Day 4 of Medifast: No weight loss

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It is my first time trying Medifast and as a working mother I was very excited about utilizing a simple plan. I have 15 pounds of baby weight left and seem to have stalled out with Weight Watchers. I have read so many great stories online; congrats to everyone who is rocking this program. However, I am on day 4 and..NADA!!! I have not lost one ounce!!!.

I am logging everything into the online My Plan section and according to the computer, I am doing everything correctly. I am even chasing around a toddler everyday (okay, so perhaps my 15 pounds is no longer baby weight)!.

My question is long does it usually take to start seeing real results? Am I being overly ambitious?.

I will keep plugging away and hope to see some progress. Fingers crossed!..

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Can you list what you are eating in a day? Including everything.....meals, condiments, sodas, etc. Water?.

I will say that 4 days is an extremely short period of time. But if you are just wanting to lose 15 lbs then it will take a bit longer. You won't see that big drop like those of us that start wth 50+ to go. Trust me your way is better in the end!.

Do continue but if you list an avg day and give us a little more info we can probably give you a better answer...

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Here is exactly what I had yesterday.

Breakfast - Dutch chocolate shake with 1 tablespoon of sugar free hazelnut syrup.

Mid Morning - Banana pudding.

Lunch - Chicken noodle soup and multi grain crackers.

Afternoon - Spinach and romaine salad with 6 ounces of grilled chicken, green bell peppers, cilantro and 2 tablespoons to low fat balsamic vinaigrette.

Dinner - Vanilla shake.

Evening - of a package of Medifast eggs (I could only get down of the package.they were not my favorite AT ALL).

I am not giving up this early as 4 days is not that long, but I read how some people have dropped weight already and after such a short period of time. The only other thing that I can think of is that I am not really great about having that last Medifast meal. I have already missed it two times and then last night I only ate half..

I always drink my water and I don't really do much with condiments, other than some extra salt in my chicken soup, which is a great help with the taste!..

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Looks like you are doing everything by the book. What I would do if I were you? Just my opinion, feel free to completely ignore it!.

First thing, check your numbers. Cals need to be between 800-1000, lower than 800 your body will think it is starving. That could be the key right there.

Carbs should be somewhere below 100, I personally do better with 80-85. I would assume the carbs are ok in the dressing but be sure.

Be sure you are drinking at least 64 ozs of water (although I would recomend aiming for more).

If carbs are a bit high, lose the crackers (I assume Medifast crackers, right?) or eat half rather than the whole serving..

But if all that checks out then I would just stick to it and stay off the scale until you hit one full week on plan. (This is coming from a confessed daily weigher! LOL).

I hope this helps and I also hope the scale gives soon!..

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I'm a daily weigher too. I'm now on scale #3 and I've only been on the plan for 7 weeks.

My first scale had a set point. It wouldn't register a loss until I had lost over 1.5 pounds from the previous weigh-in. I had to weigh myself first with a full bag of Kitty Litter before it would reset itself and give me an accurate weight for the day.

Now that I have an accurate scale, I'm losing a small amount every day or two or three.

Hope this helps!.


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Good for you getting rid of 15 lbs before it turns into 30 (hanging my head in shame)! Since you've been doing WW you may not have the water weight that a lot of people see come off in the beginning. Also with such a small amount to go it is going to be slower. It's a horrible awful truth but there it is. The less you have to lose the longer it takes, sigh. But that is true for anyone whether you start with 15 to lose or you've lost 70 and have 15 left. It slows down..

Have you tried the momentum products? I like them. I don't drink coffee so I like the boost it gives me during the day. I do a momentum shake for breakfast and then an infuser in the afternoon. It could help give your metabolism a shove..

Hang in there!..

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Thank you so much for the suggestion about the momentum products. I will certainly give them a try. I promised myself that I will stick to this plan for at least a month....not giving up yet!..

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I think the first thing I would do is hide the scale. Give it time. I have over a hundred pounds to lose and lost 10 pounds the first week. That is no big deal I weigh in because I have to keep track of blood pressure and other stuff and have to go to the doc's at certain goals. Anyhow, hide the scale, give it two weeks, go to MY Plan at the top of the page and put in what you eat. A red line will show you when you go over on stuff.

Be kinds to yourself...

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Hi Jenn.

You have gotten great responses. I just wanted to add, that not getting in all 5 Medifast meals can affect your weight loss. If you get in too little carbs and calories, you body is going to hold on to what it's got, because it thinks it is in starvation mode. Hang in there and gulp gulp down that water!.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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