Didn't lose any weight first week on Medifast

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Well, I have finished my first week, got on the scale and it has not moved! I am very sad and keep wandering what I have done wrong. I did cheat once, ate 3 chicken nuggets, but that is it. I really want to lose the weight, I even have been walking some, but did not lose any.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?? I am sooooo sad right now!..

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Is it possible that you're retaining water due to time of month?.

The scale is a pretty blunt instrument; it can't measure change in the amount of fat vs. water vs. muscle vs. poop so sometimes you can lose fat but have the number stay the same because you're constipated, or PMS bloaty, or if you've been working out, which can cause you to build more muscle and/or retain water temporarily..

I recommend that you:.

- contact Nutrition Support and go over what you're eating and drinking with them, just to reassure yourself that there's no hidden gotchas in what you're doing. Be sure to mention any medications you're taking to them..

- hang in there another week, being sure to DRINK PLENTY OF WATER, and see how things progress.

I know how discouraged you must feel; I applaud you for sticking with things instead of just blowing off Medifast and eating an icecream sundae. I'm sure you can be successful at this!.

Best wishes,.


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Ang1705 Hi, So sorry that scale didn't move for you , but this plan does work!!! Read some more on the boards! They are SO UPBUILDING!.

Doesn't Siobhan's Post make you haveREAL Hope check out her FABULOUS WEIGHT LOSS!!!! It will Happen! Just Hang in there!!!!!!..

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Thank you! I am definitely sticky with the plan, jsut needed encouragement. I have been bloated/constipated, just don't know what to do about it. Have been taking in 10-14 glasses of water, taking fiber supplements and no avail!!! Going to kick the walking up a knotch. GOOD THING IS, me and hubby can both tell a difference - especiallly in my upper stomach area! So, I am motivated by that - just want the scale to go down and this bloatedness to go away. TOM isn't expected for another week.....

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I believe Nutrisystem suggested one teaspoon of flax seed flour (just grind flax seeds in a magic bullet. I also take fiber supplements plus the flax seed flour every day. Mix the flour in my morning oatmeal. Good luck!!!.


Comment #4

I have some ground flaxseeds - will that work???..

Comment #5

Ang....the ground flaxseeds will work...I had to start them about 3 weeks into the program and now take 1 tbls. every day. I usually blend it in my afternoon shake but the oatmeal suggestion sounds good too. HUGE improvement with flaxseed!~..

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Hi! you might want to take your measurements. You can be loosing in one way and have it not show up on the scale for whatever reason......Keep your chin up, this plan works...

Comment #7

Ditto on the flax seed.

Plus..log everything that passes your lips. I was certainly surprized by the 'caloric and carb load" of some foods (SF gum for example) that add up, bit by bit..

I'm a slow looser but still down 50#!..

Comment #8

Pick up a halfway-decent body fat analyzer scale. Then you can at least see that the fat percentage went down and the water percentage went up. Admittedly, it's not nearly as satisfying as a lower weight reading, but it's another reference when you hit a plateau...

Comment #9

This happened to me in the beginning too. I thought I did everything right and I called Nutrition Support and they went over my plan - I changed their suggestions and then the scale began, but the MeASUREMENTS were almost immediate as you said so take them for sure..

Also, the shiratake noodle people have a fiber that is calorie free I forget the website, but I got a bag of their powder and that works. I also use the flax and drink plenty of H20. Good luck and hang in there - this program works...

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Ang, I too just finished my second week on the program. I lost 11 pounds in the first week, and got on the scale today and nothing. Zero, zilch, nada. I almost, for one second, got depressed about it. But thankfully so many people have talked about weight loss stalls, and the reasons behind them, I feel confident that this is temporary. I'm also really bloated and constipated (sorry...TMI ) but I've now started adding ground flax seed to my morning oatmeal, and I may try a laxative tea over the weekend.

In the meantime...I'll keep giving it 100% and I know you can too...

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This is my first time posting... just trying to find help for plateaus.... and I have these same problems... where can you get flaxseed? I lost 18 lbs the first 2 weeks and nothing the third week and I am so bummed.... but hey I should be happy with 18 right? I just worry it is going to stop. But I am sure my body sure my body is in shock losing so fast..


Comment #12

You're getting great advice here, so do hang in there! I also wouldn't be surprised if those chicken nuggets weren't loaded with sodium that put on the water weight.

For the record, I actually GAINED 4 pounds in the middle of my first week!!!.

But it did finally come off and then some... so please just stick with it and you will see this plan works!!!..

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You can buy flax seed at any natural food type grocery store. Traders Joes, Whole Foods, New Seasons, etc. Sometimes you can even find it in regular stores, though usually not ground up. Store the whole seeds in fridge or freezer, grind using magic bulet, coofee grinder, mini grinder etc. I add mine to oatmeal, shakes or eggs. Some people sprinkle it on salads..

Good luck..


Comment #14

Thank you Eleanor.... I am definitely going to look for it - it sounds like everyone likes it..


Comment #15

The ground flaxseeds in the oatmeal definitely works! I feel the same way - I have been on Medifast for 3 weeks, lost weight the first week (-6), then gained 2, now my weigh in day is Sunday, and I peeked at the scale today and it looks like I have gained weight! It looks like I am up to 180!! What on earth is going on??? I'm not going to give up and eat a burger or anything...

Comment #16

Just curious..your ticker says -9 so far..was that pre medifast? or did I miss

Is the flaxseed just to help with regularity? or is it beneficial to us even if you are having no "bathroom" issues??..

Comment #17

Flaxseed is good for you for a variety of reasons, but specifically it is incredibly beneficial for regularity...

Comment #18

Don't judge your process by the scale. It will hurt your feelings every time. Judge by how your clothes are fitting. If they are getting lose, you are losing real fat...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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