Did your voice change when you used Medifast?

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Okay this is probably the stupidest question in all of Medifast forum history.

But have you ever heard the saying, "you sound like a overweight person" ? Or have you ever talked to someone on the phone and could tell they are a heavyset person?.

Since losing weight on MF, has your voice changed?.

Stupidest question of the year right here, but I am really curious...

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No, there have been others...believe me. We won't go there though!.

I never heard that about the voice & I could never tell if someone was overweight from speaking to them on the phone. In fact, I think some people were disappointed when they met me in person (when they only knew me from online or on the phone) because "I sounded pretty." WTH does that mean???.

To answer your question though, I think my voice may have changed now that I'm thinner. More accurately, I think my tone. I think I'm more cheerful probably because I'm happier w/how I look & not in pain from carrying all that weight around...

Comment #1

Interesting question when I was heavy I was probably a little more breathless at times. There is definitely more energy in all areas of my life and my speaking voice is probably more energetic; however, I am a preacher and do a lot of public speaking so I don't imagine there is a big change or someone would have mentioned it...

Comment #2

I'm a preacher, too..

I've noticed I have a lot more air. My voice sounds different because of that..

In addition, speaking without a mircophone in the early days of ministry and age has deepended my voice - I don't think that has anything to do with MF..

Although, after reading your question, I'm now worried about sounding fat. LOL...

Comment #3

As a speech/language pathologist I can tell you that a person's weight has no bearing on the quality or pitch of their voice. However, excess weight can cause shortness of breath.

People often make assumptions about the appearance of others based on the voice they hear on the phone, for example, most people associate a higher pitched voice with a small person. This is why we sometimes think a person's voice doesn't match their size, gender, or age...

Comment #4

Well.. when I was a young lad of thirteen....

Oh wait, that's not what you meant. Hehehe. Umm, the breathy qualities of my voice did change, in that with the weight loss and the increased lung capacity from exercise, i'm a lot less out of breath like some of the others here have reported above..

What I did notice was that I used to have sleep apnea, and had difficulty sleeping through the night and snoring loudly. I'm pleased to report that has changed completely (as is my GF) and I can sleep through the night without having to do much tossing and turning and without deafening anyone in their sleep...

Comment #5

Now that's a new one, sounding fat! LOL.

I know a friend of mine overheard a woman talk while I was on the phone with him the other day... he said, "I bet she's young and pretty. I can tell by a woman's voice." Well, I knew the lady was nowhere near this young guy's idea of young and pretty so I just cracked up......

Comment #6

Interesting... ok, so maybe you know why opera singers are often big? I always assumed it made their voices "bigger" too...


Comment #7

Beachman, I know what you mean........I'm happy to report that since I've lost some weight, I no longer all. I'm so happy about it 'cause I really hated the fact that I snored!!!!!!..

Comment #8

I've acutally snored since I was a kid, but really started snoring bad when I turned into a fat kid, and then worse as a fat adult. Now that i've lost so much of the weight, i'm completely amazed that I hardly snore at all. My blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, bad cholesterol, joint pain and sleep apnea are all greatly improved across the board...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.