Day 73 on Murad Acne Complex & still breaking out

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So anything would be great right about now.. because I'm just sooo downnnn in the dumps Sooooo it's day 73 and I THOUGHHTTTTT BY NOW... id see some great improvement atleasttttt. BUT since I started Tane things have only been downnnnn hill. I know I know things get worse before they get bettter.... BUT Uh I just want my life back and I haven't been out in forever because my skin just suuuuucks.

Just very inconsistant and sometimes it would be really goood then sometimes really bad. soooo I started Tane.... anyways about 3 weeeks or so into tane... I got alllll these little blocked pores on my cheeeeks which was very very new to meeee.. I never really had issues on my cheeeks..

BUT for the last 2 months my cheeks keeep breaking out and the little clogged pores get inflamedddd. Its so frustrating. When will it enddddddd? Day 73 and I'm stillll not happy with my skin what so ever. I'm halfway through my 3rd I guess really it's been about 2 and half month right???? day 73 and still depressssed..waaah. Soooo anyways when do things start improving and loooking up......atleast in other ppls experiences...


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Apologies in advance for being an old grouch ..... but I feel compelled to make some non-Murad Acne Complex related suggestions: Please don't post in weird fonts and colors. It's annoying to read. Please don't repeat all those letters in every other word. Limit yourself to doing it once per post, for actual emphasis. Again ...

Please use paragraphs to break up your thoughts.

You guessed it .... annoying to read.Thanks very much for your consideration...

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OH wow. Somethings are better left un-said.... HA id SAY! wowzerssss. YUP being a grouch is def what I would clasify you as, Uh no affense. I'm actually a really nice girl but yiiiikes! I'lll type in the colors I want...the font I want... and you guuuessed it...the way I want.

Don't write anything. And if my font and typing annoy you... YOU guessed it again... DON'T READ IT. k byyyye..

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Lol, I will type what I want.At least I was a polite grouch.Cheerio...

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Uhhh I guesss.. but basically you told me to change the way I type and the colors and everything. Kind of a pointless post if you ask me. Where supposed to be helping eachother around here..... NOT picking at stupid things like fonts. haha. Juicy..

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I made suggestions.If you want serious people to read and respond to your posts, you might take those suggestions under serious consideration.That is all...

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Welll anyways... any real responses to my question? Anything would be great! Thanks guys xoxoJuicygirl..

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I've been on Murad Acne Complex for almost 3 months,only recently my inflamed active acne have calmed down and left red marks...but give it some time hang in there it will work at the end of the day..i thought the same when I started it and didn't see much improvements but it works just need to be patient..and yea I use to socialize alot more than now ,but do something you like if your depressd..i still feel down but I try to work out and do other things I love which help me over come all this...goodluck just be patient drink alot of water and you will see some good results eventually..

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Thankks Ya I sure hope I seee results soooon. I'm over breaking out constantly. I just keeep breaking out on my cheeks. They aren't cysts or even that big but some what inflamed and frustrating. I'm trying to stay strong.. but it's really hard. Gooood luck to you though!!!..

Comment #8

Its so discouraging toooo me. Im 10 weeks in and my cheeeeks are a MESSS. Ive never had an issue like this what so ever. My cheeks never ever ever ever broke out like this. I went on Murad Acne Complex because I was getting a cysts..... about 2 a month but they were really reallly biiiig.

BUT nowwww my cheeeks are breaking out like crazy.. when will it end. Im miserable. and Im scared Murad Acne Complex isn't working for me... it's just making my skin worse help pleassse.....

Comment #9

My cheeks are also breaking out in large, red painful lumps. I am 7 weeks in. I hope it goes away...i hope i'm not one of those people who has WORSE acne after Murad Acne Complex!..

Comment #10

The bumps on my cheeks aren't big cysts or really big zits at all. Since i've started Murad Acne Complex ive been lucky that my cyst have gone away... I would only get a few cysts a month.. but big ones. But since tane the cysts have stopped and I haven't really gotten to many really big painful zits so far. The stuff on my cheeks are little blocked pores that formed and keep becoming inflamed.

But everyone keeps saying give it time.. give it time... it's so worth it. sooo I really hope all this stress and waiting and being miserable and sad is worth it in the long run. Its a tough tough road...

