Dealing with Medifast cravings

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I am almost done with my first week and have lost 5.8lbs!! I have stayed 100% OP all week and I am still dealing with cravings!! Why???? I am craving stuff like Cheddar Cheese and now Peanut butter. I want to go into the kitchen right now and eat a TBS of just peanut butter! LOL! Uhg I hope these cravings go away soon!..

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My guess is that it's mental, not physical cravings. Not that it makes it any easier. For me I developed a mantra the first time around that when I got cravings I would just repeat to myself.

Mine was along the lines of I'm spending too much money to make cheating worth it and every cheat means that much longer before I could eat real food. But you have to find the one that works for you..

I also used diet root beer and sugar free gum as a 'substitute' when I was having really instense cravings for something off plan..

Stick with it! 5.8 lbs the first week is great!..

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I love peanut butter so for that flavor I got some DaVinci Pb syrup. It is sugar free and I mix it with the chocolate pudding. I tell myself over and over that it taste like a recess pb cup. It will help you get thru...

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Thanks so much for the info! I wonder if my getting ready to start my '.' has anything to do with the intense cravings. I guess we will see. LOL!..

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I'm pretty sure that's it. I finished my 1st week today & have no cravings whatsoever. However, I was on Medifast in 2008, and I remember the week before my TOM, it was tough. Hang in there - it's only a few days. ~Sonia~..

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If possible id throw the pb out. When I crave 'real food' (my term for anything not sweet) I eat a couple pickles and I'm good and a bar takes care of my sweet cravings. Best of luck!..

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I am starting week 3 and there are times I crave BP too especially when I am making lunch for my kids. Yesterday on TV they were eating chocolate chip cookies with milk and it looked so yummy. So I had to turn the channel or just mentally stay strong because it is all mental. Good luck.....

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Cheese can be used while on the 5-1, it's considered a "Meatless option". Go to "Success Tools" at the top of this thread and click on "eat right" to access the list of meatless options and their allowed portions...

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Not sure if this will help but are you getting all of your water in? When I start feeling hungry it's usually because I haven't had enough water. Make sure you're getting it all in. Maybe it will help with the cravings Good luck!!..

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Thanks I saw that and that page has helped me a lot!!! :-} I think I might try those Boca Burgers I have heard good things about them...

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Thanks!! I am getting all my water in, and it has helped, but some days are just harder then others! :-}..

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I've been on the program since Thanksgiving (with a haitus for the holidays) and I still get cravings. I think it's from just having so many carbs and sugar for so takes a while for you to get used to it. My cravings are less than they used to it's not daily, more a once in a while thing. Try a peanut butter crunch bar if you have one, that's what I do...reach for something Medifast that's sweet.

5.8 lbs is GREAT for first week. Keep it up. I took my measurements yesterday and was shocked. Even after only 15 lbs lost, I lost an inch off my arms, 2 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my hips and one inch from my thigh. That alone made me never want to cheat or go on "haitus" again..

Hang in there...and congrats on first week!.


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Boco burgers arent the best. If you want to try some yummy meatless options go with the morning star farms products, on the meatless list they are called "MSF". They have all diferent kinds of things and are sold at almost all grocery stores. I am a vegetarian so i've pretty much tried it all when it comes to meatless options Just thought id share my thoughts!..

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I too have cravings for peanut butter and cheese. I crab a peanut butter crunch bar for a Medifast meal and reduced calorie mild cheddar cheese 2% (usually Kraft) for my lean meal (meatless option = 4 oz.). Both of these options have helped a lot this week, my second week on the program...

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Isn't it funny how our tastes are different? I LOVE Boca burgers (especially the All American Flame Grilled Cheeseburgers, and we get THREE of those in a serving, so it's easy to have 1 at lunch and 2 at dinner. Great for hungry days!)...

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I have been getting cravings lately too. I think drinking the water is key; I have been trying to up my water intake, and it does help. I think you're right about the sugar; I know I am a sugar addict, and I think it takes a long time. I had terrible cravings yesterday, but just drank more. I use crystal light with my water some of the time and it really helps. Hang in there...

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I hate to say it but nine months out I still get cravings...The upside is I KNOW now that it's mental and there is NO real reason to give in to it. I have been trying to do more in the winter to keep busy... I recently started doing needlepoint and embrodirey again and I want to learn how to crochet...

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Hang in there! It DOES get easier..

I would say it took me a good 2 weeks to stop wanting food I smelled and saw, and to be honest about a good year to get food out of my head...

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I am finishing up my four months right now and still have times when it seems like all I want to do is eat. I haven't caved yettry to do some housework or something when it gets really bad. Have you all heard about the new Medifast brownies that should be available around Feb 8th? Oooooo...I don't know if ONE is going to be enough! LOL..

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I can relate. I have been on the plan for about 5 weeks now and was doing pretty well - until last Sunday, when I snapped and ate a PB&J sandwich at 10 in the evening. Boy, did I feel guilty. I was a little down and mopey the next morning but have let it go - am now back OP. As for why the cravings continue, well, it's a little hard when certain foods are constantly in your face. Even if you clean out your cupboards, there are the TV and magazine ads, restaurants, etc.

The author says the conditioning for overeating never really goes away completely, but you can rewire your brain to respond differently to cravings. I'm trying to do breathing exercises every time I crave french fries, donuts, etc. It ain't easy but it seems to work in general...

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