Day 3 of Medifast is tough

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Im a newbie on day three.. I must say day three has been tough, I think it was worse cause I had to go back to work today and my brain was really foggy. I must say the food is pretty good no compliants, but the shakes rrhhggg yuck I hate them and they do not fill me in the least. I started the program out with the womens pre-picked order and there are a lot of shakes included and just switched my next order without the shakes. I hope I dont run out before they get here but I cannot stomache the shakes, and want something closer to food anyone else out there in the same boat?? Does this foggy brain go away will I feel normal again or forever fatigue etc....

Thx Angela..

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Hello! oh wow I totally remember where you're at. it took me about a week and a half to finally start feeling good. I was foggy-brained, sleepy, sluggish and thought all the food needed seasoning up. Now, I feel great and most of the food tastes yummy to me without any extras..

Have you tried blending your shakes with ice? I thought that made them tastier than just shaking them (although now I can just shake and drink and think it's great...boy how tastebuds change!). If you've tried it as a blended iced shake and still don't like it, there are recipes on the board to make your shakes into cakes, etc.

I'm totally with you that in the beginning the shakes weren't that filling..but now they totally are! Just hang in there and stay strong. Your body is just detoxing but know that you're getting healthier. In a month from now, you'll look back on these days and think, "It was totally worth it!"..

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Thx for the reply, I was totally ready to just give in on day three and ship the rest of my items back, but after reading the boards it really gives me the boost I needed. Im just gonna take it one day at a time and look up those cake recipes hmmm.


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I agree - drink them really cold or made with ice and they are good. I found most of them too sweet when I first started but now I love them all. I mix the vanilla with iced coffee each morning - that takes care of the milk & sweetner for me...

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It took me to day 10 to feel good. Then I felt great. Had a great burst of energy. The shakes are a little boring at first. I mix mine a head of time and keep a couple in the fridge. It really makes them much thicker.

This way they fill me up. I've used vanilla, orange, and strawberry shake mixes in blender with ice and diet soda. Root beer with vaniila. orange with vanilla or orange, cream with the strawberry. Make sure you do these in a blender and not the shaker or the lid will pop right off and make a BIG mess..

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I love the shakes (I know everyone is different). When I got my first order of the variety pack, I didn't really love orange, strawberry or banana. I personalized my second order and only chose the dutch chocoloate and french vanilla shakes. I love them both! I also like the oatmeal, soups and bars..

I bought the HealthMate blender and could not live without it. I use about 7 ounces of water, 5 ices cubes and the shake packet. For the chocolate, I add a teaspoon of instant coffee. I shake first in the blender cup and then blend for 15 seconds, shake and blend another 15 seconds. They taste really good. The french vanilla tastes like melted soft serve vanilla ice cream to me..

Anyway, all tastes are different ...

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Besides the vanilla shakes, I've really liked all of the other flavors..

My problem was the oatmeals. After 3 or 4 days I could tolerate them, now I love them..

Give it time... your tastesbuds will change!.

Good Luck on your weightloss journey and welcome to the Medifast family!..

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Try freezing your shakes...That is the only way I can get them down...about 2 hours. I make one meal to eat and then put the next in the freezer...its great when almost hard but still slushie! Like I said, it's the only way I can use what I have!..

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