I'm trying too. and what do you mean by one of those people who get worse acne after Murad Acne Complex.. ive never heard that before..?..

Comment #11

I'm the opposite...i usually didn't get painful cysts on my face before (mostly I got them just on my back) but now I am getting them on my face. when I did used to get them on my face occasionally, they were mostly on my chin. now I am not getting them on my chin, but I am getting them on my cheeks. i'm also getting them in strange places like on my belly.some people have negative experiences with Murad Acne Complex and feel that their acne is actually worsened by it. see the positive and negative experiences section...

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Murad Acne Complex is supposed to be pushing everything out. So give it time. I know it's so sooo soo hard. I'm so impacient and sad right now.... but I'm going to give it time like people say & then if it doesn't work after several months.... then i'll freak out.

Im trying so so soo hard to keep my head up. Trust me I know it's hard. That's intresting your getting them on your stomach??.. did you ask your derm about that? Just try to give it time....i know it sucks to say but they say time heals everything. xoxo..

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For people who are on Murad Acne Complex now... or are done with there course.... do you think it's normal to still be breaking out bad on your cheeks at day 74? and I don't see an end to this anytime sooon...seeing as I can seee lttle blocked pores everywhere..still. I'm starting to think Murad Acne Complex isn't going to work for me. People have been helpful w. messages and comments on here....and I have heard from alot of helpful people on here..that it takes time...

Should I be worried?..

Comment #14

And I thought I was going to be grouch here. juicygirl I don't know how long I've been on tane really... I just count how many packages I go through. So far I've done 2 and I'm just started my 3rd a week ago. I guess I'm somewhere around 67 days. I'm in the same boat as you.

Me and you haven't even completed 50 percent of the course yet to be complaining about any improvements. And from what I hear you only see results somewhere in your 4 month (67 percent of the course done). So keep your head up and keep counting the days and hope you will slowly see improvements. Its hard I know and it's not as easy done as it's said...

Comment #15

Thanks Narcissus09.... it's def a long hard processs to be going through... it's really taking a toll on me. But thanks for your support. <3..

Comment #16

I'm on like day 170 or so and I've broken out as recent as a few days ago... =[Thankfully, at least none of the new ones are cysts anymore..

Comment #17

Hey clearskinplease!! Day 170 and still breaking out??...What was your acne like before tane....and have you seeen improvement through out the course?... I mean when did you stop getting cysts? Just wondering.. get back to me. Thanks xoxo..

Comment #18

Clearskinplx you shouldn't worry if your still breaking out just a little. Murad Acne Complex stays in your body after your done the course and continues to improve your skin magically...

Comment #19

I want to know what that one person was talking of those people whose acne gets worse after Murad Acne Complex? I have NEVER heard of that happening to anyone.Anyways...Im not the best person to give advice because I haven even started tane yet ( I will be in a couple weeks) but believe me I have been stalking the logs now for a while and from what I have read it seems that the greatest improvements are seen in month 4 and I wouldnt be worrying that you are still breaking out on day 73...I mean that is barely 2 1/2 months. I bet you it'll start clearing up!!! Dont loose hope!! At least you have already started....I still have to go through alll that crap!!Well keep us posted on your progress and keep your head up! You know Murad Acne Complex works for like 96 percent of people!!!Oh by the way what kinda doseage are you on and how much do you weigh?..

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Heyyy shellbell! whats up? I weigh 118 pounds and I was on 40mg month 1 and 2...and I'm on month 3 right now at 60mg. My lips are dry and my eyes are a lil bit... but my skin isn't flakey or dry at all. It's pretty much the same as when I started tane. It was never really really oily.. I always needed moisturized anyways.

I try to keep it as real as possible as much as this is a tough time right now. 96% is prettty good.. I'm liken my chances... it would be awful to be the 4%. But anyways yesterday I went to my regular doctor and she put me on something called bactrim...its used for staph infections and people have used it for acne as well.

Soo I was talking to my doctor and I eneded up explainin to her I though the things on my face were caused by a bacterial infection or something..and she actually gave me a week worth of bactrim. Im hoping this is the push Murad Acne Complex neeeds.. because my cheeks kept getting these blocked pores on them..and it was never endinggg. My cheeks never broke out pre-tane. Sooo we'll see how things go...

But anyways goood luck with everything! Nivea a kiss of moisture is a goood chap stick as well..

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