Day 3 of Medifast - no energy and arms ache!

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So I woke up this morning to begin day 3 and I've hit rock bottom. I feel like I was out all night drinking and got 4 hours of sleep. My arms ache, energy is minimal and my head is in a fog. I'm very glad that Medifast warned me about all of this..

The upshot is that I know ketosis is coming _very_ soon. The first two days brought a five pound drop on the scale and my body is becoming exothermic. Once the body turns on the furnace more fully, we'll be on our merry way...

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Hang in there it gets better soon! Medifast works - I am at my 4 month anniversary today and am down 90 pounds. Drink a bunch of water, eat on schedule, and measure everything with a digital scale. Great job on a 5 lb loss already!..

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Hold on to the "I know ketosis is coming" While it's very mild ketosis and in Medifast we call it the "fat burning state" it WILL come and any day now you are going to say WOW I can't believe I feel so GOOD.


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I felt naucious and sick and just down right exhausted...but the pay off is HUGE! Hang in there- and rest if you need to! I just would come home the first week and want to lay down and nap! Your body is purging all the toxins and sugars from your old life.

Congrats on the 5lbs!!!!!!!!!!!..

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As everyone else has said, it DOES get better! Very much better!!!..

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Oh, boy, do I know that *feeling!* Day-4 was my worst, both when I first did Medifast and with my most recent restart. I felt like a truck ran over me. It was almost like the flu. Yuk. Then, miraculous day-5! From then on, feeling great! Full of energy and optimism!.

Hold'll be in Feelin' Good Town tommorrow!!!.


Comment #5

Hang on just another day or two, and you'll feel SO MUCH BETTER! I am starting my 6th month on MF, but do I ever remember how AWFUL I felt the first few days! I think I actually cried on day 3 because I felt so bad. But as of last weigh in I'm down 62 lbs...I promise you, it gets easier!..

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Actually this turns out to be a good sign As it's darkest before the dawn. I remember the exact same feeling and from then on, I felt better with each day and now I have so much energy and I am not hungry and the weight is coming off, it's amazing. You can do it, as everyone has already said, it gets SO much better. Don't give up before the good stuff happens. Stay 100% ON Plan and it will be better in no time. Best of Luck!..

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I would have to say definitely hang on it does get better. I cheated on my 2nd day and ate things I should not of had. Next day I got right back on pace. I know I would of lost more weight when I weighed in had I not of cheated. The thing I learned is I only cheated myself. It is much easier now and I am actually enjoying the shakes and I really look forward to my daily peanut butter bar. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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Boy am I glad (I think?) that I read your posts. I start on Monday. Based on what I see, I can expect to feel like death warmed over by Thursday. At least I was warned...

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Congrats on feeling like crap!! This means you stayed OP and your commited!!!! Cant quit now the awhhhhhhh is just around the corner!! I look forward to watching you shrink!!!.


Comment #10

Lol @ Caryng!! That about sums it up!!! But, you will be amazed how great you will feel within a few days!..

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Thank you everyone for all the support! You all are great people. I stayed 100% OP again today and think I broke through it about 6:30 or so tonight. It definitely took an extra cup of coffee (black and strong thanks) and a couple of tylenol for the headache but it's now nearly 10p and I'm not at all hungry. Whew...

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I started this morning, had a good afternoon, and by 5:30 PM I tried to get rid of all the "bad" foods in the house by eating them!!! Now I have to start over again tomorrow. Please help me stay on this! Your messages are wonderful. It's 3:57 AM and here I am at the computer! this has got to work!!!!!..

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Keep pushing through!! KEEP GOING! DONT STOP! I felt like that too and now feel amazing!! It is SO WORTH IT! The weight will FALL off of you!! GOOD LUCK!..

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I am so glad to see your posts, I think it is great to know what to expect. I will make it! Saturday will be day five, I hope I feel okay by then...

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