Should I flavor water during Medifast?

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Let me just ask this simple question of those of you who have succeeded on this program..

I hope I will get some honest answers...even if you have to send me a private message..

I would like to know if any of you have lost a considerable amount of weight (40 lbs. or more) in a relatively short time (3 or so months) and flavored your water throughout..

(This would include substituting diet green tea for some of the water)..

I am getting mixed messages about the importance of not flavoring water and I am VERY confused..

Thanks so much. I need this information to know whether I can continue Medifast or not...

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Hi mulberry.

Ive only been on it 10 weeks and have lost just under 30lb and yes I flavor my water. with momentum strawberry lemonade and I buy the sugar free Hawaiian tropic at walmart for $1.00 and I buy south beach flavors also. I thank they are all very strong so I mix more water or buy a large bottle like liter with the wide mouth. it is easer to drink out of.

I have not heard any thing about not flavoring your water. it's the only way for me..

Good luck..

Comment #1

Is the water thing what is causing you to think about quitting?? Don't quit!!!!.

Here is my theory? Is plain old H20 better for you? Sure. Is Crystal Lite and Diet Green Tea and such bad for you? I highly doubt it. Is it a deal breaker? I don't think so. I had a urologist tell me one time (I was having lots of UTI and other issues.) He said "Pam, I don't care what you drink, water, juice, soda or Jack Daniels, JUST DRINK!" Now do I think he meant that literally? No! Was he talking about weight loss? No! But that quote stuck with me all these years!.

If it were me, I would drink whatever it takes to get my 64 ozs in. Maybe each day be sure you try to get some plain old H20 in. Like today make a promise you will get 8 ozs of plain H20 every day this week. Slowly add to that if you can but I don't honestly think it is a deal breaker!.

Also I only like my plain ole water out of my PUR filter. You might consider one of those or one of the jugs that you put in the fridge that filter the water for you..

Don't quit over are smarted than that and you are WORTH more htan that!..

Comment #2

I hate water. Not "dislike;" not "don't particularly care for;" the operative word is hate. Now I'm not a fast loser. I'm 63 and haven't been able and/or willing to exercise very much. But I have lost 100 pounds by flavoring water, and I WILL get to my goal - still flavoring..

Do what's necessary - Medifast works...

Comment #3

Thanks for your reply, Animalcrackers!! It was wonderful to hear of someone who has lost such a large amount of weight using flavored water!! I feel so much better already..

What a great job you have done...

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I think whatever works for for it!.

I myself, used nothing but plain water throughout. I did buy the flavored infusers and only do one a day when I need little kick start or some extra energy. Love them. I do still drink my full amount of plain water each day in addition to the infuser drink..

I just recommitted one week ago so I'm not sure if the infusers are making a difference as to what I did at the initial start of MF.

Whatever you...PLEASE DON'T QUIT!!!.


Comment #5

I switched to flavored water about a month ago, and have noticed no difference in the rate my body is releasing fat from my system. Because of my concern about the long term effects of aspartame, I did a search and turned up this article from MedicineNet. It took the guilt out of my flavored water and added a lot of enjoyment to my day - not to mention the fact that I can now drink all the water I'm supposed to and more....



Comment #6

Yay, I'm glad to hear this too! Lightly flavoring the water gets me the 64 oz in easily and even more like 80 oz. I did stop using the Medifast infusers bc. they're listed at 2 g. carb per packet, and started using Crystal Lite at purportedly 0 g. carb...

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I've been on for 2 months and am down 30 pounds and I regularly flavor my water with Crystal Light. It has not been a problem for me!..

Comment #8

I guess success is a relative term. I've been on the program for about 6 weeks and have lost 19 lbs. I'm pretty happy with that..

I use Infusers, Crystal Light, True Lemon, lemon and lime slices and flavored Perrier. I some times also use Hanson's zero mixed .25/1 with Perrier..

For Infusers and Crystal Light I use 1/2 a packet to 24 oz of water as I just don't like them very strong..

I use tiny slices of lemon and lime vs. a 1/4 wedge..

I log it all.

But it does mean I probably drink 140-150 oz of "water" a day. I also drink plain water some as well but probably not 8 glasses worth..


Comment #9

I have lost 45 # and always flavor my water with the Medifast infusers or chrystal lite.. Otherwise I doubt I would drink at all. Of course there are a few diet sodas and some coffee thrown in there too! don't quit you can do this.. Flavor your water and just move on...


Comment #10

Crystal light is more like 2 carbs per packet. Each serving has probably .9 carbs and each packet is 2 servings. Just an FYI. Definitely cheaper than the infusers and more variety, but I have yet to find a product that gives me the kick of the Momentum infusers...

Comment #11

Ditto. Close to a gallon a day a lot of days...

Comment #12

Walmart makes a good flavored water with nutrasweet. My family loves them and they are cheap - like 50 cents a bottle. Great fruit flavors...

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While I won't call myself a success, so to speak, I did go thru a period of flavoring my water cause I was desparately missing that tangy taste that you can't seem to find in Medifast foods. But during that time, my weight loss did significantly slow down and sped back up when I went back to straight water..

Personally, I think it is all about your particular body type....I just have to be super concious about the carbs..

Good luck with finding what works for your body!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.