Did your goal weight change during the Medifast diet?

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Hi allThis may or may not be a post anyone is into. But I was wondering If people would mind sharing if once they hit goal if their original goal weight changed, and for those of us who aren't at goal yetdid you go by Medifast recommended weight, and if you don't mind sharing it would be nice to know how tall you are.

Here I am: 5' 6 1/2" (yes I count the half inch!).

Goal weight: 150 (not there yet).

MF recommended : 137, did not choose this because I have NEVER weighed 137 that I can rememberlowest as a teenager/adult was 160..

Thanks & have a great day everyone!..

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I changed my goal weight too...

I'm 5'3".

MF recommended 122.

Actual goal 125-130 ... I want to stay in that range.

I'm 33, have never been small, so the 122 is probably not something I can successfully maintain. I could probably get there, but not stay there. I do like food, I like eating, and realistically I can't spend the rest of my life depriving myself of any foods that I love, which is really the only way for me to stay at 122. By making my range a little higher, I give myself a little more culinary freedom without going overboard...

Comment #1

Good question! I'm 5'4" and I about fell off my chair when the Medifast recommended goal weight for me was 125 - Haven't seen that since college! I set it at 140 since that's what I made it to a few years back on Weight Watchers, but who knows? I don't want to jinx myself, but if it keeps dropping off steadily I may adjust my goal (though I still think 125 is unrealistic for me)! The summer is the most difficult time for me to be on a diet because of the parties and cookouts and all the great stuff to do, so if I can make it to September without getting frustrated I may just stick with it until the holidays!..

Comment #2

I changed my goal several times:.

* At first on MF, I only hoped to lose 20 lbs. (168 lbs.).

* Then I lowered my goal to 156, because it seemed "normal".

* I finally lowered my goal to 145, because it's healthy BMI and a weight I looked good at WW ten years ago..

* Now I want to lose 6 more pounds so I can be at the low end of my range of 139-145 for maintenance.

I don't know what Medifast recommends for me, I never checked!.

I am 5' 4 1/2".

PS. OK, I checked, Medifast recommends 132.5... hah! No way.....

Comment #3

My doctor suggested a higher goal weight for me. I'm 5'3" and he suggested 140. That weight is only 17 pounds away and I am planning on lowering it when I get closer to 140. There's a lot more than 17 pounds of fat left on this body! I was 107 out of high school and although I don't expect to reach that weight again, I don't think 122 is unreasonable for me...

Comment #4

I'm 5'6'.

37 years old. I recently changed my goal weight from 140 to 155. 140 seems too skinny to me. Once I get to 155 then I will see if I need to lose more...

Comment #5

Medifast recommened 107 for me which isnt bad but I thought it was an odd number so I changed it to 105...i may change it to 100 later since I have been that light as an adult and I felt better than ever before when I was that under 5 feet so it may sound like to little but I'm small boned and short...

Comment #6

I'm 5"7 and Medifast suggested 143 lbs for me. However I plan on leaving a cushion for T&M and decided on 130 lbs as goal weight originally..

As I am approaching I find I'm a size 8 at 150 so 130 would put me in a 4??.

So I put my goal weight at 135 lbs. Lowered than Medifast recomends but higher than before..

So I;m guessing I should maintain at 135-140???..

Comment #7

Let's see... I'm 5'4 and a half... Medifast reccomended like 132 to me. But! I've always been medium boned/high on muscle (I unfortunately am sensetive to testosterone which leaves me open to, ahem, behing furry, and also means I "bulk up" a bit - though unforunately I got a slow metabolism too, which is not so fun in combo). Therefore I'm setting my goal as 145. I've honestly never been below 165 as an adult, and just had some "softness" then, so I may end up happy at 145.

And for those of you who pay attention... yes my ticker says 135... typo when I updated my ticker that I'm too lazy to fix :-)..

Comment #8

Great post! I have a feeling you are going to get alot of responses since all of us are concerned with this issue..

Height: 5' 7 3/4".

Goal weight: Not sure yet. I put 140 on my ticker but may change it..

MF recommended : 143.

