"Designer Whey", "Muscle Milk" or VitaminShoppe's "Pro-Performance"??

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My first question is: "Designer Whey", "Muscle Milk" or VitaminShoppe's "Pro-Performance"??.

My next question is: Ive now heard this mentioned a few times on here so thought i'd see what information I can get, I obviously understand it prevents hair loss whilst on gear..

Has anyone used it? does it work?.

Reason been I'm 38 still got me hair, and thinks id like to preserve

Ali m..

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Lol, your all funny, like I said I have a full head of hair, and one just thought hey never heard of this finasteride stuff, and if it it does the job ill preserve my hair,.

You do make me laugh...pmsl..

Comment #1

From the research I did, not going into all the really scientific stuff ( coz I dont understand half of it), basically finasteride is a DHT inhibitor. Testosterone converts to DHT, and DHT causes MPB (male pattern baldness). Finasteride is 95% effective in blocking DHT and therefore when taking test products it will protect you from loosing those precious locks!! One thing to remember though is that it is only effective in protecting MPB with testosterone products. so basically if you use dinabol for example - it wont be effective. Im not sure of the reason for this or how accurate this statement is. but iv heard it from many people from other forums.

Personally I would only ever consider using steroids which are easy on the hairline such as test(with finasteride), deca, boldenone, anavar and turinabol.

Dutasteride is just a stronger version of finasteride. Saw palmetto will help reduce DHT but it will be on a very small scale - like a 5% reduction in DHT compared to the 95% of finasteride.

Another thing to remember with finasteride is that usage over a prolonged period can lead to a decrease in libido - which is why I would only ever take it during cycle periods and half way through PCT. Iv heard a few stories on forums which are not linked to bodybuilding of bald guys whov taken it to try and stop their hairloss and also regrow some of their lost hair. Whilst they did report good results, some also said that it ruined their sex lives and therefore discontinued...

Comment #2

Ok, so these are the one that have less affect on hair loss deca, boldenone, anavar and turinabol., can they be stacked together?.

Thanks sitries great post mate..

Comment #3

I dont think you can stack deca with anything. check out the saw palmetto my freinds swears by it....go on what you got to loose either that or we both got the world of toupes look, I always wanted have the long hair 70's look with the long burns..

Comment #4

I'm no expert and even I know you can stack deca....

Mate as sitries said Saw Palmetto is only going to be a mind inhibitor at best.....

Comment #5

Decca only = bye bye erections. yes your right but as part of of your pct thats why you take hcg and other stuff wichg brings it back 100 percent. I have had testimonials from a freind who used decca on it's own and reported of that problem he took hcg and everything was back to I learnt of my freind the other day pct is a must...................a must................well I'm sure you cant stack deca with anything.......

Comment #6

You can stack deca with most things.. I was just merely asking a stupid simple question which to be honest I already new. but just wanted reasurring..

Comment #7

You have access to google yes...?.

Google 'Deca Stack'.

You have access to the search button on here yes...?.

Search for Deca on here.

I can think specifically of a number of cycles deca would be used in/with.....

Comment #8

*ahem* oh here goes....

There there AliM... Don't worry... Everything will turn out for the best... I'm sure of it... Its completely normal at your age... I'm sure it happens to most men at some point.....

Comment #9

I don't really get all that hair hype....

But you guys can at least throw 100-150mg/wk of test e/c to the stack, that would be about natty-high level, which should prevent libido loss, help immensely with gains and wont cause hair loss - unless you're like _really_ sensitive to MBP.

Bromocriptine/dostinex lower progesterone levels btw(reduce gyno sensitivity,libido loss and shutdown from deca/tren)..

Comment #10

Sorry dude but I post on many boards and decca is probably numero uno for suppression, the boards are full of threads where people have crashed using decca only. Some guys have taken as long as a year to recover from it. Thats with running pct including hcg..

Some guys can get away with it sure!! But decca only is not a great idea for most..

If your gonna run decca , run it with test. Plus always run more test then you do decca..

I.e 500mg test , 400mg decca..

Comment #11

Agreed with all except last part. I don't get logic behind that mg/mg rule - even if you don't lose libido during cycle higher test levels don't prevent progesterone buildup leading to harder crash after longer cycle(unless bromo/dosti), no?..

Comment #12

Mmm, suppose you owed me that one, lol....... well spotted though. be carefull what you write, lol..

Comment #13

Like the others have said. Deca is a very popular steroid for stacking. Most people stack it with test - these two together provide an unbeatable bulking cycle. Deca alone is not a poular choice coz of the shutdown issue. Although iv heard reports from some guys whov used it alone to good effect. To be hionest though, it cant be a great idea if the vast majority of guys are saying it's a bad idea.

Personally though I wouldnt want to run the test without finasteride coz it will still convert to DHT. My next cycle I'm thinking about going with test and boldenone and il be using finasteride - this cycle will be easy on the old hairline...

Comment #14

Less known fact is that nandrolone have somewhat higher affinity to 5AR than test, which results in competitive binding - effect is that same amount of test with deca converts to less dht than would be produced from that test alone...

Comment #15

Interesting point tiggy. iv heard this before but wasnt sure how true it was and to what extent adding deca to the test reduced DHT. I dont suppose you know why people say if your doing test and deca together then you shouldnt use finasteride?? it's supposed to make you shed even morte hair for some reason. although I have heard this claim floored by one guy who said it's total bolox. tbh iv never really been sure of the answer but because so many ppl warn against it iv never wanted to take the risk. If the claims were untrue and test and deca were compatible in a stack with finasteride then id definately do a test deca stack!..

Comment #16

Actually here or same here is the myth debunk, you can crossreference with all-timer deca article which pretty much confirms it..

If I can add, take at least a look here, theres much more info on that site, some of it quite terrifying...

Comment #17

Iv read the 1st article before. Its wierd that so many ppl say test deca and finasteride doesnt mix. I couldnt get onto the 2nd article you posted, but the 3rd website was a bit worrying with regards to long term usage of finasteride. id be interested to research that a bit more...

Comment #18

Maybe because with moderate doses in test/deca cycle amount of created dht is low to acceptable, while further lowering it by using 5ar inhibitor can cause effects of dht deprivation (libido loss, gyno, even actual d**k shrinkage) - just guessing, probably somebody just reported bollocks and it started..

I wonder how/if that 25% AR downregulation affects gains irl.....

Comment #19

Yeah - it seems some ppl are pretty against finateride (on that website anyway!). maybe it's the long term usage of it that causes problems. I didnt notice any trouble when I used it tbh but that was only for 3months.

It didnt affect gains for me eather. well it didnt seem to at least. I put on 30lbs from the a test cycle - although it was my 1st cycle...

Comment #20

I think finasteride is dangerous when used alone, but it definitely has it's place in steroid use. Not a golden solution for hair loss, that it's marketed as..

Another interesting thing I've found - DHT article.

Have you used AI? You're probably only shedding water, so don't worry..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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