Did I go out of ketosis?

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Hi everybody,.

I've been on Medifast for 2 months now, lost about 33 lbs (SW 231)..

I've only had a few "cheat days" before, but I think I managed to stay in ketosis by not pigging out on carbs, just other stuff with higher fat & protein..

Yesterday afternoon I got caught out without my Medifast food, and after 6 hours without food, was starving. I was having a really, really bad day. So in the evening, I caved in and chowed down on pizza and breadsticks, definitely lots of carbs there..

I re-started the Medifast plan today. I'm sure I fell out of ketosis because of all the carbs I ate yesterday..

Today I feel HORRIBLE. (Physically, not mentally.) Weak, nauseous, headaches, body aches, shaky. The works..

Has anyone else had this happen after going out of ketosis for just 1 day?.

Even when I first started MF, I didn't feel bad during the first 3 days while I went into ketosis. So this surprises me..

Anybody got any ideas what is going on?.

Thanks in advance,.


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Well, it's good that you were able to get right back on plan quickly. Your body was adjusted to a healthy way of eating for a couple of months while you were sticking to plan. Getting out of ketosis probably just knocked your body out of whack. You should be feeling better in a few days, your body needs to cleanse itself again. Drink lots of water, and stick to program. The nastiness you feel when getting back on plan after getting out of ketosis is a huge incentive to stay on plan in the future.

Next time, prepare yourself for being out of the house, maybe put a bar or two in your purse for emergencies. Some people keep bottles of water and shake packets in their car and stuff. I don't know where you were - but also keep in mind that you can always get yourself to a supermarket or restaurant if out for a L&G.

Drink lots of water, get some rest, and stick to plan and your body will recover and you will start to feel better than you do today. If anything, the horrible feeling you have now can be a little reminder everytime you are thinking about cheating... you don't want to feel horrible again! Good luck..

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Yes, that sounds like your body is out of ketosis. Try to stick to the plan like glue, and drink plenty of water. You will be back in ketosis in no time...

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I have found that when I cheat I too feel miserable. But, mine is related to horrible abdominal bloating and gas (sorry). It's kinda weird because so many people say they get this way once they start this diet. I guess I gotta be different!..

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I also learned the hardway. Now, I always carry a bar I my purse. I also carry a totebag with me eveywhere (I should just get bigger purse!) In that bag, I keep a extra day's supply of MF, a bottle of water, tylenol, my herbal tea, etc. etc. That bag has been a lifesaver for me!..

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MF - don't leave home without it! That should be our moto. I even took an RTD shake to an interview last week just in case. I have a three day supply in my locker at work in case we go into lock-down (Air Force Base) and I always bring a double supply of packets with me for the day so that I have a variety to choose from.

Any time in the past when I ate "junk" I felt yucky the next day, I think this is pretty normal after having been on such a healthy diet. Next time try and remember the pain and it might help you make more sensible choices (I'm not saying I wouldn't have done the same thing in your shoes cause I probably would have!).

You are doing great since you got right back on plan, you chose to have pizza at that is ok because you didn't let you ruin your entire diet..

Take care and feel better soon...

Comment #5

I'm new to MF, what is ketosis and is it dangerous to a person with diabetes?..

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Walt, read up on the Diabetic thread - lots of support and knowledge there. This plan has helped may diabetics get healthier and some even are able to reduce or go completely off meds.

Ketosis is just a fat-burning state, and it is mild on Medifast according to the documentation. The word sounds enough like Ketoacidosis (BAD for diabetics) to scare some people but it is completely different.

I am not diabetic but both my dad and ex-husband were so I have lived around it for many years. You have made a great choice for your health - congrtulations!..

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Thanks Vie that helps a lot I feel more at ease now...

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I am pretty sure I am correct on this:.

Any diet that limits calories and/or carbs will have an effect on you if you take in too many at one time.

For instance, I have tried numerous diets and several of them were low cal, low carb diets..

The second I ate too many carbs, too many calories, I felt like I had been hit by a bus!.

I don't think it is only referring to Medifast, these feelings of headaches, weakness, etc etc..

Any diet you use that cuts out a portion of something in your daily diet will have negative effects on you IF you slip off a little, or cheat..

I guess this is a good thing, because it will teach us next time not to go off plan if we all know how we will feel the next day! LOL.

Hope this has been helpful to you..


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Thanks Cheriackerman,.

You have helped me today I am HOSTING a Tastfully simple party tonight ( something I agreed to do BEFORE Medifast ) And I was trying to figure out a way to keep on plan..... well you have put the fear of feeling like crap for a few days........LOL so I will now have the attitude about picking a BIG NO NO NO.

God Bless.


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I fell out of ketosis too! I feel horrible,knees hurt and feet I need suport to get back into my routine! got to go caryn..

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Medifast has a Program Guide for is different than the traditional 5&1 plan most people follow with different menu plans to fit into your doctor's dietary recommendations. Can't answer your question, but I would call Nutrition Support & ask them (they can also send you the program guide too)...

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It's a very bad day. I went off the plan on Sunday and paying dearly for it today. I feel like crap. Thanks for the postings. I was thinking it was due to the bad day yesterday. I had really bad gas pains for the past few days.

After taking something for it, I got relief. Today it's light headiness, head ache, body discomfort & out of sorts. It is a good kick in the rear to stay focused. It is funny how fast my body says, "Oh No, you did not just do that!".

Thanks & good luck to all..


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