The charts say my healthy weight range is 120-159 (for all builds and bone densities). Since I am small framed with light bone density, I am guessing I should weigh at the lower end of this. But I chose the middle of this since that seems like a good starting point, and can lower it once I get there...

Comment #9

Does Medifast scale take into account age?.

I'm sorry, I will never get to my pre-baby, young self. I want a weight I feel good and can maintain. I was going for 150 and then I looked at the BMI thing so changed it to 140. We'll see..

5'4 and pushing 50..

Comment #10

I'm 5'6". I can't remember if the site recommendation for me using BMI is 134 or 135, but it seemed very low to me. When I started, I had 160 as my goal weight because that's what I weighed in high school - and it seemed like a long way from where I was starting. But after I hit 200, my goal did change simply becuase I learned that this works - and I also want to be as healthy as I can be. I still think 135 is too low for me, and I think 150 is probably a better goal for me. But I always had mini-goals along the way, so I haven't given too much thought to the final result. I hope I'll know it when I get to the right place...

Comment #11

To be quite honest I can't remember what MF's recommended as an ideal weight for me (might've been something like 163). I'am 5'11'' and the lowest I have ever been was 175 in high school and I was really comfortable and healthy at that weight, so my final goal will be to maintain a weight between 175-180. 180 would be considered a healthy weight for me and thats exactly what I am striving for....Improved Health!!!..

Comment #12

At 5'10" Medifast recommended 150 for me, but I remember 150 (I think ) and it was a bit small, so I changed my goal to 165. I may go higher than that, it will all depend on how I feel when I get there but I don't see myself going lower unless I get really really active and add a bit more muscle.

Truthfully, I only put a number in there because I had to... for me, when I reach a weight where I feel comfortable And healthy and can maintain it without Major struggle, that will be the weight for me. I have no idea of sizes... I mostly have only ever worn pants and jeans and before getting fat I wore boy jeans (because I had no ***** and womens' jeans always left me with extra material around the hips and butt) so... I guess I'll find that out later...

Comment #13

I agree with most everyone...although I ever saw what Medifast suggested for me (where would I find that??) but my goal did/will change. When I started, I didn't have very high hopes, and I was looking for 160. Well, that came and went (and has now come again) and I see that I could be at 140-145 - if I could get back on track that is. And I think that when I get to 140-145, I may decide that I could go lower. But I don't want to be at a weight where I have to work out like crazy and eat nothing to maintain. I want a healthy meal plan with 1300-1400 calories a day and a "normal" 30-45 minute work out routine several times a week.

I say it's a personal/medical choice. Take care of yourself, and the weight will fall where it's "supposed" to..


Comment #14

My original goal was 145, when I filled out the Medifast profile I clicked on the suggested weight, which was 138. I went with that 138. Since then I have gone back and changed it. I felt if I could make it to 138 then I could get to 135. I got to 135 and still saw belly fat, not extra skin but actual fat. So I lowered it to 130.

I'm not sure yet.

I'm 5'7" 1/2inches (I also have to get that 1/2 inch in!)....This am I was at 131.8....I can wear a size 2 or just depends on who makes it...

Comment #15

I did change mine. I started with a goal of 150, which I thought was nearly impossible, but when I reached it, I decided to continue to 145. I ended up at a low of 140.6 and I work to maintain between 142 and 144 (for 11 months now) - 23 BMI.

I'm 5'6". Actually, when I started I was 5'5 1/2", but I gained back 1/2" that I had lost when the extra weight pulled me down. But. last time at the doctors, I was back to 5'6"..

I'm lifting weights again for the past few weeks in addition to my cardio work (hiking, power walking). I'm working hard to stay in my maintenance range as I'm adding more trying to reduce my waist and tricep measurements (extra loose skin), but not gain pounds..

I wear size 4-6 on the bottom depending on the brand and cut of pants/skirt and size 6-8 on top.

I think Medifast recommended 135 for 5'6", however, I am big boned/large framed according to all the ways to measure frame size and also I'm broad shouldered/top heavy (34DD). I decided that size 4/6 was small enough for me - I have never had a desire to be size 4 - size 8 was my original dream...

Comment #16

I chose my goal from the BMI charts and at 5"6'... 159 put me at BMI=25. (25 and lower are considered "healthy").

