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I threw out my back a couple of weeks ago and wound up on a 2-week course of oral and injectable steroids. Knowing that a significant gain was inevitable, I took a little vacation from Medifast (I'd rather not waste $150 worth of food!). Started back up again in the middle of last week, and I have to admit that it's been really hard. I gained a little over 8 pounds on the steroids, but I can deal with that because I know that it'll come off once the steroids are out of my body. It doesn't make me feel guilty, and it doesn't make me feel like quitting. As a matter of fact, I'm already down 3.5 pounds, so that's not a problem..

The problem is that it was soooo nice to stop dieting for a while. I didn't go hog wild. I'm a vegetarian, so I just ate the things I used to eat before MF: brown rice and lentils, pasta w/ fresh tomatoes, basil, and garlic from the farmer's market, black bean soup. I did eat a slice of cheesecake. And now that I'm back on the Medifast train, I almost feel angry at my food! It was so nice to eat REAL food, WHOLE food, and now I'm back to packets and it just feels so yucky.

I know I'm not alone. It has to be impossible to feel completely gung-ho about Medifast for 6 months, 8 months, a whole year, even longer.... So how did you keep going? What did you tell yourself? I used to be so excited about MF... just the fact that it was working was enough for me. But now, suddenly, just the sight of a hot cocoa packet is enough to make me feel mildly violent, and it's my favorite! How did you get past the hump???..

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I had to go off Medifast for about a week in May because of a kidney infection. I felt awful, I didn't want to eat anything and I didn't want to have all that protein running through my body when my kidney's were in serious PAIN. (I didn't figure out for a bit that it was more than a virus.).

Anyway, I then took another week off of Medifast afterwards because it felt like a punishment (I know it's weird) to go right back onto it when I'd been off AND I hadn't even enjoyed being off plan! So, I gave myself a week and I didn't go hog wild either - I just ate what I wanted without worrying about whether it was on plan or not. I had a couple of things that I hadn't eaten for 3 months. I didn't gain any weight, I didn't lose any weight..

Since then, it's been tough to get 100% back on plan. It's been more of a 3 steps forward, 1 step back kind of thing. But I keep trying cause I know that this is what is going to get me where I want to be weight-wise and nothing else has worked. I guess it's made me realize that this "food management" is going to be a lifetime thing. I seriously did not expect it to be so difficult to come back to Medifast (especially because I went off due to a medical issue.).

Just this week I committed to logging everything in My Plan and also being accountable on the Blogs (posting every day if I've stayed OP or not) that seems to be helping quite a bit - public reporting..

Just wanted you to know you aren't alone - just keep trying you'll get there..

What wi..

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Funny but I have allowed myself to go on the 4/2 and I am maintaining. I went hog wild at first and then I realized how stupid that was. I felt my body needed the respite time to allow it adjustment. I am sure no one will agree with me on that but it has helped.

Starting July 1 I am back to the 5/1. Being on the 4/2 is nice but it is time to get serious again. You might change your mind if you are not comfortable with the weight you are at. If you are happy where you are at then you might feel as you do now. You are very lucky you caught yourself in time unlike I did. You really don't have a long way to go and you will be able to eat healthy in moderation again.


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I'm tired of dieting. I have no medical reason to quit. But really, I just want to go to a restraunt and order regular food. I want my salad WITH crutons. I want my burger WITH a bun. I want soup.

I want fruit! When I leave the docs. office, I want to be able to have one of those mints with out thinking "no-no thats not OP". Sigh...16 more pounds. I know thats not alot. BTW HOLY COW SPACE GIRL!! Way to go!!! Good thing month 3 came today.

Right now even if I didn't place another order I've got enough for 2 more months....supose I better keep plugin away....Okay I feel a little better...

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Hey, hon! Good to see you checking in here...

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Hey! I know how you feel. And you know, I gotta tell you, I am SLOWLY learning to take this day by day. If I do have a slipup, I get RIGHT back on. Even if I have a slip up more than I should, I STILL get right back on it.

I just talked to my cousin. She had gastric bypass surgery. NO WAY!~ I will never do that. I watched her eat. She has to eat food the size of her thumb. I feel Medifast is great.

GET right back on it! Work with your head. I never, ever want to have gastric bypass.

Look at it this way, I love the variety of the food. You get variety.

Keep active in this forum always. We all need to encourage one another..


