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My question is: Describe yourself examples for

My 2nd question is: Hi I am a male and I am looking for advice from a lady, I guess there is no better way to learn than talk to a woman, what I am asking for is some advice from women who can answer my question, I may be smart at certain things and confounded by others such as when a woman is flirting, there is this lady I met several months ago and I honestly believe she is really flirting with me big time and that is why I am asking for some advice, it all started when i teased her about a 70 year old man who wanted to take her to veags and marry her so when I bought a beer I told her to take $2.00 and put in her veags fund and nothing was said for about 2 weeks and then she blurted out to me in front of my friends she was only going to veags with me, and then about a month later she came out and told me she had broken up with her boy friend, so this continued and I came in and told her I had a goal and that was to make at least one person laugh a day and told her she was the chosen one and proceeded to make her laugh and then the next week came back and asked who was the chosen one and she said choose me,me,me, and she made a point of saying it out loud, and then she recieved some flowers from her ex-boyfriend and she was very upset, so the next night I went into visit her I put a flower on her vehicle and she thought it was her ex and I confessed I did it and then she said she was going to put the flower at home in her bedroom, so I asked her out at her convenience and her response was sure and then saw her on friday and she seemed a little different, and then I saw her on saturday and I guess her ex came in and was promptly removed and she said she had talked to her friend and they decided I should know about it, so if any of you beautiful ladies can help me out I would greatly appreciate it and what your feelings are and if this was because she liked me, thanks for your time.


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Sounds like she likes you, But the EX how long was he around ? sometimes EX's just dont go away right away, Especially if her heart is still in it with him, she may want to go out with you but right now she has baggage to deal with. It might be safe to gaurd your heart with this..


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Since she is having issues with her ex it wouldnt be wise for you to date using her right now.  You can tell her that once she is rid of the ex then you'd love to take her out but you cant go through the roller coaster ride with her...

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Hi lefthey,.

Glad to have you on the board!!.

She's flirting, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she's into you.  In this case I think she does like you.  See I know I flirt once in a while, but it's me just being friendly.  Not the best - I know.  I think her ex is scarring her a bit and she doesn't want to scare you off.  It's great that she told you about what's going on.  I think that means more than the flirting.  Just take it slow and let her get her footing again..

Good Luck,.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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