first question is: Do all the guys brows on, or date online?.

My next question is: Hi everyone,.

I have been with my b/f for 5 months now and it's been great. This guy is just amazing. The problem is, I really don't know if I do or don't love him. not saying I don't love him because he's awful, I just don't know. I have never been in love before and I know that because I have never really had a meaningful relatinship and if I did, it was just lust. I can be myself with him.

Thing is, some days he's annoying and some days he's not. he's as annoying as a sister or brother or friend could get, not crazy annoying but when he annoys me, a small part of me doubts my feelings for him. if it was my sibling, I know I will have to deal with it, they're family and I automatically love them and can't shake them off lol but for this, I guess because I made the choice to be with him, I critize it. when things are normal, and when they are normal, they are great, I am so happy i'm with him.

People say when your in love, you know it,  don't believe it personally.

How would I know if I love him or not?.

Just do it and done!!.


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Your question was: Do all the guys brows on, or date online?.

Regarding that saying... You do know....

Another thing, when the moments come that he annoys you, you wouldn't doubt your feelings for him... to me, this doesn't show that you're inlove with him.  Times can be great too with someone you don't love, so I wouldn't use that as a major guide.  You would have the feeling of not wanting to live without this person and can see yourself growing old together, having kids together etc.  It is really simple I think... "If you love a person, you know"....

Remember though, that being inlove and loving someone are two different things.  I think you're talking about being inlove and that is what my answer above refers to...

Comment #1

<< people say when your in love, you know it,  don't believe it personally. >>.

You don't believe it ... because you havent been in love.   But, yes ... when you are in love, you know it..

You've only been with your BF for 5 months.  Don't sweat it.  You dont' have to know at only 5 months.  It generally takes about a year to really get to know someone and vice versa.   And, without REALLY knowing a person, how can you be in love, kwim?.

In the meantime, you may be experiencing 'feelings of love' ... without being IN LOVE with your BF.   And that's great ... just let it develop without overthinking it..

Good luck!..

Comment #2

Yes, I would say you would know if you are in love or lust.   Lust may come first but if you enjoy them without the lust, then it can be love.  Everyone has annoying habits (including you)  Remember the saying "love is blind" well that is what it means.  You do not see their annoying side. Love is unconditional.

 A longer relationship, like being happily married for years and years, is a different love, deeper, comfortable like an old slipper, but warm and cozy on a cold night. .

Ask yourself why you need to know if it is love?  What ever your relationship (thru is it is making you happy.  Why do you need a label?   Does he love you?   Would that matter?.

Thats all I have for now...............



Comment #3

Everyone is annoying sometimes.  It sounds like you share friendship, passion, respect, trust.. It definitely sounds like you have a good base. Enjoy and see where it goes.


Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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