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I am going to give this another try!! I had breast cancer and now I am 5 yrs out. I have had first a mastectomy and then a flopped reconstruction surgery and then last summer I broke my leg and couldnt walk on it for 12 weeks! I went from a muscular 135 pounds to a ball of 180 pounds of MUSH!! I have tried all kinds of diets and I cant seem to lose and if I eat what I want I just stay at 180 lbs. I dont really gain either. I hate being 180 pounds as I am only 5 ft 2 in. I hate my self right now and am soooo fed up with being fat. Sorry for the rant.

I have a desk job as a nurse and I try to exercise in the morning. I feel so much better when I do it. I am losing all hope of ever losing this weight. I am afraid this wont work either. I need your help everyone!.

Lil Chubbins..

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I've been on Medifast for 14 months. How do I keep it up? Well, food just isn't that important anymore. It took a lot to change this glutton but I do not have the cravings and I've broken the habit of grabbing food when I'm upset, happy, sad, lonely - you name it..

How I detest being fat. I've been fat since I was a child and it's ruined so much of my life. I'm reasonably successful, have a great family, great daughter,etc., but when you're fat, you are judged by that first..

So that's why I'm sticking to MF. The heck with the bread, burgers, etc. Even now, I can walk around without feeling self-conscious all the time (probably because so many people are so darn fat), and it just gets better and better. Would I blow this feeling because of a cupcake? Not gonna happen!..

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I love your answer and your thoughts. I feel this way too. My weight has come off very slowly because I do not have a thyroid (cancer) and I am diabetic. However, time is gonna pass anyway, and I'd rather be losing at a slow rate than not at all. Thanks for your insight...

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Ditto, I've been on Medifast 13 months and feel the same way. Additionally, I've just gotten accustomed to the food and really like the convenience of it..

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I think the key here is - at least it was for me - to eliminate the idea that this plan has anything to do with deprivation. It's counterproductive to allow yourself to think about the stuff you miss....that just sets you up for disappointment. The lowest points for me where when I contemplated things in negative terms of what I couldn't have or what I *had* to give up.

My attitude was far better when I kept the mindset of the program being positive. I played a few mindgames - I would look at the weight loss graph and look at the size measurements that had decreased. I would closet-shop for clothes that no longer fit or that I had shrunk into. I used the boards as diversion - all the silly postings that made me laugh were rarely about food..

It's not easy, but I think it's as easy as you allow yourself to think it is....if that makes sense...

Comment #10

I went to the goodwill store. I bought 2 (YES 2, and different brands, so they can't be miss marked!!!) Pants in a size 6. I haven't been a size 6 since puberty. My spirits are reguvinated!..

Comment #11

I had a really bad bout of diet fatigue a couple of weeks ago. It was really tough. I want all those things too. But I also don't want to weigh 400 lbs ever again. I also don't want to weigh 300 lbs ever again. I don't even want to weigh 200 lbs (well, that's not quite true - I DO want to weigh 200 lbs right now lol).

I want this more than I want the food. End of story...

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Boy, oh boy, can I relate! I lost the weight quickly and easily, and then went at it half-heartily. Unfortunately, I'm still where I was and still overweight. I get very jealous of people who can eat and not worry about their weight. I want to be normal and eat, and yet, I know this is the only diet method that actually works for me. So .... I continue to persevere towards my goal. So many of our fellow MF'ers have succeeded we can too!!..

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Thanks everyone, I really needed your inspiration today to get back on track. I did go hog wild for 4 days, including today. All that "junk" did not make me happy as I thought it would. Time to change...........

There is a $200.00 investment waiting for me in my fridge (ready to drink shakes)...

Comment #14

I have done 5&1, transitioned, maintained, back to 5&1, maintained again, etc. since 2006. I understand the diet fatigue completely. Sometimes it seems unfair, but you have to get past those feelings..

I won't bore anyone with the details, but my blog is in my sig line. I have blogged a lot through my entire Medifast journey, and I think you will see those feelings come up a lot when you are doing a restrictive plan. I think I had a blog called "Are we there already" where I was really ready to be at goal, and "It's just food already", when I talked about the amount of value I had placed on food relative to it's true importance, and a few others..

I have several friends here that have been on this journey with me for years Many of us feel the same feelings of diet exhaustion that you speak of, but we just keep going. Otherwise we would just gain all of our weight back. So I know that it can be done. Sometimes we don't post about it, because it can be a downer for us, and others on the board who need as much 'positive' as possible..

