Did your baby belly go away during Nutrisystem?

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This is to all those moms out there....

My question is: Were you able to get that little baby pooch (right below the belly button area) to go away eventually with diet & exercise alone?.

I gave birth 10 months ago to a very BIG baby boy Thanks to Nutrisystem, and exercise I've lost nearly 100 lbs since the day he was born. The last time I weighed this much my stomach was flat and somewhat toned...but now I have this little pooch there..

I'm just wondering if I can ever expect my stomach to be flat againand I'm sure hoping the answer is yes.

I've been doing cardio and ab exercises. Maybe I'm just not being patient enough. Anyone have any other suggestions?.



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Your question was: Did your baby belly go away during Nutrisystem?.

Yes I did have a c-section! Does that make it worse? lol.

Wow, congrats on your 4th baby, and losing 52 lbs!..

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Congrats on losing 100 pounds! Baby belly or not, your body is going to need time to bounce back. Skin needs to tighten, muscles strengthen, etc. Give your body time to recoup. It's been through a lot in the past year and a half!..

Comment #2

Thanks Kimand yes you are probably right....

I guess I'm just hoping to hear that people have been there, done

I've read some posts about people getting tummy tucks etc, and I'm really hoping that I could achieve the stomach I want without any kind of surgery because I'm not interested in going that route...

Comment #3

Big Congrats on losing 100lbs. I would like to hit that goal by the end of this year! I have a 2.5 year old and a baby who is 11 months. Both were C sections and I have "the pooch"......

It has gotten smaller since I started Nutrisystem but too am afraid it kinda permanent. While I have never been svelt I never had this, well....pooch! I hate it. I have been exercising and I hope it goes away, but I have been thinking about a tummy tuck when the weight loss is all done...

Comment #4

You mean that weird looking patch ? I had a baby almost 8 years ago, and never took off the weight, but it seemed to me that if it doesn't completely go away, it is less evident over time. It also seems to me like genetics play a part..

But I'll let you know when I get to goal..

Comment #5

My pooch got smaller, but my stomach didn't get flat. I had 2 c-sections. I was hoping to get into a bikini, but I don't think so. Granted, I don't really do much stomach exercises though, maybe if I did, it would help...

Comment #6

Well mine was a beer belly. It seems to be the last thing goin. Not sure if it will go away or not. All I know is for me, no more beer, for yous, no more babies...

Comment #7

I was 89 lbs first time I got pregnant. Gained 60 lbs with my son. 9 years later had DD gained 45. I am all belly. Streached out and no way will it go down to flat again. I have gained and lost over the years.

Even when I got down to 135 lbs I had a belly. Now I have a bigger belly. I could have had surgery, didn't , now I don't want to. I am sure my DD will have a tummy tuck when she is done having kids...

Comment #8

Nope I Still Have One I Used To Have A Stomach Flat As A Board Now After 3 Babies,i Have Alittle Pooch.i Guess If You Canstantly Do Sit Upa Which I Don't Lol It Will Eventually Go Flat,but The More Kids You Have The Harder It Takes To Go Down,after My First One It Wasn't So Bad...

Comment #9

I had 2 big boys within 15 months, and then another 4 years later. The baby is almost 2 years old now. I used to have a flat stomach, but that is a thing of the past for now. My doctor said that my abdominal muscles were seperated after my last pregnancy/delivery, so they do not function normally now, which is why I haven't been able to see ANY weight loss/shrinking of the pooch. The only way to get rid of the pooch now is surgery, where they will also fix my severed abdominal muscles at the same time. So, in my case, there is no way that I would be able to rid myself of hte pooch by diet and excersize. I would suggest talking with your doctor about it...

Comment #10

In response to your question - my baby belly has been with me for more than 25 years and there is no exercise for me to be able to get rid of it. I delivered my son via an emergency C-section and the cut was belly button down. I have a lot of scar tissue that causes the pouch. You may be able to lose a lot of it through exercise, but I don't think you could lose it all after a C-section...

Comment #11

After four HUGE babies, my belly isn't too bad. A little pouchy, but I can live with it. I didn't get stretch marks, and never gained more than 35-40 pounds, so that may have helped. My youngest is 8 now, so I've had time to work on it!..

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