Detox 7 Reviews

This is my Detox 7 review. Detox 7 is a 7-day diet that will help cleanse the body and help the user to lose weight. Many people have lost up to 10 pounds because they shed a lot of impurities from their body. Detox 7 helps take off excess water weight and reverses the effects from processed foods and sugars by putting wholesome nutrients into the body. Adding wholesome foods helps aid the process of digestion and prevents bloating and fatigue.

Starting a Detox 7 diet is simple. Many only involve fruit juices only, but this one combines fruit, vegetables and whole grains. A lot of the users nauseous and lightheaded especially in the first day or two because your body is not use to eating so healthy. It also may be in a state of withdrawal from caffeine and sugar. NOTE: If you do get nauseous try peppermint or ginger tea. This Detox 7 diet is safe and healthy for most people. As with any diet or exercise regiment the user should always consult a physician before starting.

Daily Regimen

· When you wake up drink (2) 8 oz glasses of spring or filtered water. Squeeze ½ lemon into one glass as this will help with digestion. The goal for each day is to drink 6 glasses of water.

· Breakfast: Between 7 and 8 am have a piece of fresh fruit. Then 15-30 minutes later eat 1-2 cups of cooked whole grain. Waiting will help the digestion process. Suggested grains are buckwheat, brown rice, millet, amaranth, or quinoa. Barley, corn, oats, wheat and rye have been known to have the reverse effect and cause constipation and bad digestion. With the grains take multivitamins or supplements to get 200 to 499 IU of natural Vitamin E and 100mg of selenium. These fight the free radicals the body produces during detox. Taking it with food prevents nausea.

· Snack: At around 11am or noon have 1to 2 cups of vegetable water from steaming your lunch and dinner. At a little salt and warm up. Then drink 500 to 1,000 mg of Vitamin C powder buffered with magnesium and calcium mixed with 6 oz of water.

· Lunch: Between noon and 1pm eat 4 cups of steamed vegetables. Add 4 cups of raw vegetables to 2 cups of water and steam. Save the water in the refrigerator for your snack. You can combine vegetables so you can have a variety of flavors just make sure they are about the same size so that cooking time is even. Seasoning them with olive oil, garlic, salt and fresh herbs is ok too. Just make sure any seasoning is in small amounts.

· Snack: At 3pm have 1to 2 cups of vegetable water from steaming your lunch and dinner. At a little salt and warm up. Then drink 500 to 1,000 mg of Vitamin C powder buffered with magnesium and calcium mixed with 6 oz of water. If you feel hungry drink some non-caffeinated tea or have a small amount of protein. Chamomile and peppermint are good tea choices. Legumes of 3-4oz of organic chicken or fish are good proteins. Having it at this time is best for digestion in the body.

· Dinner: Between 6 pm and 7 pm eat another meal of steamed vegetables just like lunch. Save the water for your snack for the next day. Eating this early in the day will allow your body to properly digest your food and will help in the detox process. Do not eat anything else for the rest of the day.

Diet is only the start. In addition to doing the daily regimen individuals should do the following:

1. Exercise.

Light exercise like walking, yoga or cycling can help with circulation, sweating out waste and increasing your bowel movements. Try to do about an hour a day. Breaking it up in segments will help if you feel fatigue.

2. Have Regular Bowel Movements.

You should have a bowel movement once a day. Twice a day is the goal. Try using a laxative tea or psyllium husk if you do not have a bowel movement the first day.

3. Use a loofah.

This will stimulate circulation and also clean off those dead skin cells.

4. Use steam.

Try a sauna or steam room to sweat out impurities. If these are not available a hot shower for 15-20 minutes daily will do.

By the end of the detox you should feel less bloated and energized. If you experience headaches during the detox try white willow bark. If you feel irritable try taking calcium (300 to 400 mg) or magnesium (250mg) once a day.

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