I feel like when you start Medifast you should go at it with 110% committment. It is not like you can't do that later, you can, but it after a while you DO get tired. Hopefully by the time we get tired we are almost at the finish line! Now, even though I get tired of watching everything I eat, it is worth it to keep my weight down..

I know that I will never eat 'freely' in the sense that you are speaking without wearing it on my hips! So whenever I decide to take some time off, I know I have to pay the piper for it with the 5&1. If my clothes get tight and the scale goes 10 pounds over, I do 5&1 for a while. This is not a method that everyone uses in maintenance, but it works for me and I am over a year since reaching my goal..

I have begun rambling, so I will stop, but one thing for sure, it is always my choice. I stopped getting all mad about it. But I certainly feel your pain!!..

Comment #15

I feel your pain. And fatigue is not the nice word I generally use, but I get it!.

And my heart goes out......just gather your strength, pull up your pants and hang on to whatever helps (NO FOOD)..

Comment #16

Liahana I know exactly how you feel. I was there last week. I had reached my goal (one I was happy enough with) after 3.5 months and was TIRED of doing MF. It really wasn't "real" food I missed that much (I really like a lot of the Medifast food), but the convenience of being able to go anywhere to eat without wondering if the place would have something I could eat or if I would have to order something with or without this or that on it. I did have some cravings for certain things, but not too bad.

I went on vacation last week for a week so I decided I was going off plan for vacation. I went ahead and did a shortened transition for the 2 weeks before I left at the recommendation of NS. I stayed completely on plan until we got out of town. I left for vacation at 142.5 (1.5 lbs under goal). On vacation I ate WHATEVER I wanted.....pasta, cookies, candy, potatoes, pizza, etc. You name it, I ate it and a significant amount of it.

I think it helped that I was in a different environment so I just looked at kind of like not going to work while on vacation (you know it's not a permanent change).

I knew I was going to gain a lot and I did.....I came back at 150.....a gain of 7.5 lbs in a week!!!! I know I deserve the gain and I knew going in it was going to happen so I didn't beat myself up over it. I started back on the 5/1 this morning without any issues or feelings of still wanting to eat off plan foods. I feel like I got it out of my system, and you know what....the stuff I missed so much was not that great AND it made me feel pretty cruddy.

So now that my food holiday is over I am ready to shed the 7.5 lbs I gained and 8.5 more to get to my real original goal. I am not saying what I did was right or would work for everyone, but after doing really well on the 5/1 I felt in control enough to do this. Now I can't say....ooooohhhh how I would love to eat pasta......

BTW you kow what was better than the food I ate on vacation? The clothes I got to wear (like a bathing suit and tank tops and shorts) and the pictures! For the first time in years I didn't worry about burning up in capris and longer sleeve shirts because I didn't want my arms and legs to show. I also got into my bathing suit without freaking out if someone saw me. I also didn't have to worry about trying to hide in the back of the pictures....I could smile for the camera!!!! Thinking about all that and how good it felt made me realize how awesome Medifast is and how eating like crazy is just not worth it!..

Comment #17

I have been on Medifast for 6+ months & have been 100% the whole time. I don't mind the food, I like the convenience. But more importantly I LOVE how I look & feel. No more plus sizes, no more clothes I hate. Able to run up multiple flights of stairs. I am 65 & my energy is through the roof.

Would I trade any of this for a bite of something not OP? Not for anything!!!!!..

Comment #18

The truth is.... it sucks to watch others eat burgers, fries, milkshakes, etc and never gain a pound. BUT.. it also sucks to watch people die from cancer, obesity, heart attacks, etc. Obesity is a disease that leads to LOTS of other diseases.

Once I realized that my LIFE was at stake, seriously, food became different. I mean, in maintenance do I enjoy a burger? yes. But I look at this now as "my body needs FUEL.. and what kind of fuel do I want to give it?" I choose premium most of the time. I FEEL BETTER when I eat healthier better foods!.

MF isn't for life. The better you stick to the plan and achieve your goal, the faster you are into maintenance. The key is LEARNING along the way so that you know HOW to enjoy the treats without packing the pounds back on!.

Dieting sucks. Plain and simple. No one WANTS to do it. But no one wants to be overweight either! My wish for you is QUICK success!.

Good luck!..

Comment #19

I am struggling with some kind of weird summer virus these past few days. Yesterday and today any kind of food is just turning my stomach. I ran down the list and with each choice my stomach did a flip. So I'm trying to do the shakes today. Last night I sat down to my L+G, took a few bites and I was done. No last MF.

