Dinner for Breakfast OK on Nutrisystem?

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I have a friend who is a Tri-athlete and we were talking about his eating habits today. He used to be rather heavy and then made some lifestyle and food choice changes and he is now ridiculously fit and bikes 150 miles for fun. He said something that got me thinking. He said that he eats most of his food in the morning, a smaller lunch than breakfast and then a very small dinner, so that his body has time to work off the food during the day. He'll usually only eat salad and protein for both lunch and dinner..

I tend to be more hungry during the day and not so hungry in the evening, so I eat my dinner at lunch and my lunch at dinner and I've noticed a lot of folks do this when they need to get off a weight loss plateau. BUT, what about eating dinner at breakfast, lunch at lunch and breakfast at dinner? (Is anyone following my ridiculous logic?).

Just thinking that possibly my body would have more time to burn off the calories from dinner, which I think has the most calories of all the meals, right? Or am I just thinking like a wierdo?.

Basically, I want to be sure that when I gradually ween myself off of Nutrisystem food that I can continue to maintain my weight. My friend is a prime example of keeping it off for years now. I don't want to yo yo again like I did this last time. Any thoughts?..

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Your question was: Dinner for Breakfast OK on Nutrisystem?.

You can move your food around like that. Some people seem to think it works great...

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If it works for you, fantastic, but I for one am rarely hungry until around 2 or so when i'm hungry for the rest of the it would be torture...

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I agree that whatever works for you. And it sounds like an interesting theory. According to one of the Nutrisystem counselors that I've talked with, the "biggest" Nutrisystem meal is actually the lunch and they agree to having a bigger meal in the middle of the day as opposed to at night..


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I saw this recommend on an episode Dr. Oz. I think it was the fat cowboy guy. He eats his biggest meal of the day at breakfast becaues it gives him the time to work it off throughout the day. I think it definitely can work for some. I know it won't for me since I'm hungriest in the evening especially right after my workout...

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