Since reaching that, I have COMFORTABLY gotten around 145. I have adjusted my goal "range" to be 145-150..

I think the best prerequisite for a GOOD GOAL seems to be: THE WEIGHT you can achieve and MAINTAIN with the lifestyle changes you want to make for THE LONG RUN!.

IF maintaining a lower weight would mean severely restricting our food and/or exercising for hours each & every day for the rest of our lives, IS that sustainable? My feeling is "forget the charts"... stop the yoyo'ing and find our own MAINTAINABLE HEALTHY WEIGHT...

Comment #17

I'm 5'5". Medifast suggested 135. I picked 149 (its in the healthy BMI range and it sounds less than 150). I am fairly large framed (I have the shoulders of a linebacker) and will never be "petite". The 140's is a weight range where I've always felt the most comfortable..

I reached my goal in Sept 06 and I lost another 5 lbs in transition, so that was my goal range..

In Jan. I decided to lower my weight by 5 lbs and started exercising more (to tone muscles and tighten skin). I got down to 142, but couldn't maintain it - probably cause I was building muscle at the same time. After struggling to maintain the new weight for 3 months, I decided to raise it back to my original goal of 144 - 149.

I want a weight that I can maintain while still enjoying SOME of the goodies of life - I don't want to feel like I need to constantly be "on a diet". I exercise 6 days/week for an hour each session..

Who knows... I may change it again... but as long as I make the conscience decision to change (up or down), that's ok... I just can't let it creep up and be OK with that. When that happens... it's back to the 5/1 for me!.


Comment #18

MF suggested 118...No way.. my husband will probably leave me..LOL. I just decided to get to healty BMI which is 136. I am trying not to be too fussed about the scales, and I am trying to focus on body fat%..

One of my coworkers is 115lbs @ 5'2 and she has 28% body fat so technically she is unhealthy because she is carrying too much body fat even though she looks good and wears a size 0.

I am 5'2 and 135 lbs and I have 21% body fat not only am I healthy the charts now call me fit...Me fit????? I never thought it could happen in my life time.....

One of my goals in transition and maintenance is to stay within the range of 135-137, but I would like to lose more body fat...

Comment #19

Thanks so much for all your answers...we learn a lot from those who have been there before us!. glad to hear that 1/2 inch came back. I was 5'8" before I had kids and was 5'7" when I started MF...maybe that extra inch was just fat weighing me down!. husband is the same way...he wants me to stop now...likes curvy girls!~..

Comment #20

I am 5'6" and Medifast suggested 135 for me. I am small boned and small framed and also, after thinking back on my history the weight 135 looked proportional and felt energetic and healthy on my body (15 years ago!!!).

I have never been one to get on a scale regularly, so the only reason I know that I weighed 135 during that time period was that is was leading up to and after I got married. I gained a few pounds during the wedding planning and did Weight Watchers for the month prior to my wedding to make sure I would fit into my form fitting mermaid style wedding dress. I lost a few pounds too much and the seamstress had to take in the hips just a little bit two days prior to the wedding so it fit me right! So, I put 135 as my goal. I am not really stuck on that number as a final resting place, though. I intend to keep an open mind about it. I am starting a strength training regimen in August and the extra muscle mass I gain may lead me to up my final goal weight.

The healthy me was a size 8 or 10 in high school, college, and young adulthood. I got seriously ill in high school for several months with mono, strep, and scarlet fever and lost to a size 3 and later in my last year of college I dealt with major stress from a stalking ex boyfriend and lost to a size 5. I have no clue what my weight was during those periods of time, but I do know that when my body is small enough to fit into both of those clothing sizes, I am definitely NOT healthy..

So, long story short, I am going to stop when I am comfortable in a size 8 or 10 pant whichever looks and feels healthy when I get there. The bottom line is that nobody knows your weight as they see you walking down the street, but they can visually see that amount of space your body fills, so I plan to use size and not weight as my final determining factor...

Comment #21

Speaking of gaining inches, did anyone see the Oprah the other day with Dr. Oz? Without going into too much graphic detail, he said men would gain an inch "anatomically" for every 25 pounds they lose due to receding fat padding!!!..