Somedays the very idea of another packet repulses me but I'm committed; in for the duration. I'm not stopping til I reach goal, period...

Comment #20

I've only been on Medifast for about 12 days and have lost about 10lbs, but that's only after I had to re-start the program. The 4th of July messed me up, so I jumped back on when I came back to town... which would be the 6th. It was alot harder to go back on after I had all that holiday food. But now it's becoming a habit for me, which is surprising since I've been a food addict all my life.

Reading these messages today gave me a new perspective of what my life could be if I just keep up the program. Medifast was my last hope and I really think that it's the answer..

Congrats to everyone on their weight loss. Whether it's 2lbs or 200, it's still and accomplishment!..

Comment #21

Congratulations!! How are you doing now? I just found this group!!.


Certified Health Coach..

Comment #22

Liz, I hope you're doing better now. There are lots of ways to make the shakes AWESOME!! Let me know, PM, if you want some ideas..


Certified Health Coach..

Comment #23

I'm so glad that you restarted. These postings are meant to encourage everyone, no matter what their situation is. I hope you feel free to contact us with any question or challenge that comes up. That's why we're here. YOU CAN DO IT!!.


Certified Health Coach.


Comment #24

This is a great thread. My current situation is a little different. A few weeks ago, I had started cheating with some chips and salsa each day. At the end of the week, I gained 2 pounds. So, I went back strict OP and lost 7 pounds the following week. Ever since I've been OP but in the last 9 days, I've gained another pound.

Needless to say, I'm really frustrated by the gain. I'm under 1000 calories per day OP. I exercise 3 times a week minimum. I even took advice and switched up my lean and green meal so I'm having different vegetables and meats. So, what gives?.

I'm questioning if my body has built up a resistance to the program. If i'm burning 3000 calories a day and eating 1000, that means that I am burning 2000 calories excess every day and I STILL GAIN A POUND??? I know that I can't lose 4-6 pounds every week, but to gain weight is completely deflating...especially when I know I'm OP..

Any ideas? Perhaps I should go off Medifast (not hog wild, but just 2000 calories per day) for a couple of weeks and then start again. Maybe the "jump start" for my system will prevent the stalling that has happened..

Help me. Please. Any advice, experience, guidance? I have the determination that I will start again if I go off for a couple weeks, so that's not an issue. Also, i'm shall we say "thrifty" so I would NEVER let the brand new 4 week box of food go to waste...

Comment #25

From my experience with the plateau and gain it's usually water. Your body will adjust from time to time. Call Nutrition Support (posting is too slow to get a response) and they will guide you through these "bumps" in the road on the way to goal...

Comment #26

Hi, I've been on Medifast for just a couple months but I do know how you feel. We go to parties with tons of good food that I have to be careful about. Sometimes if I know who is cooking, I can eat my meal there but it's hard. Last week I ate a seemingly lean soup - I found later that it had a whole stick of butter! I avoided butter even before MF! So now I have my meal when I feel like and lie low at the parties. I don't want to go off-plan and slow my weight loss even more.

It does help to keep busy and plan hikes, walks with friends. I met a friend for lunch yesterday and just had a diet soda with her. One way or the other we all have to find something we really enjoy and can focus on besides food..

Hang in there, we are together in this. We are NOT ALONE!.

Good luck all!.


Comment #27

Sweetie and animalcrackers - I have only been on Medifast 2 weeks BUT have signed on for the long haul - BUT reading your posts above struck a cord. I too hope not only will I stay OP but change all those bad habits and food addictions. I am an extreme emotional eater and a Bulk eater too. Medifast will hopefully retrain my palate, my hungar and my emotional eating as well as get the weight off. Sweetie - you are right - time will pass and I would rather be losing than gaining if I wasnt on this plan. So Inspiring! Thanks..

Comment #28

I'm so glad I found this thread! I just completed my first six weeks, and lost an astounding 30 pounds! But already I'm pining for favorite foods I can't have (peas, potatoes, PIE - what is it with the P foods?!?!), and that worries me. I have 105 more pounds to lose. I just hope I'm strong enough to stick with the Medifast program all the way. This is the only program that has ever worked well for me. Now if I can just conquer my tendency toward emotional/recreational eating, I'll have a chance at success..

Right now, I'm just taking it one day at a time, hour by hour...

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.