How to deal with vacations when on Medifast?

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I'm still in the weight lose phase of MF. We are going on vacation in 2 weeks.

I'll have a kitchen available during the morning and plan to take Medifast eggs for breakfasts..

Then the rest of our day will be driving to and walking around National/State parks.

I'm hoping to put a small cooler in the car and pre mix some shakes and teas to put in it. Though I still haven't found anything to mix them in yet. I won't be able to wash them until we return to the resort each day, so I'm looking for something other than my Medifast shaker jar.

I'm not to worried about my L/G, I'm sure most restraunts will have something I can have..

Any suggestions from Medifast veterans, things that you found handy when on vacation. Any tricks.

That made the trip easier for you. Any problems you encountered. How about airplane travel, what did you do for meals.

Any and all suggestions appreciated.



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I always just took bars (1 per day of course), and the shakes and hot drinks, when we vacationed, even on cruises! And I always came home a pound or two lighter. I always just got a bottle of water, drank some out, funneled the shake carefully into the rest of the bottled water,,,shook and drank,,I put the hot drinks in my coffee. If your kitchen has a microwave, you could do the soups also, put them in a small insulated contatiner, and have them ready for later in the day. Medifast and traveling work very well together! I still use the hot drinks on occasion in maintenance, simply becasue I love the cappacino ,chai, or hot cocoa stirred into my coffee in the salon,,I can sip as I work on clients, and settle any hunger or cravings. Have fun on your vacation!!..

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Definitely bring bars - they are portable. I find that the teas and fruit drinks are the easiest to pour right into a water bottle and shake, then the water bottle can be disposed of. Some people are able to pour the shakes into water bottles, too - just call me Grace, I can't seem to do that without spilling!!.

The hot drinks are easy, too - like Shu said you can pour right into a coffee. You could make some muffins ahead of time to take you through the first few days, too..

Enjoy your vacation!..

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Have to laugh here,,many refer to me as "shu",when referencing a post here of mine,,is funny, as studies show we miss letters when reading words, and only see the "important" letters,,,,so,,,is this what happens on Medifast boards,,is the "c" here just not seen when we read?,or does everyone just make the same typo??? It doesn't bother me at all,,didn't mean to come across in that manner,,I know who you mean,,lol,,,but just find the repeat occurances something to wonder about based on those studies,,,,,,typos don't bother me either,,neither does "dyslexic" typing as mine is many times...ok,,totally off topic,,,sorry,,lol..

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... on the hot drinks and coffee. Get a second cup or bring one. put in powder and just a little hot liquid and stir to make a paste add a little more liquid sir and so on and you won't get as many lumps. This is true of soups also...

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Try some of the muffin recipes works great on shakes, soups, chilli and stew. They come out like english muffins slice and put on some mustard (available at road stops) or bring jelly, salsa, etc. Enjoy w/cuppa coffee or water..


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Good point Sterling,,I forgot about doing that, thanks for adding that...

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I love the RTDs for car trips. Keep a few in the cooler and you're good to go...

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Glad to hear the ideas. Will be going on a cruise with hubby for 12 nights and traveling for about 4 more days in July. Don't want to gain it all back. It will be hard not to eat everything on a cruise!..

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I'd make shake cakes and cream of whatever soup "breads" for the day. Easy to slip into a zip lock and right in the purse or backpack. We're heading to Disney in June and that's my plan. Good luck!..

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Thank you for some excellent ideas. I think I'll put a small funnel in my bag to help facilitate the pouring of powder into bottle. I just tried a recipe for making the oatmeal into granola and it was pretty good. So I think I'll make a little of that. That will come in handy on the plane too.

Hopefully w/all the walking we'll be doing, I'll come home with a decent weight lose...

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How about mixing up the shakes, putting them in water bottles and freezing them. By the time you've done a little hiking they should be just right...

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As long as we're talking about travelling, we are cruising to Bermuda in July. I believe I will have a small fridge in the cabin, but no micro, and Bermuda is, um, very warm in July (we did the same trip last year...the in-laws' are treating!) Any advice as to which bars won't melt all over the place when we're out on the island? I'm thinking Lemon-yogurt or the oatmeal. Was also wondering if anyone knows how long I could expect a shake cake, muffin, or cream soup bread to keep if kept in the fridge...was thinking I could do a little baking before we leave..

I think I'll be consuming a lot of cran-mango. LOL! Thankfully, having been on the cruise last year, I'm not overly worried about being tempted by the food. It wasn't fabulous enough to go off plan...

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I just found a great portable shaker made for protein shakes at GNC and it was on sale for under 10.00. THis may help you out tremendously for those non magic bullett clumps we get from time to time. For those looking for a cheaper alternative to the Magic Bullet, GNC also had their own mini blender with cup on top, great for offices or home use and it was on sale for 19.00. May be worth checking out for vacationers. Hope this helps. Janet..

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I think the granola bars would be least likely to melt, personally. Anything with a creamy coating is high-risk in hot weather...

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What are RTD's? I am new to the program...

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RTD = Ready to Drink shakes..

You are sort of.....sideways, too...

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<knocking myself on the forehead> Thanks, Vie, kind of forgot about the granola bars! I'll be adding a box to my July order, along with some RTDs...

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