Comment #22

I changed my goal. I'm 5'1" and Medifast recommended 114. I have never been 114 in my adult life. My healthiest weight was 120 and I was a ballet dancer at the time. I wore size 4 or 6 pants, but extra large on top due to the girls. That's how I knew my dancing career was going nowhere I'll never get below 120 without surgery and I don't think my husband wants to see the girls go bye bye...

Comment #23

*cough* Why oh WHY do I always miss the classic ones!!! This could be rather dangerous.... no, no, I'm Not even going to go there I Want to, but I don't want to be banned..

Comment #24

Medifast recommended 138 as my goal weight. I was 361.6 at the time. I snickered..

I set 160 as my goal weight. I lost down to it. I was happy. I transitioned. During the transition I lost to 155.something, and thought that was a Good Thing as it gives me a range I think a range is important, your weight fluctuates every day, but maintaining weight loss long term, you have to jump right on it if you start gaining it back - so a "safe" weight range where if you go out of it, you diet it right back off, seems wise to me..

Then I got measured for my wedding dress and they said YOU CANNOT GAIN ANY WEIGHT AT ALL BEFORE THE WEDDING, and I went into Massive Anxiety Mode. Being the pragmatic sort, I went out and had a beautiful, serious corset hand-made to my measurements. So I'm safe even if all the pre-wedding events make me gain a couple. But I thought it would be nice to try to lose a few more just to have a little more safe buffer zone..

So I'm restricting calories somewhat while eating an all-real-food maintenance diet. If I decide that I need to, I might go back to meal replacements for a while, but I'm down to 153 at the moment, with my period approaching, so I figured I'd take stock in a couple of weeks and see where I'm at..

I suspect that my eventual weight will hover between 150 and 155. I lift weights, I'm active, and I have big hips - I just do, I've realized that given how my body likes to lose weight, the only way to get rid of my generous lower-body curves is to lose so much weight I'm skeletal in my upper body. I'm OK with being curvy, and I don't want to get bony anywhere, so here I am, at just about the right spot for me, and successfully maintaining...

Comment #25

Wow Siobhan,.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. What a wonderful success story you are. You are truly an inspiration that anyone who puts their mid to it can truly succeed at whatever they want. How long have you been maintaining?..

Comment #26

Three months or so? I'd have to go back and look. I transitioned a little early (before hitting 160) because I just felt it was time, and I continued losing during transition, so it's hard to pinpoint exactly..

So far, so good!..

Comment #27

Thanks everyone, for your replies. It's nice to know that basically all of us have a range we are comfortable in...and it's not necessarily what Medifast says right. I'm thinking that I'll just see when I feel the most comfortable and confident and able to maintain.....that is my biggest fearmaintaining!..

Comment #28

I set my goal weight to a healthy BMI (14). I am 5'3 and the weight suggested by Medifast is too small for my overall frame. In addition I am 60 years old. I am now at 138 and delighted with my size. I am in size 8 pants and skirts. The last time I was in the 120's was a an early teen.

I am large chested so I figure at least 10 pounds is "breast meat"...

Comment #29

I originally wanted to lose 40 lbs over this summer (very close, check out the tickers!). But when I saw that 40 lbs wasn't giving me the results I wanted (size 12), I decided to lower it to a weight my doctor said would be good, 185..

I'm 5'8, VERY large frame, VERY curvy (big boobs, booty, all that). I don't go by BMI, because I don't think it applies to everyone equally. The way my body is, I look curvy right now (loose 16 on the bottom, 12/14 on top), and if I go below a 12 my ribs will stick out. I don't know for sure because I haven't been there, but considering I can poke my hipbones right now I don't think I should get too much smaller..

I also don't think people should be skinny- I don't think that most people can MAINTAIN a size 2. If you can do that easily, then that's the size you should be and good for you. If not... well go up to a size 4, 6, whatever. Whereever your body is happiest is where your goal should be. 185 is just a number.

If it takes until 175, so be it..

Sorry to be a little preachy, but I think people get too obsessed sometimes. So stop worrying!! In the end, be happy with your body, because you can't get another one..

Comment #30

MF recommended 130 for me. I'm 33 yrs old and 5'4..

I set it at 120 and hope to give myself a 5 lbs range for T&M..

I'm 135 now and I know I could definately loss more than the recommended 5 lbs..

By 120 I'm pretty sure I will be where I want to be, but I'm more concerned about my body fat which I would like to be at 19% or better..

I will have my body fat checked again early Nov and I'm pretty confident that I will be in T&M by then...

Comment #31

MF recommended 148(?) for me. Haven't been that weight since early HS. I was a 10/12 thruout HS and I think I looked fine. I still look at my prom picture and notice that my collarbone was sticking out like crazy b/c I was much smaller up top than down below. So, for right now, my goal is 165. But I will assess how I look as I get closer. I just want to be in the healthy BMI range again...

Comment #32

I've changed my goal weight several times. Actually I did not have a goal weight for a while since I've always been overweight. The smallest I ever was, was a size 12 in high school about 150lbs. When I started I was 256 I just wanted to be 180. I then got to 180 and wanted to be a size 8. Now I am a size 10 and think a size 6 is looking good which I am guessing would be about 130 or 135.

I know being short I should weigh less but I'd like to have a little booty left when I get finished. I think curvy is sexy. By the way I am 5'3"...

Comment #33

I've changed it several times. I started out with 170, then increased it to 180, because I was more than happy at 190. I thought I would continue to lose in transition, and I did lose a few pounds. My range is now 180-188 (warning at 188 to go on 5&1). I have been able to pretty much stay around that range since May..

I don't remember the Medifast goal or the BMI, but they are probably around 150. I must have heavy bones and muscle, because I wear a size 12 top and size 14 bottom (some 12's), so I am more than happy at this weight. Like DAngel above, I carry all my weight in the booty and thighs, so if I got down much lower I would look even more out of proportion. I like the curvy me that I am right now...

Comment #34

Mf put me at 138, I chose 145 for now and will change it later if need be, I have been a size 6 as an adult and felt comfortable there but Had no idea how much I weighed at a size 6 so my stopping point will be more size driven then scale driven. With the way the clothing industry has messed with sizes what was a 6, 15 years ago is probably a 4 today to make more people happy..

I am 5 ' 7..

Comment #35

Interesting discussion.....has anyone else changed their goal weight and why?..

Comment #36

Okay...well now that I'm there I can revise my earlier post:.

My goal was to lose 60 pounds, which put me at 153. I chose that number because at the time I really didn't know how this would go. I didn't want to overcommit and then be disappointed..

When I hit 153 I knew I then had developed the tools & tenacity to continue on. I wanted to get into the 140's.

Once in the 140's I knew I could stand to lose a few more and I wanted an even number that number happened. 80 pounds. Am I where I need to be? I don't know, I am wearing a size 6 and I look good in clothes. I think the rest will take toning and increased weight training..

The beauty of Medifast has been knowing that I could do this...I knew that early on and that makes all the difference in the world!~..

Comment #37

No,,I followed what my Dr suggested. He said I am built too solidly because of my activity level to ever be as low as Medifast suggested. But the weight he suggested does put me right at the healthy BMI, if I were prone to follow that criteria, which I am not. I have maintained between 136-139 since Jan of 2007,,,139 was my orignial goal weight. This puts me in mostly size 8's with a few size 6's,,,,which for a 56, almost 57 yr old, is acceptable. I am a happy camper!..

Comment #38

Thanks for responding ladies and Natalie congrats on making it to 80 pounds down today. Must be an awesome feeling. Keep up the great work..

Comment #39

I have changed my goal several times. I am 5ft 3in and am 51 yrs old. Medifast recommended 122. My dr however, said 140. I chose between the two at 130. I am now 143 and struggling with the last 13 pounds.

He may actually know what he is talking about! lol..

Comment #40

I also change my goal weight UP. I am 5'4 with a medium athletic frame..

When I signed up, Medifast said my healthy range was 116-142 that was confusing what's up with the huge range!? I did not accept Medifast suggestion - instead started with a target goal of 120 because back in high school I was 118.

But two weeks ago I visited my family doctor and he said 120 seemed too low.

So my new goal is 128. I figure I will end up somewhere between 128 and 125 during transition...

Comment #41

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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